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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94nov185

Sustainable Development and the Energy Industries: Implementation and Impacts of Environmental Legislation, 1994 (Roy. Inst. Intl. Affairs; U.S. distribution from Brookings Inst.).

Contains papers from diplomats, industry officials, and analysts.

Item #d94nov186

The Environment: Towards a Sustainable Future, Edited by the Dutch Committee for Long-Term Environmental Policy, 620 pp., 1994 hbk. $136.50/1993 pbk. $51.50 (Kluwer).

Shows possible ways in which society can move toward a sustainable future by searching for a new social order. The main sections of the book are: introduction; signs of hope; the transformation to a sustainable future; internationalization; philosophical and methodological considerations on planning the future; contours of a sustainable future; conclusions and recommendations.

Item #d94nov187

Green Gold: Japan, Germany, and the U.S. and the Race for Environmental Technology, C. Moore, A. Miller, 288 pp., 1994, $25 (Beacon).

Reviewed in Energy Econ. & Clim. Change, pp. 11-12, Dec. 1993. An outgrowth of a study by the Center for Global Change at the University of Maryland (tel: 301-403-4165) that explores the potentially positive relationship between a nation's environmental policies and its international competitiveness. Notes that the Japanese and German governments and businesses have been quicker than their U.S. counterparts to realized that "environmental protection is now an economic necessity, and the nation that does it best will prosper the most."

Item #d94nov188

Industry Ecology and Global Change, R. Socolow, C. Andrews et al., Eds., 420 pp., 1994, $49.95 (Cambridge Univ.).

Explores how humankind can more fully industrialize without overwhelming the Earth's natural systems. Five main sections are: idustrialization of society; natural systems cycles; toxic chemicals; policy making with respect to industrial ecology. Articles, aimed at academic, business, activist and political leaders, address such topics as solar energy, international cooperation, and North American perspectives.

Item #d94nov189

The World at the Crossroads--Exploring a Sustainable, Equitable Future. A Report to the Pugwash Council, P.B. Smith, S. Okaye, 208 pp., Sep. 1994, $24.95/Ј14.95 pbk. (Earthscan).

From a study group constituted at the 41st Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1991, Beijing, China). Attacks biased Northern perspectives which fail to take account of the historical North/South dichotomy and the resultant divides this has created. Tries to create a more holistic, humanistic approach to this concept.

Item #d94nov190

Mortgaging the Earth: The World Bank, Environmental Impoverishment and the Crisis of Development, B. Rich, 388 pp., May 1994, $29/Ј12.95 pbk. (Beacon in U.S./Earthscan in U.K.).

According to the publisher, this is a comprehensive and devastating critique asserting that the World Bank's large infrastructural projects have forced resettlement of millions of people and left conflict and environmental degradation in their wake. Shows how the Bank has become a law unto itself and how it exemplifies a Western approach to development. Reviewed by K. Courrier in Technology Review, pp. 68-70, Oct. 1994.

Item #d94nov191

Strategies for Sustainable Development--Local Agendas for the Southern Hemisphere, M. Redclift, C. Sage, Eds., 195 pp., May 1994, $64.95/Ј43.50 (Wiley).

Explores the relationship between changes in the environment of the Southern Hemisphere and the wider economic and political context of North/South relations, and whether the agenda of the Earth Summit can have practical application in terms of policy.

Item #d94nov192

Road from Rio: Environment and Development Policy Issues in Asia, P. Ghosh, A. Jaitly, Eds., 218 pp., 1993, Ј52 (TERI).

Based on the Proceedings of the International Seminar (Oct. 1992, New Delhi, India).

Item #d94nov193

The Road from Rio--Sustainable Development and NonGovernmental Movements in the Third World, J. Fisher, 264 pp., 1993, Ј20 (Praeger).

An account of NGOs that have filled voids left by weak or corrupt governments.

Item #d94nov194

The Road from Rio: NGO Action Guide to Environment and Development, M. McCoy, P. McDully, 112 pp., 1993, Ј10.99 pbk. (NHBS).

Analysis of agreements from the Earth Summit, and the strategies NGOs should adopt.

Item #d94nov195

Agenda 21: Rio Declaration and Forest Principles (Post-Rio Edition), 650 pp., 1993, Ј20 (U.N.).

The official United Nations version of Agenda 21, organized around seven themes that focus on the transition to sustainable life on Earth. Later sections examine implementation and financing.

Item #d94nov196

Global Warming and Economic Development--A Holistic Approach to International Policy Cooperation and Coordination, A.K. Duraiappah, 244 pp., 1993, $19.50 (Kluwer).

Addresses three major questions relating to global warming by formulating a global economic growth model with links between the economic and climate systems. Captures feedback effects of climate change on the economic system endogenously within the model structure.

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