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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d95mar75

Managing the Global Commons-The Economics of Climate Change, W.D. Nordhaus, 213 pp., Dec. 1994, $32.50 (MIT).

Gives the results of over two decades of research that attempts to encompass economic, scientific and policy aspects of the great geophysical experiment that humanity has undertaken through its interventions into the natural environment. Presents detailed analysis of results of the DICE model, which integrates climate mitigation options and the economy. A recent advance is construction of a small model to encompass the primary components of the climate and economic system within an optimization framework. Compares several climate policy options, and finds that even with major technological breakthroughs and stringent (costly) controls, the momentum of past emissions, coupled with great inertia in climate change policy, will lead to inevitable, massive climate change.

Item #d95mar76

Environment and Resource Policies for the World Economy, R.N. Cooper, 94 pp., Feb. 1995, $28.95 hbk./$10.95 pbk. (Brookings).

Presents economic analyses and policy judgments.

Item #d95mar77

Global Warming and Energy Demand, (see GENERAL INT. & POLICY).

Item #d95mar78

International Economic Policy in the 1990s, W.R. Cline, 260 pp., Dec. 1994, $35 (MIT). Eight lectures for the nonspecialist including some discussion of greenhouse warming policy.

Item #d95mar79

International Environmental Economics: Theories, Models and Applications to Climate Change, International Trade and Acidification, E.C. van Ierland, 396 pp., 1994, $168.50/Dfl. 295 (Elsevier).

Deals with analysis of trade, transboundary pollution, and negotiations on protecting the global environment. Discusses treaties and agreements, marketable permits, emission taxes, combining the concepts of best available technology and critical loads to reduce emissions, and implications for U.S. energy demand.

Item #d95mar80

Environmental Change and International Law: New Challenges and Dimensions, E.B. Weiss, 1993, $60 hbk/$40 pbk (UNIPUB, for the U.N. University).

Examines global environmental change and sustainable development, focusing on the growing interest in the environment, scientific uncertainty, the need for a preventive approach, the relevance of human rights, the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and implementation.

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