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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d97may87

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: Interim Results from the U.S. Country Studies Program, J.B. Smith et al., Eds., 404 pp., 1996, $156 (Kluwer).

Presents preliminary results from 13 assessment studies conducted under the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Much of the data comes from countries for which there was no previous research on the impacts of climate change on agriculture, grasslands, forests, and water and coastal resources.

Item #d97may88

Climatic Change and the Mediterranean: Environmental and Societal Impacts of Climatic Change and Sea Level Rise in the Mediterranean Region. Vol. 1, L. Jeftic, J.D. Milliman, G. Sestini, Eds., 673 pp., 1995, $135. Vol. 2, L. Jeftic, S. Keckes, J.C. Pernetta, Eds., 564 pp., 1996, $135. Both published by Wiley.

Volume 1 gives an overview of the Mediterranean Sea and climate change, and covers its generic effects on sea level, water resources, land degradation, vegetation, land use, and river deltas, as well as several case studies. Volume 2 further documents impacts on ecological systems and socio-economic structures of this region. Through five new case studies, explores the likely effects on 11 vulnerable coastal sites, and options to avoid, mitigate or adapt.

Item #d97may89

Climatic Change in the Intra-Americas Sea: Implications of Future Climate on the Ecosystems and Socio-Economic Structure in the Marine and Coastal Regions of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, and the Northeast Coast of South America, G.A. Maul, Ed., 389 pp., 1995, $100 (Wiley).

A comprehensive account of the implications of global warming and sea level rise for the ecosystems and socio-economic structure of these marine and coastal regions of the Caribbean. Discusses modeling future climate change, natural and man-made environments, impact on human health, ecological effects, and physical processes.

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Item #d97may90

The Impact of Global Warming on Texas, G.R. North, J. Schmandt, J. Clarkson, Eds., 1995, $29.95 (Univ. Texas).

Reviewed by M.F. Acevedo (Clim. Change, pp. 259-262, Feb. 1997), who presents a brief summary and comment for each of the book's chapters. He concludes that the book is an important contribution to environmental policy making in the State of Texas, and provides good supplementary reading for a variety of university courses.

Item #d97may91

Climate Variability, Climate Change and Social Vulnerability in the Semi-Arid Tropics, J.C. Ribot, S. Panagides, A.R. Magalhaes, Eds., 270 pp., 1995, $59.95 (Cambridge Univ.).

Reviewed by R.H. Hosier (Global Environ. Change, pp. 82-83, Apr. 1997), who recommends the book to those working in this field, as well as those concerned with the physical footprint of climate change.

Item #d97may92

Climate Change and World Food Security (NATO ASI Ser. I, Vol. 37), T.E. Downing, Ed., 670 pp., 1996, $299 (Springer).

Reviewed by A.R. Magalhaes (Global Environ. Change, pp. 81-82, Apr. 1997), who concludes that the book makes an outstanding contribution by addressing a very important aspect of sustainability-the relationship between environmental changes, food security and hunger.

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