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Item #d96jan66

Renewable Energy Strategies for Europe, M. Grubb. Vol. I: Foundations and Context, 120 pp., 1995, $14.95 (Roy. Inst. Intl. Affairs; in the U.S from Brookings).

The first volume of a five volume series from the RIIA Energy & Environment Program examing technological, financial, and political issues for the European Union. The remaining titles, expected to be published in 1996, are: Volume II: Electricity Systems and Primary Electricity Sources; Volume III: Heat and Biomass Energy Sources; Volume IV: Synthesis and Strategies; Volume V: Summary and Index. All are expected to run between 80 and 120 pp. and cost $14.95 each. The five-volume set will cost $59.95.

Item #d96jan67

Into the Twenty-First Century: Harmonizing Energy Policy, Environment and Sustainable Economic Growth, 528 pp., 1995, $79.95/$55.95 IAEE members (IAEE).

Proceedings from the 18th international conference of the Intl. Inst. for Energy Economics.

Item #d96jan68

Advances in Solar Energy: An Annual Review of Research and Development, K.W. Böer, Ed., 1995, $125/$75 members (ASES).

This tenth volume in a series published by the Amer. Solar Energy Soc. has the theme of the economic competitiveness of solar energy conversion to conventional energy supply. Includes a major review of the special characteristics of solar energy and its attractiveness to electric utilities, which concludes that photovoltaics are already cost effective in some parts of the U.S. Also discussed is the use of solar energy to remove pollutants from the environment by way of photocatalytic reactions.

Item #d96jan69

Climate Change in Asia and Brazil: The Role of Technology Transfer, R.K. Pachauri, P. Bhandari, Eds., 200 pp., 1994 (TERI).

Analyzes the role of technology transfer in stimulating indigenous technological capacity in developing countries. Case studies illustrate experiences using cogeneration and lighting.

Reviews of Previous Entries: Energy Policy and Sustainable Development

Item #d96jan70

Power from Plants: The Global Implications of New Technologies for Electricity from Biomass, W. Patterson, 102 pp., 1994, £9.95 (Earthscan/Roy. Inst. Intl. Affairs; in the U.S., Brookings Inst.). (Previous Digest entry in Books/Energy Policy, Nov.-Dec. 1994.)

Reviewed by G. Foley (Natural Resour. Forum, p. 255, Aug. 1995). The author believes the most promising way forward for biofuels is through development of a combustible gas. Most of the book is a review of research underway on these technologies. Although Patterson is optimistic about the longer-term future of using biofuels for electricity generation, he sees no prospect of any immediate breakthroughs. The reviewer finds the book to be a realistic, well-written and accessible overview.

Item #d96jan71

Industrial Metabolism: Restructuring for Sustainable Development, R.U. Ayres, U.E. Simonis, Eds., 376 pp., 1994, $35 (UNIPUB, for the U.N. University Press, Tokyo). (Previous Digest entry in Books/Industrial Metabolism, Mar. 1995.)

Reviewed by A. Scott and M. Redclift (Global Environ. Change, p. 157, May 1995), who call it an important and welcome addition to discussions about environmental policy. Approaches the subject in a holistic manner; however, omits discussion of the transfer of industrial metabolism to human society and culture.

Item #d96jan72

Transport in Transition: Lessons from the History of Energy Policy, S. Peake, 144 pp., Aug. 1995, $19.95 (in the U.K. from Earthscan/Royal Inst. Intl. Affairs; in the U.S. from Brookings). (Previous Digest entry in Books/Energy, Sustainable Development, Oct. 1995.) A review in Energy Policy (pp. 732-733, Aug. 1995) finds the book to be a welcome, timely and unique treatment of the two topics.

Item #d96jan73

Prospects and Strategies for Nuclear Power: Global Boon or Dangerous Diversion? P. Beck, 118 pp., 1994, £12.95 pbk. (Earthscan/Roy. Inst. Intl. Affairs). (Previous Digest entry in Books/Energy Policy, Nov.-Dec. 1994.)

Reviewed by J. Chesshire (Energy Policy, pp. 731-732, Aug. 1995), who calls the book a timely monograph that aims to provide a balanced appraisal.

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