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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d97feb67

Glossary of Weather and Climate, I.W. Geer, Ed., 271 pp., 1996, $29.95 hbk./$21.95 pbk. (AMS). AMS members receive a discount.

Produced under the American Meteorological Society's educational initiative, Project ATMOSPHERE, as a reference for over 3000 terms used in meteorology, climatology, oceanography and hydrology. Intended for educators, students and the public, its preparation was inspired by contemporary interest in the atmosphere and global change, and by the absence of a timely and comprehensive glossary for the public.

Item #d97feb68

The European Environmental Almanac 1996, J. Hewett, Ed., 256 pp., 1996 (Earthscan).

Compiled by the Institute for European Environmental Policy as a comprehensive guide for students, business people, politicians and general readers to the state of Europe's environment, presenting facts, policies and problems. Part One is an environmental audit and discussion of areas of concern; Part Two gives European country profiles.

Item #d97feb69

The Green Disk Database, W.C. Sugg, Ed., 8500 pp., $129 (Green Disk).

Contains 25 back issues of the The Green Disk - A Journal of Contemporary Environmental Issues as a resource for educators, students, journalists, activists and other environmental professionals. Includes the complete texts of hundreds of reports, articles and essays, and thousands of abstracts from journals, magazines and newsletters. Also lists WWW sites, online databases, software and other media. Three of the back issues have been published together as the Guide to Environmental Computing v1.2, which costs $20. Single issues of the journal (each on a separate disk) cost $10; each focuses on one of a broad range of topics, including temperate forest conservation and ozone layer depletion. An annual subscription (six issues per year) costs $45 (N. America)/$50 elsewhere.

Item #d97feb70

Environmental Management Tools on the Internet, M. Katz, D. Thornton, 200 pp., 1996, 59.95 (St. Lucie Press).

A detailed manual with presenting the tools needed to find valuable information, along with sources of free and for-fee environmental information. Examples include the House of Representatives Internet Law Library, National Climatic Data Center, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Oceanographic Data Center.

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