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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94may232

1994 Report of the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel. Available from Stephen Andersen, Global Change Div. (6205J), U.S. EPA, Washington DC 20460; or Lambert Kuijpers, Tech. Univ. WS 404, POB 513, NL-5600 MB Eindhoven, Neth.

The advisory panel recommends there be only three exemptions to the Jan. 1996 deadline for phasing out ozone-depleting chemicals: metered dose inhalers, critical procedures for the NASA Space Shuttle solid rocket motor, and laboratory and analytical uses. For an extensive summary and discussion see Global Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, May 13.

Item #d94may233

Global Environment Facility: Available at no charge from GEF Administrator, Environ. Dept., World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Washington DC 20433 (tel: 202-473-1053; fax: 202-522-3240).

The Restructured GEF: Questions and Answers, 5 pp., Apr. 1994. A briefing on the new arrangement of the GEF settled in March 1994 (GCCD, Apr. 1994), and how it will affect donor and receiving countries.

The Incremental Cost of Climate Change Mitigation Projects (Working Paper No. 9), D. Ahuja, 24 pp., Apr. 1994. The latest in a series on the topic.

Quarterly Operational Report: May 1994, 43 pp. Provides a comprehensive status report on the GEF work program being implemented by UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank.

Item #d94may234

The Earth's Climate: Natural Variations and Human Influence, W. Karlen, E. Friis-Christensen, B. Dahlstrom, 55 pp., 1994, no charge. Elforsk AB, POB 1704, S-111 87 Stockholm, Swed. (fax: +46 8 723 0665).

Elforsk AB is the Swedish electrical utilities consortium for research. This report reviews current scientific knowledge on the Earth's natural climate and human influences on it.

Item #d94may235

Modelling the Global Climate System (CCD 94-01), 20 pp., 1994, no charge. Clim. Products & Pubs., Atmos. Environ. Serv., Downsview ON M3H 5T4, Can. (416-739-4431).

The first in a series of special Climate Change Digest (CCD) explanatory and overview reports, to be issued as a complement to the regular CCD series on impacts. Gives a nontechnical summary of the state of climate modeling, discussing the question of confidence, how to reduce uncertainties, international cooperation, and the future of modeling.

Item #d94may236

The Energy, Economics and Climate Change Reference Guide, N. Sundt, 24 pp., Apr. 1994, $75 ($85 outside N. America). Cutter Info. Corp., 37 Broadway, Arlington MA 02174 (tel: 800-964-5118 or 617-641-5118; fax: 617-648-1950).

Constitutes the April issue of the monthly, Energy, Econ. & Clim. Change. Contains over 500 relatively easily obtained, recent entries in topics such as international agreements, energy taxes, emissions offsets and externalities.

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