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Item #d95may93

The following nine reports are available from ACEEE.

Energy Efficiency and Economic Indicators: Charting Improvements in the Economy and the Environment (ED952), S. Laitner, 61 pp., 1995, $10.

Energy Efficiency and Economic Development in the Midwest (ED951), S. Laitner et al., 135 pp., 1995, $25.

Energy Efficiency as an Investment in Ohio's Economic Future (ED942), S. Laitner et al., 60 pp., 1994, $10.

Incorporating New Codes and Efficiency Standards in Utility Forecasts (U945), S. Nadel, 44 pp., $9, 1994.

Energy Efficiency in California: A Historical Analysis (E951), L. Schipper et al., 82 pp., 1995, $13.

The Green Machine Challenge: A Concept for Promoting Ultra-Efficient Vehicles (T952), J. DeCicco et al., 27 pp., 1995, $7.

Projected Fuel Savings and Emissions Reductions from Light-Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards (T951), J. DeCicco, 23 pp., 1995, $7.

Improving Automotive Efficiency (T942), J. DeCicco et al., 9 pp., 1994, $6.

Automobile Fuel Consumption and Emissions: Effects of Vehicle and Driving Characteristics (T941), M. Ross, 38 pp., 1994, $10.

Item #d95may94

Twenty-Four Benefits of Energy Efficiency, 1994, $5. Contact The Results Ctr., IRT Environment, POB 10990, Aspen CO 81612 (tel: 303 927 3155; fax: 303 927 9428).

Looks at direct and indirect environmental and societal benefits of demand-side management.

Item #d95may95

Energy in Europe: 1993 Annual Energy Review, J.C. Neto, M. Lecloux et al., 181 pp., June 1994. Contact Editor, Energy in Europe, Commission of the European Communities, DG XVII, 200 Rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels, Belg.

Presents an overview of world energy by region, a detailed analysis of the European Union, an overview of Central and Western Europe, information on the former USSR, and other topics.

Item #d95may96

Industrial Energy Efficiency: Trends, Savings Potential and Policy Options (IE943), H. Geller, R.N. Elliott, 30 pp., 1994, $6 (ACEEE).

Reviews these topics, and examines opportunities for improved efficiency and barriers to implementation.

Item #d95may97

The Take-Back Effect—Fact or Fiction? (U933), S. Nadel, 11 pp., $6, 1993 (ACEEE).

Reviews over 40 energy efficiency program evaluations, concluding that in most situations there is little or no take-back effect.

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