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Item #d95jun63

"Climatic Soil Moisture Deficit: Climate and Soil Data Integration in a GIS," K.B. Matthews (Soils & Soil Microbiol. Div., Macaulay Land Use Res. Inst., Aberdeen, Scotland), A. MacDonald et al., Clim. Change, 28(3), 273-287, Nov. 1994.

Describes a Geographic Information System-based methodology for assessing possible impacts of climate change on the susceptibility of Scottish soils to drought, develops a method for mapping available water capacity, and presents results for the year 2030.

Item #d95jun64

"Climate Change, Potential Evapotranspiration and Moisture Availability in the Mediterranean Basin," J.P. Palutikof (Sch. Environ. Sci., Univ. E. Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK), C.M. Goodess, X. Guo, Intl. J. Climatol., 14(8), 853-869, Oct. 1994.

Uses the results from four equilibrium-mode GCMs to present seasonal mean scenarios of potential evapotranspiration per 1° C rise in global mean temperature. Comparison of scenarios of the change in potential evapotranspiration and scenarios of the change in precipitation indicates an unfavorable shift in moisture availability.

Item #d95jun65

"Urban Water Demand and Climate Change," S. Hartley (Geog. Dept., Univ. Denver, 2130 S. Race St., Denver CO 80208), R.C. Harriss, T. Blanchard, Nat. Resour. Forum, 18(1), 55-62, Feb. 1994.

Presents a methodology to help understand options for managing urban water demands under the uncertainties of climate change. Uses Nassau County, N.Y., (where groundwater is the only source for 1.3 million residents) as a case study, and concludes that deficits projected for warmer climate scenarios may be alleviated by increased conservation. For scenarios of decreased precipitation, rationing may be necessary; therefore, for communities already experiencing water problems, considering climate change in planning is prudent.

Item #d95jun66

"Temporal Discontinuities in Precipitation in the Central North American Prairie," P.R. Kemp (Phytotron, Duke Univ., Durham NC 27706), J.M. Cornelius, J.F. Reynolds, Intl. J. Climatol., 14(5), 539-557, June 1994.

Identifies statistically significant discontinuities that appear to represent shifts in regional climate during the last 115 years. All transitions were associated with changes in May, June and July rainfall. The relatively strong periodicity shown by the decadal discontinuities supports the contention that drought climates are triggered or ended by a cyclic phenomenon.

Specialized Papers

Item #d95jun67

"Stochastic Weather Type Simulation for Regional Climate Change Impact Assessment," R.L. Wilby (Dept. Geog., Univ. Derby, Derby DE22 1GB, UK), Water Resour. Res., 30(12), 3395-3403, Dec. 1994.

Item #d95jun68

"Effects of Climate Change on Snow Accumulation and Melting in the Broye Catchment (Switzerland)," F. Bultot (Hydrol. Sect., Royal Meteor. Inst., Brussels, Belg.), D. Gellens et al., Clim. Change, 28(4), 339-363, Dec. 1994.

Item #d95jun69

"Climate Change Simulations of Tasmanian Precipitation Using Multiple Nesting," J.L. McGregor (CSIRO, Priv. Bag 1, Mordialloc, 3195 Vic., Australia), K. Walsh, J. Geophys. Res., 99(D10), 20,889-20,905, Oct. 20, 1994.

Item #d95jun70

"Climatic Variability, Climatic Change, Runoff and Suspended Sediment Regimes in Northern Canada," M. Woo (Dept. Geog., McMaster Univ., Hamilton ON L8S 4K1, UK), S.B. McCann, Phys. Geog., 15(3), 201-226, May-June 1994.

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