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Item #d94may161

"Radiation and Coral Bleaching" (correspondence), Nature, 368(6473), 697, Apr. 21, 1994.

Item #d94may162

"Skin Cancer and Ultraviolet" (correspondence), Nature, 368(6472), 594, Apr. 14, 1994.

Item #d94may163

Two items from Plant, Cell & Environ., 17(3), Mar. 1994:

"The Importance of the Ratio UV-B/Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) During Leaf Development as Determining Factor of Plant Sensitivity to Increased UV-B Irradiance: Effects on Growth, Gas Exchange and Pigmentation of Bean Plants (Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Label)," G. Deckmyn (Lab. Plant Ecol., Univ. Antwerp UIA, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Wilrijk, Belg.), C. Martens, I. Impens, 295-301.

"The Effects of UV-B Radiation on Loblolly Pine. 3. Interaction with CO2 Enhancement," J.H. Sullivan (Dept. Bot., Univ. Maryland, College Pk. MD 20742), A.H. Teramura, 311-317.

Item #d94may164

"The Effect of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Gene Expression and Pigment Composition in Etiolated and Green Pea leaf Tissue: UV-B-Induced Changes are Gene-Specific and Dependent upon the Developmental Stage," B.R. Jordan (Hortic. Res. Intl., Worthing Rd., Littlehampton, W. Sussex BN17 6LP, UK), P.E. James et al., ibid., 17(1), 45-54, Jan. 1994.

Item #d94may165

"Ultraviolet Light-Induced Free Radical Formation in Skin: An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study," B.A. Jurkiewicz, G.R. Buettner (ESR Facil./68 EMRB, Univ. Iowa, Iowa City IA 52242), Photochem. & Photobiol., 59(1), 1-4, Jan. 1994.

Item #d94may166

"A Theoretical Model of Ultraviolet Light Transmission Through Antarctic Sea Ice," D.K. Perovich (U.S. Army Cold Regions Res. & Eng. Lab., 72 Lyme Rd., Hanover NH 03755), J. Geophys. Res., 98(C12), 22,579-22,587, Dec. 15, 1993. Snow and ice ameliorate the biological impact of enhanced incident UV.

Item #d94may167

"Effect of UV-B Radiation and Humic Substances on Growth and Motility of Gyrodinium aureolum," T. Nielsen, N.G.A. Ekelund (Dept. Plant Physiol, Univ. Lund, Box 7007, S-220 07 Lund, Swed.), Limnol. Oceanog., 38(7), 1570-1575, Nov. 1993.

Item #d94may168

"Penetration of UV-B Radiation in Foliage: Evidence that the Epidermis Behaves as a Non-Uniform Filter," T.A. Day (Dept. Biol., Brooks Hall, W. Virginia Univ., Morgantown WV 26506), G. Martin, T.C. Vogelmann, Plant, Cell & Environ., 16(6), 735-741, Aug. 1993.

Item #d94may169

Two items from Environ. Exper. Bot., 33(3), July 1993:

"Leaf Hairs of Olea europaea Protect Underlying Tissues Against Ultraviolet-B Radiation Damage," G. Karabourniotis, A. Kyparissis, Y. Manetas (Dept. Biol., Univ. Patras, Patras, Greece), 341-345.

"Biological Responses of Two Soybean Cultivars Exposed to Enhanced UVB Radiation," S.J. D'Surney...L.R. Shugart (Environ. Sci. Div., Oak Ridge Natl. Lab., Oak Ridge TN 37831), 347-356.

Item #d94may170

"Cu(II) Sensitizes pBr322 Plasmid DNA to Inactivation by UV-B (280-315 nm)," R.E. Lloyd, R.A. Larson (Inst. Environ. Stud., Univ. Illinois, Urbana IL 61801), Photochem. & Photobiol., 57(6), 1011-1017, June 1993.

Item #d94may171

"Effects of UV Irradiation on a Living Skin Equivalent," D. Nelson, R.J. Gay (Organogenesis Inc., 150 Dan Rd., Camton MA 02121), ibid., 57(5), 830-837, May, 1993.

