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Item #d95aug89

Sustainable development and climate change is the topic of this year's annual conference sponsored by the Center for Environmental Information, in December near Washington, D.C. Bert Bolin, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will begin it with a presentation of the IPPC's 1995 scientific assessment, scheduled for release shortly before the event.

Item #d95aug90

European Union: A special report in Intl. Environ. Rptr. (pp. 585-588, July 26) analyzes voluntary accords as a way to protect the environment while enabling EU countries to remain economically competitive. Voluntary agreements are receiving more attention as a way to achieve reductions in carbon emissions after the EU's failure to implement a carbon tax over the last three years.

Item #d95aug91

U.S. joint implementation: Twenty-one proposals encompassing a wide range of projects have been submitted for consideration in the second round of applications for the U.S. Initiative on Joint Implementation. Twelve involve forestry or other land use to enhance carbon sequestration; the rest address alternative energy sources and methane emissions reduction. Project locations include Latin America, Asia, the Former Soviet Union, and Africa. Contact the U.S. IJI Secretariat, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, S. 200 East, Washington DC 20585 (tel: 202-426-0072; fax: 202-426-1540).

Item #d95aug92

"China Meeting Signals New Commitment," T. Plafker, Science, p. 296, July 21. The Chinese government, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Beijing's Quingua University, sponsored a three-day international meeting on sustainable development and the environment. The event was a clear sign that China's hostility to environmental protection is beginning to fade.

Item #d95aug93

"Evidence Still Mounts for Changing Climate, But Scientists Still Cautious," Global Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, July 14. Based on a symposium organized by Michael MacCracken, director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program Office, in Boulder, Colorado, July 3-8. Discusses particularly how the science affects policy. MacCracken suggests that policymakers need to separate the issue of what is happening from the consequences of what is happening.

Item #d95aug94

"Insurers Must Do More to Survive Disasters," A. Deering, S.P. Leatherman, Best's Review, pp. 66-69, Mar. 1995. Examines how the increased severity and frequency of natural disasters, a growing concern for the insurance industry, may reflect climate change, and how insurers can deal with the situation.

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