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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94oct55

Land Use and the Causes of Global Warming, W.N. Adger, K. Brown, 280 pp., Oct. 1994, $60/Ј37.50 (Wiley).

Reviews the sources and uncertainties in estimates of global emissions of greenhouse gases from land use. Examines policies of afforestation, those which encourage halting deforestation, and changing management practices in agriculture in terms of feasibility, cost and equity. Illustrates how all land use policies are multi-objective, but that reduction of greenhouse gas emissions must be a key element in forestry and agriculture policies worldwide.

Item #d94oct56

The European Carbon Tax: An Economic Assessment, C. Carraro, D. Siniscalco, Eds., 288 pp., $105 (Kluwer).

Examines the debate over this tax in terms of its global impacts, effects on income distribution, coordination among European countries, and introduction unilaterally across Europe or in concert with other industrialized countries.

Item #d94oct57

Global Warming and Economic Development--A Holistic Approach to International Policy Cooperation and Coordination, A.K. Duraiappah, 244 pp., 1993, $19.50 (Kluwer).

Addresses three major questions relating to global warming by formulating a global economic growth model with links between the economic and climate systems. Captures feedback effects of climate change on the economic system endogenously within the model structure.

Item #d94oct58

An Introduction to Global Environmental Issues, K.T. Pickering, L.A. Owen, 380 pp., 1994, $89.95 hbk./$29.95 pbk. (Routledge).

Introductory text. Topics include climate change and past climates, global atmospheric change, acid rain, natural hazards, human impacts.

Item #d94oct59

Social Theory and the Global Environment, M. Redclift, T. Benton, Eds., 256 pp., Sep. 1994, $59.95 hbk./$17.95 pbk. (Routledge).

Collects the works of both natural and social scientists, who reject the idea that the only role for social scientists is to investigate the effects of processes and policies. Examines the ways in which cultural values and political movements are already involved in defining the problems for scientific analysis, and how the sciences can play a role in the environmental debate.

Item #d94oct60

The Role of Regional Organizations in the Context of Climate Change, M.H. Glantz, Ed., 224 pp., 1994, $98 (Springer). Report of a NATO Advanced Study Institute; No. 14 in the NATO ASI "Global Environmental Change" series.

Item #d94oct61

Global Water Resource Issues, G.J. Young, J.C.I. Dooge, J.C. Rodda, 200 pp., 1994, $35.96 through Dec. 31, 1994 (Cambridge Univ.).

An integrated examination of the assessment and management of water resources, including the impacts of climate change.

Item #d94oct62

Changes in Land Use and Land Cover--A Global Perspective, W.B. Meyer, B.L. Turner II, Eds., 380 pp., 1994, $39.96 through Dec. 31, 1994 (Cambridge Univ.).

From a 1991 Global Change Institute. Describes recent changes in farmland, forests, grasslands and settlements and their impacts on soil, water resources and the atmosphere. Explores the importance of various underlying human sources of land transformation. Three working group reports give direction for future research.

Item #d94oct63

Earth Observations and Global Change Decision Making: A National Partnership, 211 pp., July 1994, $125 (ERIM).

Proceedings of the fourth in a series of annual conferences sponsored by NASA and NOAA. Proceedings from prior years are also available.

Item #d94oct64

The Environment After Rio, L. Campiglio, L. Pineschi et al., Eds., 352 pp., 1993, $105 (Kluwer).

Consists of updated version of papers from a conference (Courmayeur, Feb. 1993) organized by the Instituto per l'Ambiente. Analyzes the most relevant results of the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development and looks at prospects for the future from political, legal and economic points of view.

Item #d94oct65

Global Warming: Apocalypse or Hot Air?, R. Bate, J. Morris, 54 pp., 1994, Ј5 (IEA).

Contains three sections on the science of global warming and policy implications. Reviewed by A.G. Heyes in Energy Policy, pp. 639-640, July 1994.

Item #d94oct66

Annual Review of Energy and the Environment (Vol. 19), R.H. Socolow et al., Eds., 567 pp., Oct. 1994, $71 U.S./$76 elsewhere (Ann. Rev.)

Topics expected to be addressed include cost-effectiveness in limiting CO2 emissions, how Europe decided to meet CO2 stabilization targets, energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, trends in public perceptions on energy and environmental policy.

