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Item #d94nov199

"Europe Just Five Weeks from Phaseout of CFCs," P. Zurer, Chem. Eng. News, pp. 30-31, Nov. 28. A speaker at the latest CFC and Halons Alternatives Conference in Washington explained how various industries are meeting the deadline adopted by the European Union, which is one year sooner than required under the Montreal Protocol. The least progress is in the refrigeration sector.

Item #d94nov200

"Fate of Methyl Bromide Is Still up in the Air," P. Zurer, ibid., p. 29, Nov. 14. The 1994 international ozone assessment (GCCD, p. 9, Oct.) recommends restrictions on the fumigant methyl bromide, beyond the 1995 freeze currently required by the Montreal Protocol. The U.S. and some other countries have already acted independent of the Protocol, but a group of producers and users is suing to overturn the U.S. restrictions, arguing that the science is too uncertain to support the ban.

Item #d94nov201

"U.S. to Crack Down on Illegal CFC Imports," P. Zurer, ibid., pp. 4-5, Oct. 31. The federal government has formed a task force to deal with black market imports, reported to be increasing as the Jan. 1, 1996, phaseout deadline approaches. The Alliance for Responsible CFC Policy, an industry group, is cooperating. (See also Intl. Environ. Rptr., p. 884, Nov. 2, and a feature article inGlobal Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, Nov. 11.)

Item #d94nov202

"EU Illegally Importing CFCs," Global Environ. Change Rep., p. 3, Oct. 14. Data from the European Union's statistics office show that Britain, France, Belgium and Italy imported a substantial amount of CFCs from Russia and Estonia in the first half of 1994. The situation is an embarrassment to the Union's efforts to phase out CFCs by the end of 1994.

Item #d94nov203

"Pressure Mounts as Search for Halon Replacements Reaches Critical Phase," M. Freemantle, Chem. Eng. News, pp. 29-32, Sep. 19. Feature article describing progress in findings alternatives for halons, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Defense because of their wide military use for fire control.

Item #d94nov204

"Refrigeration Still Lags as Europe Moves Toward CFC Phaseout," Global Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, Aug. 26. Feature report.

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