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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d95oct55

Climate Change 1994: Radiative Forcing of Climate and an Evaluation of the IPCC IS92 Emission Scenarios, J.T. Houghton, L.G.M. Filho et al., Eds., 250 pp., 1995, $47.96 hbk/$19.96 pbk (Kluwer).

This report, now available through a commercial publisher, was prepared by IPCC Working Groups I and II. It reviews the latest scientific evidence on several topics, including CO2 and the carbon cycle, trace gases and atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, radiative forcing, and trace gas radiative forcing indices. (See Digest news articles, Oct. 1994 and Feb. 1995.)

Item #d95oct56

Mending the Ozone Hole: Science, Technology, and Policy, A. Makhijani, K. Gurney, 360 pp., Sep. 1995, $35 (MIT).

Reviews the status of stratospheric ozone loss and its epidemiological and ecological consequences; emission sources; alternative technologies; national and international policy development and industry responses; and projections of levels of ozone-depleting chlorine. Makes recommendations for protecting the ozone layer.

Item #d95oct57

Global Climate Change and Public Policy, D.L. Feldman, Ed., 175 pp., 1994, $30 (Nelson-Hall).

Contains eight papers by political scientists, economists, planners, international lawyers and natural scientists, addressing national, international and subnational problems, issues, responses and constraints. Discusses prospects for resolving equity and public acceptability in international agreements.

Item #d95oct58

Earth Observations and Global Change Decision Making: A National Partnership, Aug. 1995, $125 (ERIM).

Proceedings of the fifth in a series of annual conferences sponsored by NASA and NOAA. Proceedings from prior years are also available.

Item #d95oct59

Interpreting the Precautionary Principle, T. O'Riordan, J. Cameron, Eds., 180 pp., 1995, £13.95 (Earthscan).

Explains the history and evolution of the principle—that public and private interests should act to prevent environmental harm. Relates economic arguments for and against precaution, and applies the principle to issues such as biodiversity and climate change. Discusses implications for science, government and international law.

Item #d95oct60

Global Environmental Issues: A Climatological Approach, 2nd ed., D.D. Kemp, 304 pp., Dec. 1994, $59.95 hbk/$19.95 pbk (Routledge).

According to the publisher, this book fills the gap between technical literature and general articles for popular reading. Takes an interdisciplinary approach to issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, drought and acid rain, emphasizing both their societal and environmental components.

Item #d95oct61

A Climate for Development: Climate Change Policy Options for Africa, H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo, J.B. Ojwang, Eds., 264 pp., 1995 (SEI).

Documents the Climate and Africa Project, coordinated by the Stockholm Environment Institute with the African Centre for Technology Studies. Provides policy options and a sectoral analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and abatement options. Also discusses impacts, capacity building, technology transfer and adaptation, and financial and joint implementation mechanisms.

Item #d95oct62

African Conference on Policy Options and Responses to Climate Change, S. Silveira, Ed., 59 pp., 1995, (SEI). Proceedings of a U.N. Environment Programme conference held December 5-8, 1994.

Item #d95oct63

Green Planet Blues: Environmental Politics from Stockholm to Rio, K. Conca, M. Alberty, G.D. Dabelko, Eds., 258 pp., Sep. 1995, $64.95/£48.50 hbk, $22.95/£13.50 pbk (Westview).

Presents a diversity of viewpoints and uses the paradigms of sustainable development, environmental security, and ecological justice to develop topics such as climate change, deforestation, the ozone layer, acid rain and transboundary pollution. Organized to highlight important political developments as well as environmental challenges. Sections include the debate at Stockholm, prospects for international cooperation, and the sustainable development debate.

Item #d95oct64

Global Environmental Politics, 2nd ed., G. Porter, J.W. Brown, 256 pp., Sep. 1995, $49.95/£37 hbk, $14.95/£9.50 pbk (Westview).

According to the publisher, the book has been greatly revised since the first edition, and presents a comprehensive overview of topics such as the Rio conference, water security, biodiversity treaty, global warming, and the ozone layer. Includes nine case studies.

Item #d95oct65

Human Impacts on Weather and Climate, W.R. Cotton, R.A. Pielke, 288 pp., 1995, $64.95 hbk/$24.95 pbk (Cambridge).

The book, revised and expanded from the 1992 edition, is a nonmathematical presentation of basic physical concepts. Assesses current hypotheses, examines whether the impacts are measurable, and evaluates human impacts on regional weather and climate and on global climate. Includes weather modification, anthropogenic emissions, land-use changes and greenhouse gas theory.

Item #d95oct66

Caring for Creation: An Ecumenical Approach to the Environmental Crisis, M. Oelschlaeger, 296 pp., 1994, $30 (Yale).

Argues that, although religion may contribute to environmental problems, it can also play an important role in solving the problems. Examines a broad range of Western religious traditions, analyzes their creation stories and finds environmentally positive features in each of them. Believes that religious discourse in the public arena offers a way for environmental issues to be addressed, and urges churches to make them a worship theme in their services.

Item #d95oct67

The Fading of the Greens: The Decline of Environmental Politics in the West, A. Bramwell, 240 pp., 1994, $25 (Yale).

Surveys the failure of the Greens to create a new politics. Examines their development in England, Germany and the U.S. and the shift from fighting the emphasis on growth to the appearance of revulsion against the increasing industrialization of the West. Argues that the "green" frontier now lies with international organizations rather than with political parties.

Item #d95oct68

The Changing Global Environment, N. Roberts, Ed., 531 pp., 1994, £60 hbk/£17.99 pbk (Oxford).

Reviewed by P. Holland in Prog. Phys. Geog., pp. 303-304, June 1995. An alternative to current textbooks in physical geography, this book uses essays to illustrate global problems and their causes and solutions. The essays are based on current information and are well illustrated. Essay topics include climate change, remote sensing, prehistoric climates, ice masses, sea level rise, acidification and deforestation.

Item #d95oct69

Taming the Dragon: Transforming Economic Institutions in the Face of Global Change, C.C. Jaeger, 311 pp., 1994, $48 hbk/$20 pbk (Gordon and Breach).

Reviewed briefly by J. J?ger in Environment, p. 29, June 1995. Examines how human ecological systems have transformed the biosphere, discusses the limitations of economics to maintain it, and looks at the processes that could lead to sustainable life. Concludes that a practical solution to the current environmental crisis will be found only through joint action.

Reviews of Previous Entries

Item #d95oct70

Global Warming: The Complete Briefing, J. Houghton, 1994 (Lion). Extensive review by A. Hecht in Clim. Change, pp. 123-126, Sep. 1995. (GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST, p. 14, July 1994)

Item #d95oct71

Scarcity or Abundance? A Debate on the Environment, N. Myers, J.L. Simon, 1994 (Norton). Reviewed by R. Costanza in BioScience, pp. 633-634, Oct. 1995. (Global Climate Change Digest, p. 8, Mar. 1995)

Item #d95oct72

Desertification: Exploding the Myth, D.S.G. Thomas, N.J. Middleton, 1994 (Wiley). Reviewed by H.A. Amery, Nat. Resour. Forum, pp. 85-86, Feb. 1995. Note that the correct book title is given here; it is erroneously given as Exploring the Myth in the review. (GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST, p. 19, Nov.-Dec. 1994)

Item #d95oct73

The European Carbon Tax: An Economic Assessment, C. Carraro, D. Siniscalco, Eds., 1993 (Kluwer). Reviewed by J.K. Lazo, The Energy J., pp. 229-231, Oct. 1994. (Global Climate Change Digest, p. 6, Oct. 1994)

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