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An Occasional Column of Online Resources
Online Periodicals Related to Global Climate Change: Part I

An occasional column
on Internet resources
Fred Stoss
Science and Engineering Library
State University
of New York at Buffalo
Edited by F. O'Hara, Jr.

Item #d99jan42

Several years ago, newsletters dominated the electronic periodicals appearing on the Internet (Global Climate Change Digest June 1997, July 1997). Today, electronic journals (E-journals) are among the fastest-growing sources of information, as publishers market electronic versions of their titles. The availability of these electronic editions of scholarly, trade, and general-interest journals and magazines is a welcome advance in the delivery of information, providing tremendous conveniences to readers.

Electronic versions of some titles are available in electronic format only if you (or your library) subscribes to the print version of the title. In some instances, no charge is added for obtaining access to the electronic versions. Other publishers, however, charge an additional (and for libraries and institutional subscribers, often a rather hefty) fee for electronic access to their journals, even for current subscribers to the print version. Many publishers put up free versions for some period (e.g., a year) and then began charging a fee to continue access beyond the initial trial or demonstration period. Some publishers, especially the publishing arms of professional societies, offer free or reduced-cost online subscriptions to individual or institutional members, while nonmembers pay higher subscription prices.

What is included in an E-journal varies from one title or publisher to another. Some provide full-text access to the entire contents of a journal. Others provide access to selected full-text articles, such as the feature article(s). A vast majority offer access only to their table of contents or to the table of contents plus abstracts.

The list of journals provided in this two-part series notes how much of the contents is available. An emerging trend is for publishers to provide only online versions of their new periodicals. Many of these new online-only E-journals offer enhanced features, such as searchable indexes, links to related Internet resources, conference calendars, and classified ads. Some publishers, such as Elsevier, provide an e-mail alerting service that provides the table of contents of periodicals as they are published.

The second part of this series will discuss some of the trends in using E-journals to lower the costs for libraries to obtain online access.

Key to Journal Listing

  • a = abstracts
  • c = contents alerting service
  • E = electronic issues only
  • f = full-text
  • f$ = extra charge for full-text
  • I = journal information only
  • s = selected full-text
  • t = table of contents only
  • $ = additional fee above print cost
  • + = enhanced online version

Ambio t a

Advances in Environmental Research t f$

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology t a c

The Amicus Journal t

Annals of Botany t a

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences t a

Annual review of Ecology and Systematics t a

Annual Review of energy and the Environment t a

Atmospheric Environment I c

Atmospheric Research t a c

BioScience t s

Boundary-Layer Meteorology t

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society t a f$

Chemical & Engineering News f$

Chemical & Engineering News (Hot Article Index) s

Chemosphere I c

Climate Dynamics t a f$+

Climate Research t a f

Climatic Change t

Consequences: The Nature and Implications of Environmental Change f

Conservation Ecology f

Coral Reefs t a f$+

Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans t a c

E Magazine f+

Earth Interactions t a f$ E

Earth-Science Reviews t a c

Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters t a c

EPSL Online f$+ c or

Ecological Applications t a f$

Ecological Monographs t a f$

Ecology t a f$

Ecosystems t a f$

Electronic Green Journal f

Environment I

(Continued next month.)

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