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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d96apr32

How to Save the World's Forests, 18 pp., 1995, no charge. Available from EIA (Environ. Investigation Agency), 1611 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC 20007 (tel: 202 483 6621).

Released in conjunction with the opening of the Commission for Sustainable Development. Calls for a new, legally binding international convention to halt destructive practices of the timber trade.

Item #d96apr33

Backs to the Wall in Suriname: Forest Policy in a Country in Crisis, N. Sizer, R. Rice, 46 pp., $14.95, 1995 (WRI).

On the brink of economic collapse, Suriname is poised to award forest concessions covering one fourth of the nation's territory. The authors propose ways to improve the concession policy so that Suriname's government can protect forests and forest-dwelling communities.

Item #d96apr34

The following discussion papers are available for $6 each from RFF (Resources for the Future), POB 4852, Hampden Sta., Baltimore MD 21211 (410 516 6955).

Deforestation, Investment and Political Stability, R.T. Deacon.

Managing Carbon Via Forestry: Assessment of Some Economic Studies, R.A. Sedjo, J. Wisniewski et al.

Sustainable Forest Ecosystems and Management: A Review Article, M.A. Toman, M.S. Ashton.

Deforestation and the Rule of Law in a Cross-Section of Countries, R.T. Deacon.

Item #d96apr35

Forestry Management for Sustainable Development (EDI Seminar Report 32), E. D'Silva, S. Appanah, 52 pp., $6.95. Order from the World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Washington DC 20433 (tel: 202 473 2941).

Forests will continue to disappear rapidly until they are recognized as a valuable long-term resource. Examines the causes of deforestation in Asia and suggests ways to achieve sustainability, including industrial countries paying developing ones not to clear their natural forests.

Item #d96apr36

Breaking the Logjam: Obstacles to Forest Policy Reform in Indonesia and the United States, C.V. Barber, N.C. Johnson, E. Hafild, 120 pp., $14.95 (WRI).

Despite increased efforts to stem deforestation, tropical forests continue to vanish at alarming rates. This report examines the underlying economic, social and political forces that drive forest conversion and exploitation in tropical and temperate regions. Suggests ways in which local participation, national institutions, donor assistance and international action can promote effective forest management.

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