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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94may99

"Sulphur Output and Magma Degassing Budget of Stromboli Volcano," P. Allard (MSIS, Zac de Courcelle, 91196 Gif sur Yvette, France), J. Carbonnelle et al., Nature, 368(6469), 326-330, Mar. 24, 1994.

Item #d94may100

"Seasonal Variation of the Atmospheric Aerosol near the Top of the Marine Boundary Layer over Spitsbergen Related to the Arctic Sulphur Cycle," J. Heintzenberg, C. Leck (Dept. Meteor., Stockholm Univ., S-106 91 Stockholm, Swed.), Tellus, 46B(1), 52-67, Feb. 1994.

Item #d94may101

"BrO as a Sink for Dimethylsulphide in the Marine Atmosphere," R. Toumi (Ctr. Atmos. Sci., Univ. Cambridge, Lensfield Rd., CB2 1EW, UK), Geophys. Res. Lett., 21(2), 117-120, Jan. 15, 1994.

Item #d94may102

"The Influence of Light and Temperature on Carbon-Specific DMS Release by Cultures of Phaeocystis antarctica and Three Antarctic Diatoms," M.E.M. Baumann (Wegener Inst. Polar & Mar. Res., Am Handelshafen 12, D-27515 Bremerhaven, Ger.), F.P. Brandini, R. Staubes, Marine Chem., 45(1/2), 129-136, Jan. 1994. DMS emissions by phytoplankton are temperature dependent.

Item #d94may103

Special section: "Chemical Instrumentation Test and Evaluation (CITE 3)," J. Geophys. Res., 98(D12), Dec. 20, 1993. Includes the following and 16 more papers.

"Operational Overview of the NASA GTE/CITE 3 Airborne Instrument Intercomparisons for Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, Dimethyl Sulfide, and Carbon Disulfide," J.M. Hoell (Atmos. Sci. Div., NASA-Langley, Hampton VA 23665), D.D. Davis et al., 23,291-23,304.

Item #d94may104

"Modelling the Production of Dimethylsulfide During a Phytoplankton Bloom," A. Gabric (Fac. Environ. Sci., Griffith Univ., Nathan, Queensland 4111, Australia), N. Murray et al., ibid., 98(C12), 22,805-22,816, Dec. 15, 1993.

Item #d94may105

Two items from ibid., 98(D11), Nov. 20, 1993:

"Biogenic Sulfur Aerosol in the Arctic Troposphere: 1. Contributions to Total Sulfate," S.-M. Li (Atmos. Environ. Serv., 4905 Dufferin St., Downsview ON M3H 5T4, Can.), L.A. Barrie, 20,613-20,622.

"...2. Trends and Seasonal Variations," S.-M. Li (addr. immed. above), L.A. Barrie, A. Sirois, 20,623-20,631.

Item #d94may106

"Numerical Study of the Oxidation Process of Dimethylsulfide in the Marine Atmosphere," S. Koga (Water Res. Inst., Nagoya Univ., Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-01, Japan), H. Tanaka, J. Atmos. Chem., 17(3), 201-228, Oct. 1993.

Item #d94may107

"Observations of the Atmospheric Sulfur Cycle on SAGA 3," B.J. Huebert (Grad. Sch. Oceanog., Univ. Rhode Island, Narragansett RI 02882), S. Howell et al., J. Geophys. Res., 98(D9), 16,985-16,995, Sep. 20, 1993.

Item #d94may108

"Experimental Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Dimethylsulfide in Water," E.S. Saltzman (Rosenstiel Sch. Mar. & Atmos. Sci., 4600 Rickenbacker Cswy., Miami FL 33149), D.B. King et al., ibid., 98(C9), 16,481-16,486, Sep. 15, 1993.

Item #d94may109

"Seasonal Variation of Methanesulfonic Acid in Precipitation at Amsterdam Island in the Southern Indian Ocean," N. Mihalopoulos (Lab. Mixte CNRS-CEA, Ctr. Faibles Radioact., Av. Terrasse, 91198 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France), J.-P. Putaud, B.C. Nguyen, Atmos. Environ., 27A(13), 2069-2073, Sep. 1993.

Item #d94may110

"Size Distribution of Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) in Areas of the Tropical Northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea," S. Belviso (addr. immed. above), P. Buat-Ménard et al., Marine Chem., 44(1), 55-71, Sep. 1993.

Item #d94may111

"Sulfur Dioxide and Dimethyl Sulfide in the Central Pacific Troposphere," D.C. Thornton (Dept. Chem., Drexel Univ., Philadelphia PA 19104), A.R. Bandy, J. Atmos. Chem., 17(1), 1-13, July 1993.

Item #d94may112

"Emissions of Sulfur Gases from Marine and Freshwater Wetlands of the Florida Everglades: Rates and Extrapolation Using Remote Sensing," M.E. Hines (Inst. Study Earth, Oceans & Space, Univ. New Hampshire, Durham NH 03824), R.E. Pelletier, P.M. Crill, J. Geophys. Res., 98(D5), 8991-8999, May 20, 1993.

Item #d94may113

"Dimethylsulfide Measured in the Western Pacific and the Southern Indian Ocean," S. Koga (Water Res. Inst., Nagoya Univ., Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-01, Japan), H. Tanaka, M. Hayashi, J. Met. Soc. Japan, 71(2), 183-194, Apr. 1993.

Item #d94may114

"Grab Sampling for the Determination of Sulfur Dioxide and Dimethyl Sulfide in Air by Isotope Dilution Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry," B.W. Blomquist (Dept. Chem., Drexel Univ., Philadelphia PA 19104), A.R. Bandy et al., J. Atmos. Chem., 16(1), 23-30, 1993.

Item #d94may115

"Carbon Disulfide in the Estuarine, Coastal, and Oceanic Environments," K.-H. Kim (Dept. Oceanog., Florida St. Univ., Tallahassee FL 32306), M.O. Andreae, Marine Chem., 40, 179-197, Dec. 1992.

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