Item #d94oct67

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases: Why and How to Control? expected Oct. 1994, Dfl 150. Available from Vereniging Lucht, POB 6013, 2600 JA Delft, Neth. (tel: +31 15-69-68-84; fax: +31 15-61-31-86).

From a conference held in Maastricht, Dec. 1993.

Item #d94oct68

Climate Change and the Insurance Industry: The Next Generation, 200 pp., 1993, $50 U.S./$85 elsewhere (Environ. Technol. & Telecomm.).

Proceedings from a Sep. 1993 conference.

Item #d94oct69

Papers on International Environmental Negotiation (Vol. 3), L.E. Susskind, W.R. Moomaw, A. Najam, Eds., 257 pp., $15 pbk., 1993. Contact Program on Negotiation, Harvard Univ. Law School, Cambridge MA 02138.

A collection of research papers, intended for scholars and decision makers. Covers the role of nongovernmental, environmental and trade organizations; the design of multilateral institutions; and the role of the European Community. Briefly reviewed by E.B. Weiss in Environment, 36(7), p. 29.

Item #d94oct70

Critical Conditions, Human Health, and the Environment, E. Chivian, M. McCalley et al., Eds., 244 pp., 1993, $15.95 pbk. (MIT).

Contains information that is difficult to find in medical publications, much of which is of interest to scientists, industrialists and politicians, according to R.E. Schultes, who reviewed the book in Environ. Conserv., p. 90, Spring 1994. Chapter topics include the loss of stratospheric ozone and health effects of increased ultraviolet radiation, and possible effects of climate change on health.

Item #d94oct71

Environmental Challenges: From Stockholm to Rio and Beyond, M. Nazim, N. Polunin, Eds., 284 pp., 1993, $12 individuals/$20 institutions (Foundation Environ. Conserv.).

The first of a new series of inexpensive and timely publications. Reviewed by E.B. Worthington in Environ. Conserv., pp. 190-191, Summer 1994, who notes that the volume contains over a dozen readable articles by prominent commentators. In the introduction, the editors state that "we need a new revolution, based on science and technology but with full human understanding, that will enable. . .our planet to support a fair and equitable biosphere. . . ." Several chapters relate directly or indirectly to climate change.

Item #d94oct72

Population and Global Security, 1994, $15 individuals/$25 institutions (Foundation Environ. Conserv.)

The second in a series (see previous citation); contains 12 contributed chapters.

Item #d94oct73

Climate Change: Significance for Agriculture and Forestry, D.H. White and S.M. Howden, Eds., 1994 (Kluwer).

The book version of Climatic Change, 27(1), May 1994, consisting of 10 papers based on an IPCC workshop (Canberra, Jan. 1992). (See GCCD, pp. 2, 4, Sep. 1994.)

Item #d94oct74

Integrating Economics, Ecology and Thermodynamics, M. Ruth, 264 pp., 1993, $119 (Kluwer).

Provides a first step in identifying and combining the principles of these fields on a fundamental level.

Item #d94oct75

Full House: Reassessing the Earth's Population Carrying Capacity, L.R. Brown, H. Kane, Aug. 1994 (Worldwatch).

Contains the first world food projections to take account of factors such as leveling off in the world fish catch, increasing scarcity of irrigation water in major food producing regions, and the diminishing response of crops to added fertilizer. If these and other trends, such as population growth, continue at present rates, food security will replace military security as the principal preoccupation of national governments. However, other scenarios would enable the deteriorating relationship between humans and natural systems to reverse.

Item #d94oct76

Volcanoes and Society, D. Chester, 351 pp., 1994, $25 (Routledge for Edward Arnold).

A comprehensive book containing a section on the effects of volcanoes and volcanic gases on climate.

Item #d94oct77

Antarctic Science: Global Concerns, G. Hempel, Ed., 287 pp., 1994, $26 pbk. (Springer).

Public awareness of the importance of Antarctic research, particularly in relation to global problems, has increased. The book covers a wide variety of scientific issues, focusing on the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the world climate system.

Item #d94oct78

Proceedings: The 1992 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation Research Symposium (Aug. 1992, Washington, D.C.), S. Philpott, Ed., 1994, $61 (AEERL/EPA or NTIS). An 8-page summary is available at no charge from AEERL.

Thirty-four papers in six sessions covered overview topics; international activities; CO2 emissions, control, disposal and utilization; emissions and mitigation of methane and ozone precursors; biomass emission sources and sinks; solar and renewable energy sources. Contains overviews of EPA, DOE, and EPRI research programs.

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