Item #d94may172

"Potential Errors in the Use of Cellulose Diacetate and Mylar Filters in UV-B Radiation Studies," E.M. Middleton (Lab. Terr. Phys., NASA-Goddard, Greenbelt MD 20771), A.H. Teramura, ibid., 57(4), 744-751, Apr.

Item #d94may173

"Ultraviolet-Induced Photodegradation of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Microsomal and Soluble Protein Tryptophanyl Residues In Vitro," C.R. Caldwell (USDA ARS, Beltsville MD 20705), Plant Physiol., 101(3), 947-953, Mar. 1993.

Item #d94may174

"Protection of the D1 Photosystem II Reaction Center Protein from Degradation in Ultraviolet Radiation Following Adaptation of Brassica napus L. to Growth in Ultraviolet-B," M.I. Wilson, B.M. Greenberg (Dept. Biol., Univ. Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, Can.), Photochem. & Photobiol., 57(3), 556-563, Mar. 1993.

Item #d94may175

"Effect of UV Irradiation on Lethal Infection of Mice with Candida albicans," Y.M. Denkins, M.L. Kripke (Univ. Texas Cancer Center, Houston TX 77030), ibid., 57(2), 266-271, Feb, 1993.

Item #d94may176

"Arabidopsis Flavonoid Mutants are Hypersensitive to UV-B Irradiation," J.Y. Li (Boyce Thompson Inst., Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY 14853), T.M. Oulee et al., Plant Cell, 5(2), 171-179, Feb. 1993.

Item #d94may177

Two items from Physiol. Plantarum, 87(2), Feb. 1993:

"Influence of UV-B Radiation on Developmental Changes, Ethylene, CO2 Flux and Polyamines in CV Doyenne Dhiver Pear Shoots Grown In Vitro," S. Predieri (USDA ARS, Beltsville MD 20705), D.T. Krizek et al., 109-117.

"On the Interaction of UV-B Radiation (280-315 nm) with Water Stress in Crop Plants," T. Balakumar (Dept. Bot., American Coll., Madurai 625002, India), V.H.B. Vincent, K. Paliwal, 217-222.

Item #d94may178

Discussion on "Polyethylene Bags and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation," Science, 259(5094), 534-535, Jan. 22, 1993. (Experimental technique.)

Item #d94may179

"Influence of Ultraviolet-B (UV-B) Radiation on Photosynthetic and Growth Characteristics in Field-Grown Cassava (Manihot exculentum Crantz)," L.H. Ziska (Dept. Bot., Univ. Maryland, College Pk. MD 20742), A.H. Teramura et al., Plant, Cell & Environ., 16(1), 73-79, Jan. 1993.

Item #d94may180

"Chronic Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Growth and Cell Volume of Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Bacillariophyceae)," M.J. Behrenfeld (ASCI Corp., 2111 SE Marine Science Dr., Newport OR 97365), J.T. Hardy, H. Lee, J. Phycol., 28(6), 757-760, Dec. 1992.

Item #d94may181

"Response of Spruce Seedlings to Simultaneous Exposure to Ultraviolet-B Radiation and Cadmium," S.L. Dube (Dept. Plant Physiol., Univ. Lund, Box 7007, S-22007 Lund 7, Swed.), J.F. Bornman, Plant Physiol. & Biochem., 30(6), 761-767, Nov.-Dec. 1992.

Item #d94may182

"Amelioration of UV-B Damage Under High Irradiance. I: Role of Photosynthesis," P. Adamse, S.J. Britz (USDA ARS, Beltsville MD 20705), Photochem. & Photobiol., 56(5), 645-650, May 1992.

Item #d94may183

"Effects of Supplemental UV-B Radiation on Photosynthetic Pigment, Protein and Glutathione Contents in Green Algae," Environ. Exper. Bot., 32(2), 137-143, Apr. 1992.

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