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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94nov161

IMAGE 2.0 Integrated Modeling of Global Climate Change, J. Alcamo, Ed., 328 pp., May 1994, $128 (Kluwer).

Reports one of the few attempts to integrate sub-models of the climate system with global biogeochemical cycles and human/societal components.

Item #d94nov162

CO2 and Biosphere, J. Rozema, H. Lambers et al., Eds., 488 pp., 1993, $302 (Kluwer).

Proceedings from an international workshop (Nov. 1991, Wageningen, Neth.), held in connection with a Netherlands CO2 commission. A broad scope of papers relates, for example, to ecological and physiological effects of CO2 enrichment, biosphere-atmosphere interaction.

Item #d94nov163

Oceanography, 100 pp., Aug. 1994, $31 (OECD).

Proceedings of an OECD "Megascience Forum," that reviews research on and plans for a global ocean observing system.

Item #d94nov164

Observation of the Earth and Its Environment (2nd. Ed.), H.J. Kramer, 580 pp., 1994, $109 (Springer).

Gives a worldwide overview of past, present and future spaceborne and airborne missions.

Item #d94nov165

Integrating Economics, Ecology and Thermodynamics, M. Ruth, 264 pp., 1993, $119 (Kluwer).

Item #d94nov166

Ocean Processes in Climate Dynamics: Global and Mediterranean Examples, P. Malanotte-Rizzoli, A.R. Robinson, Eds., 460 pp., 1994, $176 (Kluwer).

Proceedings from a NATO Advanced Study Institute (Jan. 1993, Erice, Italy) on one of the most crucial, but poorly understood topics in oceanographic science. The major issues discussed are air-sea interaction; water mass formation, dispersion and mixing; and general circulation with special emphasis on the thermohaline component.

Item #d94nov167

Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Modeling, B.A. Kagan, 320 pp., 1994, $79.95 (Cambridge Univ.).

Presents recent experimental and theoretical advances in this rapidly developing field. Discusses in detail current approaches to constructing coupled ocean-atmosphere models for solving key problems in climate theory. Presentation of field measurements and results of simulations will promote understanding of climate variability.

Item #d94nov168

Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction (2nd Ed.), E.B. Kraus, J.A. Businger, 352 pp., Oct. 1994, $75 (Oxford Univ.).

Emphasizing physical processes, gives details of the atmospheric, oceanographic and climatological problems affected by air-sea interaction.

Item #d94nov169

Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism and Regulation of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, N.E. Tolbert, 304 pp., Aug. 1994, $75/Ј60 (Oxford Univ.).

Item #d94nov170

Environmental Remote Sensing from Regional to Global Scales, G. Foody, P. Curran, Eds., 238 pp., May 1994, 79.95 (Wiley).

Demonstrates the flexibility and power of these techniques.

Item #d94nov171

Visualization in Geographical Information Systems, H. Hearnshaw, D. Unwin, Eds., 243 pp., May 1994, $98.95 (Wiley).

The world's leading researchers produced this integrated text as a team, as an up-to-date and practical introduction to the techniques and their applications.

Item #d94nov172

Air Pollution and Climate Change: The Biological Impact (2nd Ed.), A. Wellburn, 268 pp., July 1994, $39.95 (Wiley in North America/Halstead in U.K.).

Technically oriented; concentrates on mechanisms of action of air pollutants and acid rain from biological tissues to the global scale.

Item #d94nov173

Global Wetlands: Old World and New, W.J. Mitsch, Ed., 992 pp., Aug. 1994, $285.50/Dfl. 500 (Elsevier).

Contrasts wetland ecology and wetland management in the old and new worlds. Major sections include biogeochemistry; modeling and analysis; policy and management.

Item #d94nov174

Air Pollution by Photochemical Oxidants, I. Colbeck, A.R. MacKenzie, 388 pp., Apr. 1994, $171.50/Dfl. 300 (Elsevier).

Details the observed behavior of these substances on urban, regional and global scales, with chapters on ozone in the 19th century and on environmental effects.

Item #d94nov175

Changes in Land Use and Land Cover--A Global Perspective, W.B. Meyer, B.L. Turner II, Eds., 380 pp., 1994, $39.96 through Dec. 31, 1994 (Cambridge Univ.).

Item #d94nov176

Special issue: "The Medieval Warm Period," M.K. Hughes (Lab. Tree Ring Res., Univ. Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.), H.F. Diaz, Eds., Clim. Change, 26(2-3), Mar. 1994. A hardbound edition is available from Kluwer Acad. Pub., POB 322, 300 AH Dordrecht, Neth.; or POB 358, Accord Sta., Hingham MA 02018.

