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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d95jun30

Special issue: "Preindustrial Human Environmental Impacts: Are There Lessons for Science and Policy?" D.M. Kammen, K.R. Smith et al., Eds., Chemosphere, 29(5), Sep. 1994 (Pergamon Press). Includes 18 papers related to an interdisciplinary conference held at the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sep. 1993. Four papers of more general interest have been listed in Gen. Interest/Gen. and Policy, above. The rest, listed below, concern the biogeochemical record, biomass burning, land use, models of technological and political innovations, and policy options.

"Global Emissions of Methane During the Last Several Centuries," M.A.K. Khalil (Global Change Res., Oregon Graduate Inst., POB 91,000, Portland OR 97291), R.A. Rasmussen, 833-842.

"Methane from the House of Tudor and the Ming Dynasty: Anthropogenic Emissions in the Sixteenth Century," S. Subak (CSERGE Univ. E. Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK), 843-854.

"Modeling Pre-Industrial C-N-P-S Biogeochemical Cycling in the Land-Coastal Margin System," L.M.B. Ver (Dept. Oceanog, SOEST, Univ. Hawaii, 1000 Pope Rd., Honolulu HI 96822), F.T. Mackenzie, S. Lerman, 855-887.

"Maintaining Focus: An Introduction to Anthropogenic Fire," S.J. Pyne (Amer. Studies Prog., Arizona State Univ. West, POB 37100, Phoenix AZ 85069), 889-911.

"Prehistoric Anthropogenic Wildland Burning by Hunter-Gatherer Societies in the Temperate Regions: A Net Source, Sink, or Neutral to the Global Carbon Budget," M.K. Anderson (Prog. in Nature, Culture and Technol., Univ. Kansas, Lawrence KS 66045), 913-934.

"The Burning of the New World: The Extent and Significance of Broadcast Burning by Early Humans," D.W. Woodcock (Dept. Geog., Univ. Hawaii-Manoa, 445 Porteus Hall, Honolulu HI 96822), P.V. Wells, 935-948.

"Management Fires vs. Corrective fires in Northern Australia: An Analogue for Environmental Change," H.T. Lewis (Dept. Anthropol., Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.), 949-963.

"On the Arid Margin: The Relationship Between Climate, Humans and the Environment. A Review of Evidence from the Highlands of Central Mexico," S.L. O'Hara (Dept. Geog., Sheffield Univ., Sheffield S10 2TN, UK), S.E. Metcalfe, F.A. Street-Perrott, 965-981.

"Deforestation in Preindustrial China: The Loess Plateau Region as an Example," J.-Q. Fang (Dept. Geog., Queen's Univ., Kingston ON K7L 3N6, Can.), Z. Xie, 983-999.

"A Historical Review of Early Institutional and Conservationist Responses to Fears of Artificially Induced Global Climate Change: The Deforestation-Desiccation Discourse 1500-1860," R.H. Grove (Dept. Econ. History, Australian Natl. Univ., Canberra, Australia), 1001-1013.

"Changes in Land Use in South and Southeast Asia from 1880 to 1980: A Data Base Prepared as Part of a Coordinated Research Program on Carbon Fluxes in the Tropics," E.P. Flint (Dept. History, Duke Univ., Durham NC 27708), 1015-1062.

"Asynchronous Regional Development," C.J. Andrews (Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton Univ., Princeton NJ 08544), 1079-1086.

"Effects of Pre-Industrial Human Activities on Climate," A. Robock (Dept. Meteor., Univ. Maryland, College Pk. MD 20742), H.-F. Graf, 1087-1097.

"Biomass Utilization in Households and Industry: Energy Use and Development," D.O. Hall (Div. Life Sci., King's Coll., London W8 7AH, UK), F. Rosillo-Calle, J. Woods, 1099-1119.

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