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Item #d94sep93

Two reports from ACEEE. Others in this series (not listed here) relate to DSM and utilities, and energy efficiency in various sectors.

Market Transformation Strategies to Promote End-Use Efficiency, H. Geller, S. Nadel, 50 pp., 1994, $10. Presents a conceptual framework for market transformation and discusses, with examples, policies and programs that can contribute to this.

Emerging Technologies to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Residential and Commercial Sectors, S. Nadel, D. Bourne et al., 155 pp., $30, 1993. The U.S. Department of Energy could strengthen and expand its programs through 13 initiatives proposed by an ad hoc group of experts from industry, universities, government and national laboratories.

Item #d94sep94

The following reports on energy efficiency are in the 1992-1994 Publications List from the Energy Analysis Program of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Other papers listed there cover a wide range of energy-related topics. Contact Karen Olson, LBL, 1 Cyclotron Rd., Berkeley CA 94720 (tel: 510-486-7489, fax: 510-486-6996). Also available is: Energy Analysis Program 1993 Annual Report (LBL-35240), 46 pp., June 1994.

The Potential for Reducing Urban Air Temperature and Energy Consumption Through Vegetative Cooling (LBL-35320), D. Kurn, S. Bretz et al., 1994.

Energy Efficiency and Human Activity: Lessons from the Past, Importance for the Future (LBL-34083), L. Schipper, 1993.

Energy Efficiency, Market Failures, and Government Policy (ORNL/CON-383), M.D. Levine, E. Hirst, et al., 1994.

Item #d94sep95

Energy Efficiency Trends in Australia, 78 pp., Aug. 1993, Aust.$17. Order from ABARE (Australian Bureau of Agric. & Resour. Econ.), CPM, GPO Box 1563, Canberra 2601, Australia.

Using a more precise technique, analyzes trends at the national and state levels from 1973 to 1991.

Item #d94sep96

Improving Electric Power Utility Efficiency: Issues and Recommendations (Tech. Paper 243), C. Menke, P.G. Fazzari, 52 pp., Apr. 1994, $6.95 (World Bank).

Extracts from a larger report on evaluations of over 200 diesel plants. Recommendations will assist energy institutions in developing countries.

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