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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d95jan19

"Transport Policy Revisited," J. Houghton (Royal Comm. on Environ. Pollut., Church House, Great Smith St., London SW1P 3BL, UK), Nature, 372(6506), 494, Dec. 8, 1994. The Commission chairman responds to a recent editorial in Nature (GCCD, p. 20, Nov.-Dec.), which criticized a commission report.

Item #d95jan20

"A Potent Global Agency for Science," R.M. White (President, Natl. Acad. Engineering), Technol. Rev., p. 73, Nov.-Dec. 1994.

Argues for a World Scientific Organization-a treaty-level body that would provide a forum for government science and engineering leaders to formulate international programs and commit resources.

Item #d95jan21

Two items in Environ. Conserv., 21(1), Spring 1994:

"Stratospheric Ozone Doubts," F.S. Singer (Sci. & Environ. Policy Project, 2101 Wilson Blvd., S. 1003, Arlington VA 22201), 6-7. Ozone protection policies should not be applied too hastily and might benefit from a firmer science base. Premature, self-reinforcing policy paths may lead to wasted resources, loss of public trust, and a setback to the environmental effort.

"The New Environmental Determinism," A.M. Mannion (Dept. Geog., Univ. Reading, Whiteknights, POB 227, Reading RG6 2AB, UK), 7-8. The concept of environmental determinism spawned by Darwin in the 1800s held that nature, and particularly climate, was the most important arbitrator of biosphere processes. The new environmental determinism differs in acknowledging the reciprocal relationships among components of the climate system, including humans.

Item #d95jan22

"UCAR Response to the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on International Data Exchange," R.A. Anthes (Univ. Corp. Atmos. Res., POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307), Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 75(10), 1849-1854, Oct. 1994.

Reports the widespread international opposition generated in the atmospheric science community and elsewhere, to cost-cutting proposals that would end the 100-year-old practice of open sharing of meteorological and climate data among countries of the world.

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