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Item #d95mar119

Country studies workshops: The U.S. Country Studies Program has scheduled a dozen workshops worldwide in 1995, to promote understanding of global climate change impacts and response strategies among developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Topics reflect the three major components of the studies being carried out in about 50 individual countries: emission inventories, vulnerability and adaptation, and mitigation. Workshops will bring together researchers conducting country studies, policy makers, experts in the field and others interested in global change. Attendance is somewhat limited, but is not by invitation only; abstracts of suitable papers will be considered. A workshop to be held in May in Russia was announced in CALENDAR last month; four others scheduled for May and June are listed in this month's CALENDAR. Later workshops will be held in Mexico, Tanzania, the Czech Republic and South Korea. In addition, the program will convene an International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation. For program information (including a publications list) contact U.S. Country Studies Mgmt. Team (PO-63), 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20585 (tel: 202 426 1628; fax: 202 426 1540; e-mail:

Item #d95mar120

U.S. joint implementation: Seven projects accepted for the U.S. Initiative on Joint Implementation were announced by the State Department on Feb. 3. Those involving U.S. companies and foreign governments include forest management in Belize, a wind power plant in Costa Rica, afforestation in Russia, and an energy efficiency project in the Czech Republic. The projects met criteria for selection, including the approval of the host country and plans for monitoring emissions reductions achieved. Contact USIJI Secretariat, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, S. 200 E., Washington DC 20585 (tel: 202 426 0072; fax: 202 426 1540).

Item #d95mar121

"Is the World Warming or Not?" R.A. Kerr, Science, p. 612, Feb. 3. Conflicting answers to this question that have appeared lately in popular publications are premature, according to climate researchers, whether based on the 15-year record of satellite-measured temperatures, or the much longer instrumental record.

Item #d95mar122

"El Niño Goes Critical," B. Wuethrich, New Scientist, pp. 32-35, Feb. 4. A lengthy examination of the recent increase in frequency of El Niño events in the equatorial Pacific and associated alterations in world weather patterns. Looks at whether there is a connection to greenhouse warming. One of the studies mentioned is by Graham, listed in PROF. PUBS./GEN. INTEREST/TEMPERATURE TRENDS.

Item #d95mar123

"Debate over Free Exchange of Data Roils Geophysical World," J. Wakefield, Eos, p. 65, Feb. 14. Some scientists fear that the century-old tradition of free, international exchange of meteorological data may be in jeopardy. How this issue plays out may be a bellwether for the handling of other types of environmental data. The issue will dominate a Congress of the World Meteorological Organization that begins in Geneva May 30.

Item #d95mar124

"California Report Sets Standard for Comparing Risks," R. Stone, Science, p. 214, Oct. 14. A report on relative environmental risks, including a new category based on such intangibles as peace of mind. For example, increased levels of greenhouse gases may pose modest health or ecological risks, but may pose high risks to social welfare. (See REPORTS section in Global Climate Change Digest, Feb. 1995.)

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