Contains 13 papers that resulted from a workshop (Tucson, Ariz., Nov. 1991). Topics include glacial and tree-ring evidence; evidence from regions of North and South America, Europe and China; solar activity; and ENSO-sensitive records.

Antarctic Science: Global Concerns, G. Hempel, Ed., 287 pp., 1994, $26 pbk. (Springer).

Public awareness of the importance of Antarctic research, particularly in relation to global problems, has increased. The book covers a wide variety of scientific issues, focusing on the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the world climate system.

Item #d94nov177

Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment, H.F. Hemond, E.J. Fechner, 338 pp., Feb. 1994, $49.95 (Academic).

Covers three major areas--surface water, ground water, and air, treating the fundamental principles of mass transport and chemical partitioning, and transformation of substances.

Item #d94nov178

American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting Preprints on CD-ROM. Two disks contain respectively the preprints of all 1993 or 1994 AMS conferences and symposia; each costs $95 ($250 nonmembers). Searching can be done on tables of contents; preprint pages can be displayed or printed. CD-ROMs are available for these computer systems: DOS (version 3.1 or higher, minimum 640 K memory); MAC (version 6.07 or higher); UNIX (in preparation). Order through AMS.

The 1993 preprints include: Fourth Symposium on Global Change Studies.

The 1994 preprints include: Eighth Conference on Atmospheric Radiation; Sixth Conference on Climate Variations; Fifth Symposium on Global Change Studies; Symposium on Global Change and the Global Electrical Circuit; Seventh Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography.

Item #d94nov179

Asymmetric Change of Daily Temperature Range: Proceedings of the International MINIMAX Workshop (Sep. 1993, College Park, Md.), G.Kukla, T.R. Karl, M.R. Riches, Eds., 493 pp., Apr. 1994 (OSTI/DOE for Dept. Energy & contractors; NTIS for general public).

Following observations in the U.S. that a significant decrease in the diurnal temperature range had occurred, measurements were undertaken throughout the world, using records that spanned as much as 100 years. This workshop presented results from nearly 40 researchers from 10 countries. Some of the general conclusions follow. An observed decrease in the daily temperature range over many land areas during the last several decades is mostly due to the increase of night and early morning temperatures. The temperature change in mid-latitude lands is affected by increasing cloudiness, tentatively related to artificial sulfate production. Minimum and maximum temperatures over parts of middle- and low-latitude oceans are increasing uniformly.

Item #d94nov180

Proceedings of the Third Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Science Team Meeting (Mar. 1993, Norman, Okla.), Off. Health & Environ. Res., U.S. Dept. Energy, 379 pp., Mar. 1994 (OSTI/DOE for Dept. Energy & Contractors; NTIS for general public).

Papers deal with clear or cloudy sky measurements, data assimilation, single-column modeling, four-dimensional data assimilation, hierarchical diagnosis, radiometry, remote sensing, instrumentation, summaries of breakout sessions, poster sessions, and other topics.

Item #d94nov181

Ice in the Climate System, W.R. Peltier, 690 pp., Jan. 1994, $225 (Springer).

Another in the NATO ASI [Advanced Study Institute] Series I: Global Environmental Change 12. Other titles in this series were listed in GCCD, Books, p. 14, Feb. 1994.

Item #d94nov182

The Global Carbon Cycle (NATO ASI Ser. I: Global Environmental Change 15), M. Heimann, Ed., 599 pp., Jan. 1994, $240 (Springer).

Item #d94nov183

Bryophytes and Lichens in a Changing Environment, J.W. Bates, A.M. Farmer, 404 pp., 1992, Ј60 (Oxford Univ.).

Reviewed by B. Ferry in J. Ecology, 82, 699-700, 1994. Considerations of these organisms have generally been done in isolation from each other, a situation this volume attempts to repair. Reviewed are their responses to changes in: environmental conditions (natural and human-induced climatic changes), pollution regimes, habitat status, and agricultural conditions.

Item #d94nov184

Environmental Modeling with GIS, M.F. Goodchild, B.O. Parks, L.T. Steyaert, Eds., 488 pp., 1993, $65 (Oxford Univ.).

Reviewed by C.-C. A. Lai in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 1872, 1874, Oct. 1994. The Geographic Information System alone, or the environmental model alone cannot satisfy the needs of scientific and policy research. This book succeeds in providing a "candid, broad, and well-organized documentation of the findings and status of different branches of the two fields."

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