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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Environmental Pollution, 83, 1994 (Elsevier Science publishers), contains 23 papers from a June 1992 conference at Bad Dürkheim, Germany, that reviewed climate change science. The four citations below followed by asterisks appear in the General Interest section above.

"Climate of the Earth: An Overview," M.B. McElroy, 3-22.*

"Global Climate Change in the Instrumental Period," M. Hulme, P.D. Jones, 23-36.

"Climate Change and Human History. Some Indications from Europe ad 400-1400, N. Brown, 37-44.*

"Estimating the Change of Carbon in the Terrestrial Biosphere from 18,000 bp to Present Using a Carbon Cycle Model," G. Esser, M. Lautenschlager, 45-54.

"The Carbon Budget of Canadian Forests: A Sensitivity Analysis of Changes in Disturbance Regimes, Growth Rates and Decomposition Rates," W.A. Kurz, M.J. Apps, 55-62.

"Time Series Analysis of Global Change Data," L.J. Lane, M.H. Nichols, H.B. Osborn, 63-68.

"The Stratospheric Ozone Layer—An Overview," T. Peter, 69-80.*

"Long-Term Changes in Elemental Deposition at the Earth's Surface," P. Brimblecombe, 81-86.

"An Approach for Treating the Uncertainties in the Impact of Climate Change," Y. Gu, J.W. Crawford et al., 87-94.

"Agriculture's Share in the Emission of Trace Gases Affecting the Climate and Some Cause-Oriented Proposals for Sufficiently Reducing This Share," K. Isermann, 95-112.

"Computer Simulations of Terrestrial Carbon and Atmospheric Interactions," E.L. Mueller, J.R. Kramer, 113-120.*

"Forest Fire Emissions in Portugal: A Contribution to Global Warming?" A.I. Miranda, M. Coutinho, C. Borrego, 121-124.

"On the Scientific Basis for Global Warming Scenarios," R.S. Lindzen, 125-134.*

"Detecting Climate-Induced Patterns Using Wavelet Analysis," G.A. Bradshaw, B.A. McIntosh, 135-142.

"Sensitivity of the Terrestrial Biosphere to Climatic Changes: Impact on the Carbon Cycle," P. Friedlingstein, J.-F. Müller, G.P. Brasseur, 143-148.

"Analysis and Prediction of Global Climate Temperature Change Based on Multiforced Observational Statistics," C.-D. Schönwiese, 149-154.

"Plant Responses to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment with Emphasis on Roots and the Rhizosphere," H.H. Rogers, G.B. Runion, S.V. Krupa, 154-190.

"The Impact of UV-B Radiation and Ozone on Terrestrial Vegetation," V.C. Runeckles, S.V. Krupa, 191-214.

"Growth and Physiology of Northern Red Oak: Preliminary Comparisons of Mature Trees and Seedling Responses to Ozone," G.S. Edwards, S.D. Wullschleger, J.M. Kelly, 215-222.

"Assessment of the Impact of Rising Carbon Dioxide and Other Potential Climate Changes on Vegetation," J.T. Baker, L.H. Allen Jr., 223-236.*

"Climatic Sensitivity of Temperate Forests," J.L. Innes, 237-244.

"The Impact of Climate Change on the Soil/Moisture Regime of Scottish Mineral Soils," A.M. MacDonald, K.B. Matthews et al., 245-250.

"A Coupled Carbon-Water-Energy-Vegetation Model to Assess Responses of Temperate Forest Ecosystems to Changes in Climate and Atmospheric CO2. Part I. Model Concept," N.T. Nikolov, D.G. Fox, 251-262.

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