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Item #d97nov41

The Canada Country Study: Climate Impacts and Adaptation, 1997-1998 (Environ. Canada). Summaries available at; for full copies contact the Environment Canada Inquiry Center.

This national assessment of potential climate impacts was launched in summer 1996. Environment Canada worked with 55 experts from government, industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations, who reviewed current knowledge and identified what new knowledge is urgently needed. For the first time, provides guidance for policy makers in all sectors of society, through three major components:

(1) Six regional scientific reports. (Release began in June 1997, and will be complete this fall.)

(2) A national volume of twelve sectoral studies.

(3) A national volume of eight reports on cross-cutting issues (changing landscapes, costing, domestic trade and commerce, extra-territorial issues, extreme events, integrated air issue, sustainability, and two economies).

Components (2) and 3) will be released in winter 1997-98. The regional reports released to date are Responding to Global Climate Change in the British Columbia and Yukon Region (June), ...Qu├ębec (October), ...the Prairies (October), ...the Atlantic Provinces (November).

Item #d97nov42

Canada and the State of the Planet-Annual Report 1996-1997, M. Keating, 100 pp., 1997, CDN$12.95 (Oxford Univ. Press, English Ed.; Editions MultiMondes, French Ed.)

Prepared for the Canadian Global Change Program as the nation's first concise, annual report on global environmental changes that are affecting the lives and future of Canadians. Intended to be the summit of the global information pyramid in a Canadian context, and essential reading for staying on top of global trends. Covers both environmental trends and the social and economic forces involved.

Item #d97nov43

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Additional Benefits (Changes, Issue No. 4), E. Haites, 20 pp., Nov. 1996 (CGCP). Also available online.

Describes the nature and magnitude of actions to limit climate change that have other environmental or economic benefits for Canada, and should be incorporated into Canada's national action plan.

Item #d97nov44

Federal Actions on Climate Change--Next Steps (96/117), Dec. 1996. Contact Susan Copeland, Natural Resources Canada (tel: 613 947 4105).

A list of 45 specific initiatives developed with Environment Canada and released at a Dec. 1996 meeting of federal and provincial energy and environment ministers.

Item #d97nov45

Canada and Climate Change: Responding to Challenges and Opportunities--A Submission to Canada's Federal and Provincial Ministers of Energy and Environment, Nov. 1996 (CGCP). Available online.

Jointly prepared by the Canadian Global Change Program and the Canadian Climate Program Board, with input from a broad cross section of Canadian researchers, academics, and governmental scientists. Canada is failing to take advantage of "no regrets" emission-reduction measures, such as eliminating policies that distort energy prices. A strong climate policy would enhance the country's international competitiveness. Ministers should initiate studies of longer-term policy measures that will be necessary, and should place more emphasis on adaptation, since some degree of climate change is probable.

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