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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



[Editor's Note: We introduce this occasional column as a service to two groups of readers. We hope it will lead present users of the Internet to features they have not already discovered, and that for the uninitiated it will demonstrate the great information potential of the Internet. GCC Online is written by Fred Stoss, Biological Sciences Librarian at the Science and Engineering Library, State University of New York at Buffalo. Fred is no stranger to the GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST or to the Center for Environmental Information. He directed CEI's library and information services until 1990, when he joined the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.]

Communication among peers was one of the first popular features of the Internet and its predecessor networks. Listservs (the Internet's electronic discussion groups) provide opportunities for the exchange of data, information, resources, and ideas. Messages from any subscriber are electronically sent to all other subscribers of the listserv, who may send responses to individuals on the list or to the entire listserv. On some listservs, an individual called a list moderator monitors messages before they are sent to others on the list.

You must subscribe to receive messages from a listserv, generally by sending an e-mail "subscribe message" with your name to the e-mail address managing the list. The subject line of your message should be left blank and the message would read, for instance:

subscribe ATMOSLIST Sally Smith

New subscribers receive a welcoming message with information about the listserv, its commands, and general rules of etiquette (Netiquette). Save this message for future reference.

There are several listservs directly relating to global climate change:

  • ATMOSLIST is a moderated listserv and associated World-Wide Web (WWW, or Web) site with information on atmospheric and closely related sciences. Provided by the Climate Research Committee for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Monash University, as a service for the Australian Academy of Science, ATMOSLIST disseminates information on conferences, workshops, data availability, and positions available, and requests for information. An updated directory of e-mail addresses of the list subscribers is distributed every second month, and ATMOSLIST e-mails weekly brief summaries of information available on its Web site, including recent additions. Although this listserv originates in Australia, there are subscribers worldwide and links to other Web sites. All information on ATMOSLIST can be accessed from the related Web site, Send subscribe messages to <>.
  • CLIM-ECON (The Economics of Climate Variability and Global Change) facilitates interdisciplinary discussion on the economics of climate variability and climate change. Created as a follow-up to an Institute on the Climate Resource held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in June 1995, it continues the dialogue that began at the Institute and stimulates further research. Although the discussion revolves around the economics of climate, the cross-disciplinary exchange of information is strongly encouraged. Send the message SUB CLIM-ECON to <LISTSERV@csf.colorado. edu> to subscribe.
  • CLIMLIST is a moderated listserv for researchers, educators and students working in climatology and closely-related fields. As its developers stipulate, it "is not intended for those with a general or avocational interest in climatology. Neither is it appropriate for persons whose sole contact with climatology is the use of climate data." CLIMLIST carries the same types of information as does ATMOSLIST. Subscribe at <listserv@OHSTVMA.ACS. OHIO-STATE.EDU>.
  • Additional lists related to global climate change (and their subscription addresses) are ECIXFILES <>, covering issues related to energy and climate information exchange; and NIGEC-L <>, a multidisciplinary research list provided by the National Institute for Global Environmental Change.

If readers know of other listservs or Web sites which deserve mention here, please contact column editor Fred Stoss at <>.

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