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Item #d96mar82

Biological Implications of Global Change: Northern Perspectives, 1995, US $14/CDN $20. Order from Canadian Circumpolar Inst., Old St. Stephens College, Rm. 303, 8820-112 St., Edmonton AB T6G 2E2, Can. (tel: 403 492 4512; fax: 403 492 1153).

Item #d96mar83

Two Climate Change Digest reports of projects funded by Canada's Atmospheric Environment Service. Obtain copies from Climate Products, Atmos. Environ. Serv.

Mackenzie Basin Impact Study: Summary of Interim Report #2 (CCD 95-01), S.J. Cohen, 10 pp., 1995.

The summary report of the Sixth Biennial Meeting on Northern Climate and the Mid Study Workshop of the Mackenzie Basin Impact Study. The impacts of climate change in the Mackenzie basin will be particularly felt through landscape and ecosystem "filters" such as permafrost, ice, hydrology and the life cycles of vegetation and wildlife. Describes changes in the landscape based on a scenario obtained from outputs from global climate models. These could in turn impact the region's economy and society.

Impacts of Climate Change on Resource Management of the North. Symposium Summary (CCD 94-02), T. Goos, G. Wall, 8 pp., 1994. In English and French.

From the fourth in a series of Canada/U.S. symposia. Should climate change occur as expected, the presence of ice and permafrost will be reduced with profound and broad implications to the lifestyles and cultures of native peoples, transportation, land use and resource development. Makes several recommendations for future study and calls for extended circumpolar cooperation.

Item #d96mar84

Permafrost and Climatic Change: An Annotated Bibliography (GD-27), E.A. Koster, M.E. Nieuwenhuijzen, A.S. Judge, 94 pp., 1994. Compiled by the World Data Ctr. for Glaciol. (Snow and Ice), CIRES, Univ. Colorado, Boulder CO 80309.

Provides and extensive guide to literature on the topic and complements more general bibliographies on permafrost that have appeared in Glaciological Data Series Reports (Nos. 14, 21, 26). Additional publications will be welcomed for inclusion in subsequent bibliographies.

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