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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d95mar96

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation, K. Brown, D. Pearce, Eds., 352 pp., Oct. 1994, £36 + postage (UCL Press).

An econometric analysis that quantifies and examines local and global causes of deforestation such as population, debt, income and poverty, and agricultural development. Presents country and regional case studies that focus on Latin America and Asia.

Item #d95mar97

Sustainable Forestry: Philosophy, Science and Economics, C. Maser et al., 400 pp., May 1994, $39.95 (St. Lucie).

Presents a new framework for forest management in the 21st century. Characterizes the forest as a dynamic living organism, examines biological sustainability, suggests a new role for governmental forestry services as agents for change, and discusses forest planning as the bridge between environmental conflict and a workable environmental/social vision of the future.

Item #d95mar98

Defining Sustainable Forestry, G. Aplet, N. Johnson et al., Eds., 320 pp., Mar. 1994, $24.95/£18.95 (Island Press).

Derived from a 1992 conference organized by the World Resources Institute and others. Covers regional approaches to designing sustainable ecological systems, social and policy considerations, and economics of sustainable forestry.

Item #d95mar99

Managing the World's Forests, N.P. Sharma, Ed., 1993 or 1994, $28.76 (Kendall/Hunt).

A study by the World Bank on the importance of forests, and the causes of problems and how they can be addressed.

Item #d95mar100

Business in the Rain Forest: Corporations, Deforestation and Sustainability, C.B. MacKerron, 239 pp., Aug. 1993, $45. Investor Responsibility Res. Ctr., 1755 Massachusetts Ave. NW, S. 600, Washington, DC 20036 (tel: 202-234-7500; fax: 202-332-8570).

Examines rainforest operations involving tropical timber, petroleum, mining, agriculture, non-timber products and ecotourism, particularly among U.S., Japanese and European companies. Finds that the tropical timber and petroleum industries are responsible for the most significant forest losses. Also profiles company projects that promote rainforest conservation. Reviewed by J.A. McNeely in Environment, pp. 25-26, Oct. 1994.

Item #d95mar101

World Forests for the Future: Their Use and Conservation, K. Ramakrishna, G.M. Woodwell, Eds., 156 pp., Apr. 1993, $20/£17.50 (Yale Univ.).

Scientists, legal experts, and economists document the issues involved in using and protecting forests. Recommends the creation of an independent commission to oversee the use and conservation of the world's forests.

Item #d95mar102

Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems, H. Lieth, M. Lohmann, Eds., 272 pp., 1993, $154 (Kluwer).

Discusses restoration from the points of view of forestry, ecology and conservation. The two main problem areas are wise utilization, including planned forestry, and planning for conservation in the tropics.

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