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Item #d94sep23

Climatic Change, 27(1), May 1994, consists of 10 papers based on the IPCC workshop Climate Change: Significance for Agriculture and Forestry (Canberra, Jan. 1992). (Hardbound editions of this issue are available from Kluwer Academic Publishers.)

In an editorial, issue editors D.H. White and S.M. Howden explain how the meeting emphasized a holistic approach to reducing greenhouse emissions from agriculture, forestry and other activities, integrated with other issues such as biodiversity, desertification, and sustainable development.

"Monitoring and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural, Forestry and Other Human Activities." (See previous section.)

"Rice Paddies as a Methane Source," K. Minami (Natl. Inst. Agro.-Environ. Sci., Tsukuba, 305 Japan), H.-U. Neue, 13-26.

"Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Intensive Livestock Systems: Their Estimation and Technologies for Reduction," S.C. Jarvis (AFRC Inst. Grassland Res., N. Wyke, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 2SB, UK), B.F. Pain, 27-38.

"Global Change Strategy Options in the Extensive Agriculture Regions of the World," B.H. Walker (Div. Wildlife & Ecol., CSIRO, POB 84 Lyneham, Canberra, ACT 2602, Australia), 39-47.

"Methods for Exploring Management Options to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tropical Grazing Systems," S.M. Howden (Bur. Resour. Sci., POB E11, Queen Victoria Terr., Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia), D.H. White et al., 49-70.

"Integrated Land-Use Systems: Assessment of Promising Agroforest and Alternative Land-Use Practices to Enhance Carbon Conservation and Sequestration," R.K. Dixson (U.S. EPA Environ. Res. Lab., Corvallis OR 97333), J.K. Winjum et al., 71-92.

"Determining the Climatic Requirements of Trees Suitable for Agroforestry," T.H. Booth (CSIRO Div. Forestry, POB 4008, Queen Victoria Terr., Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia), 93-102.

"Polish Forest Ecosystems: The Influence of Changes in the Economic System on the Carbon Balance," W. Galinski (Res. Inst. Forestry, Ecol. Sect., 00-973 Warsaw 3, Bitwy Warszawskiej St., Poland), M. K├╝ppers, 103-119.

"Climate Change and Agriculture: A Perspective on Priorities for Economic Policy," T.D. Mount (Dept. Agric. Resour., Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY 14853), 121-238.

"Outcomes and Policy Recommendations from the IPCC/AFOS Working Group on Climate Change Response Strategies and Emission Reductions," K. Heinloth (Phys. Inst., Univ. Bonn, Nussallee 12, D-5300 Bonn, Ger.), R.P. Karimanzira, 139-146.

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