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Information given in the annotations is frequently taken from publishers' promotional literature. Prices and page numbers may be approximate; contact publisher for details and additional information on content. Publishers are named in parentheses at the end of each citation; addresses when known are listed at the end of this section. In most cases, books advertised by publishers with an expected publication date are not listed here until actually in print.

Item #d97sep76

Outlook 97-Conference Proceedings. Vol. 1--Commodity Markets and Natural Resources. Vol. 2 -- Agriculture. Vol. 3 -- Minerals and Energy, 1997, $250 (three volumes), $95 per volume, $20 per session (ABARE).

This proceedings represents Australia's most significant forum for discussing impacts on its commodity-based industries. Volume 1 contains a session on climate change.

Item #d97sep77

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: Interim Results from the U.S. Country Studies Program, J.B. Smith, S. Huq et al., Eds., 404 pp., $156 (Kluwer).

Covers research in 13 countries from the Africa, Asian-Pacific, Eastern European and Latin American regions, with assessments of agriculture, grasslands, forests, water resources, and coastal resources. Reviewed with a lengthy summary by D. Harvey in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 924-926, May 1997.

Item #d97sep78

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific, L. Erda at al., 249 pp., 1996, $115 (Kluwer).

A collection of 20 peer-reviewed papers originally presented at a workshop with the same title (Jan. 1996, Manila). Includes conclusions and recommendations.

Item #d97sep79

The Implications of Climate and Sea-Level Change for Bangladesh, R.A. Warrick, Q.K. Ahmad, Eds., 432 pp., 1996, $164 (Kluwer).

Presents the results of a national assessment on the effects of global warming for the regional climate and sea level, and the possible effects on natural resources and socioeconomic systems.

Item #d97sep80

Climate Variability and Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation, I. Nemesov√°, Ed., 394 pp., 1996 (Czech Acad. Sci.)

Item #d97sep81

Climate Change and Rice, S. Peng, K.T. Ingram et al., Eds., 375 pp., 1995, DM 148 (Springer).

The results of a cooperative research program organized and financed by the International Rice Research Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Assesses the effects of climate change on rice plant growth and production, and the effect of flooded rice cropping on greenhouse gas emissions. Reviewed by W. Futang in Global Environ. Change, pp. 180-181, July 1997, who concludes that the issues addressed in the book are of profound relevance and significance.

Item #d97sep82

Climate Change: Impact on Coastal Habitation, D. Eisma, Ed., 272 pp., 1995, $79.95 (CRC).

Considers natural and anthropogenic changes in temperature, precipitation and sea level with respect to a variety of coastal features.

Item #d97sep83

Agriculture and Environmental Change; Temporal and Spatial Dimensions, A.M. Mannion, 405 pp., 1995, $45 pbk. (Wiley).

An extension of the author's earlier study of agricultural development. First defines the complex nature of agriculture in the context of environmental constraints, social stimuli and its temporal dimension. Also covers the environmental impact of agriculture on low, middle and high latitudes, and new developments in agriculture. Reviewed by D. Pimentel in Ecol. Econ., pp. 189-191, Nov. 1996, who recommends the book for advanced students in several fields; it is a well written, balanced presentation of past and present day agriculture.

Reviews of Previous Entries: Impacts

Item #d97sep84

Food, Climate and Carbon Dioxide: The Global Environment and World Food Production, S. Wittwer, 1995, $69.96 (CRC Press). (See Global Climate Change Digest, BOOKS AND PROCEEDINGS, IMPACTS ON AGRICULTURE, Jan. 1996.)

Reviewed by R. Darwin in Global Environ. Change, 183-184, July 1997, who calls it an interesting, but often exasperating book, and offers several specific positive and negative criticisms.

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