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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



The following titles in this series are published by Springer.

Item #d97nov77

Atmospheric Ozone Dynamics--Observations in the Mediterranean Region (Vol. 53), C. Varotsos, Ed., 338 pp., 1997, $129.

A conference proceedings that analyzes problems of total ozone and UV-B variability, including tropospheric ozone changes, and chemical and photochemical reactions coupled with air transport.

Item #d97nov78

Solar Ultraviolet Radiation--Modeling, Measurements, and Effects (Vol. 52), C.S. Zerefos, A.F. Bais, Eds., 333 pp., $132.95.

This proceedings reviews current research from the arrival of UV light at the top of the atmosphere through its transfer to biological receptors. Also discusses modeling and current issues on UV radiative transfer in clear and turbid environments, and measurement and calibration.

Item #d97nov79

Sediment Records of Biomass Burning and Global Change (Vol. 51), J.S. Clark, H. Cachier et al., Eds., 492 pp., 1997, $197.

Examines the role of fire during global changes of the past and what may happen in the future. Topics include the types of combustion products found in sediments; calibration of these substances against atmospheric measurements; and spatial and temporal patterns in combustion emissions from individual burns to the global scale.

Item #d97nov80

Land-Surface Processes in Hydrology--Trials and Tribulations of Modeling and Measuring (Vol. 46), S. Sorooshian, H.V. Gupta, J.C. Rodda, Eds., 497 pp., 1997, $239.

Explains how to improve the representation of land surface hydrologic processes in general circulation models, and in regional and global scale climate studies. Covers models and data, precipitation, soil moisture, evapotranspiration and runoff.

Item #d97nov81

Radiation and Water in the Climate System--Remote Measurements (Vol. 45), E. Raschke, Ed., 616 pp., 1996, $109.50.

Examines ways to derive reliable global data sets (from space-borne and ground-based passive and active measurements) to validate numerical simulation models and to identify regional and global fluctuations and trends. Presents basic methods and the most recent advancements, covering clouds, the planetary radiation budget, surface processes and ocean properties.

Item #d97nov82

Decadal Climate Variability--Dynamics and Predictability (Vol. 44), D.L.T. Anderson, J. Willebrand, Eds., 504 pp., 1996, $229.50.

Combines theories of the physical mechanisms of climate change with observational evidence of these changes. For beginners in the field with a background in physical science, or for scientists seeking an overview of climate dynamics.

Item #d97nov83

Chemical Exchange Between the Atmosphere and Polar Snow (Vol. 43), E.W. Wolff, R.C. Bales, Eds., 676 pp., 1996, $316.

Outlines the potential and problems of ice core chemistry and discusses the processes involved in air-snow transfer. Also reviews current knowledge and the path of future research.

Item #d97nov84

The Mount Pinatubo Eruption--Effects on the Atmosphere and Climate (Vol. 42), G. Fiocco, D. Fu'a, G. Visconti, Eds., 310 pp., 1996, $139.50.

This eruption provided an opportunity to assess theories on ozone depletion and greenhouse warming. Summarizes knowledge and theory about its effects, and reviews the characterization of the aerosol cloud and the measured or simulated effects on temperature, ozone and climate.

Reviews of Previous Entries: NATO ASI Ser.--Global Environ. Change

Item #d97nov85

Clouds, Chemistry and Climate (Vol. 35), P. Crutzen, V. Ramanathan, 272 pp., 1996, $127 (Springer).

Reviewed by G. Ayers in Australian Meteor. Mag., pp. 215-216, Sep. 1996. The collection is as authoritative as it is informative; it comments extensively on gaps in knowledge and where progress is likely to be made.

Item #d97nov86

Atmospheric Ozone as a Climate Gas: General Circulation Model Simulations (Vol. 32), W.-C. Wang, I.S.A. Isaksen, Eds., 459 pp., Sep. 1995, $220 (Springer).

Reviewed by R. Atkinson in Australian Meteor. Mag., pp. 158-159, June. 1996. Overall the book largely satisfies the workshop's stated objectives, with a European perspective on the issues, and is well balanced from a generalist's point of view.

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