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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Information given in the annotations is frequently taken from publishers' promotional literature. Prices and page numbers may be approximate; contact publisher for details and additional information on content. Publishers are named in parentheses at the end of each citation; addresses when known are listed at the end of this section. In most cases, books advertised by publishers with an expected publication date are not listed here until actually in print.

Item #d97sep70

Engineering Response to Global Climate Change: Planning a Research and Development Agenda, R.G. Watts, Ed., ca. 500 pp., Apr. 1997, $69.95 + shipping (CRC/Lewis).

Goes beyond analysis to propose real solutions, including new ways to cut energy consumption, and presents new conceptual tools and suggests new avenues for research. A chapter on geoengineering suggests how we may someday be able to intervene in planetary processes to reduce the effects of global warming.

Item #d97sep71

Loose-bound proceedings of workshops related to the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program of the OECD's International Energy Agency (ETSAP):

  • Models for Analyzing Energy Development and GHG Emission Reduction Strategies and IEA/ETSAP 3rd Workshop, ca. 400 pp., July 1997.
  • IEA/ETSAP 2nd Workshop: Dealing with Uncertainty Together, ca. 400 pp., Jan. 1997.
  • IEA/ETSAP 1st Workshop: Dealing with Uncertainty Together, ca. 250 pp., July 1996.

Item #d97sep72

AIJ: A Sourcebook for North and South, A. Hill, Ed., ca. 600 pp. in four volumes, 1997 (WFED).

A compendium on Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ), with input from over 100 contributors in 25 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Vol. 1 covers AIJ-related analysis and opinion; Vol. 2 addresses governing documents; Vol. 3 looks at national programs and regional initiatives; and Vol. 4 examines AIJ projects worldwide. the book is a useful tool that can easily transfer lessons from experience to a broader audience and improve cooperation between North and South.

Item #d97sep73

Hypercars: Materials, Manufacturing, and Policy Implications, 450 pp., 1996, $10,000 (this is not a misprint; nonprofits may inquire about discounts) (Rocky Mtn. Inst.).

Aimed at manufacturers, designers, industrial strategists and others, this book revises and expands a 1995 report, representing 12 person-years of work. Explains such concepts as what hypercars are, how they would differ from today's cars, how they would be made. Gives details of the technology at platform, system and component levels, and information on high-volume, low-cost manufacturing.

Item #d97sep74

Blueprint 5: The True Costs of Road Transport, O. Johansson, D. Maddison, D. Pearce, 176 pp., 1996, $14.50/Ј12.50 (Island).

Provides a detailed evaluation of the U.K.'s transport sector, and argues that without a fundamental change in policy, it will inevitably continue to impose increasing costs on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. Also quantifies the external costs of road transport, and suggest new measures, such as road pricing and financial incentives, to pave the way to sustainable transport.

Item #d97sep75

Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems. A Bibliography, B. Schlamadinger, M. Waupotitsch, 289 pp., Feb. 1996, $45 participating countries/$200 other countries (Joanneum Research).

Prepared within the International Energy Agency's Bioenergy Agreement--Task XV. Includes annotated citations of journal articles, reports and proceedings that reference both bioenergy and greenhouse gases. Includes work that deals with greenhouse gas balances of land use (agriculture and forestry) and of land use change, and information on the greenhouse gas implications of selected fossil fuel cycles so they can be compared with biomass fuel cycles.

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