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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



All publications except the first (which is still in preparation) are available at no charge from the CGCP Secretariat, as is the CGCP quarterly newsletter Delta.

Item #d96oct91

Canada and the State of the Planet, M. Keating, Ed., approx. 100 pp., expected Mar. 1997.

This major information project launched by the CGCP will be an annual brief on the planet's vital signs, including electronic versions with a site on the Internet. The report will include not only environmental trends, but also the social and economic forces behind them, and will summarize compactly vast amounts of information now spread though many national and international reports. For information on this project contact Michael Keating, Project Director and Editor, 10 Astor Ave., Toronto ON M4G 3M2, Can. (tel: 416 423 2425; fax: 416 425 0019; e-mail: 103362.75@CompuServ. COM).

Item #d96oct92

Canadian Global Change Program—Annual Report 1995-1996, July 1996, 20 pp.; ...Five Year Plan, late 1996; Promoting Informed Action Through Sound Advice on Global Change: A Strategy for the Canadian Global Change Program in its Second Decade, 12 pp., 1995.

The first two publications illustrate how the CGCP has been and will continue to be implementing the strategic plan laid out in the third.

Item #d96oct93

Understanding Our Changing Planet: An Overview of Global Change Research in Canada, 49 pp., 1996.

Explains in non-technical language how Canadian researchers are contributing to and benefiting from international research on global change, in diverse scientific disciplines and in the study of human dimensions. Gives current estimates of federal funding for global change research, and profiles seven important Canadian research projects.

Item #d96oct94

Implications for Canada of Recent IPCC Assessment Reports, 21 pp., 1996.

Published jointly with the Canadian Climate Program Board, this summarizes portions of the 1995 Second Assessment Report and the 1994 Special Report of the IPCC, and follows them with comments specific to Canada.

Item #d96oct95

Canadian Involvement in International Global Change Activities: A Compendium (CIGA), 101 pp., 1996.

Item #d96oct96

Recommendations Concerning Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies, Apr. 1996.

Published jointly with the Canadian Climate Program Board, this urges actions to reduce emissions and the impacts of climate change, particularly recommending energy efficiency measures.

Item #d96oct97

Implications of Global Change for Human Health, 1995. Contact Canadian Global Change Prog., Roy. Soc. Can., 225 Metcalfe #308, Ottawa ON K2P 1P9, Can. (tel: 613 991 5639; fax: 613 991 6996; e-mail:

Assesses the impacts of climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion and UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and unchecked population growth. The situation is serious and will get worse unless action is taken to the point of settling for nothing less than a complete transformation of the cherished values of our industrial civilization. Makes recommendations for research and policy initiatives for protecting public health.

Item #d96oct98

Environment and Security: An Overview of Issues and Research Priorities for Canada (Tech Rep. No. 96-1), 27 pp., 1996.

Item #d96oct99

Data Policy and Barriers to Data Access in Canada: Issues for Global Change Research—A Discussion Paper, 55 pp., 1996.

Item #d96oct100

Global Change Research Themes: A Report of the Canadian Global Change Program Research Committee (IR95-3), 30 pp., 1995.

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