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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d94jul170

UV-B impacts: Experiments reported in the July 1 issue of Science highlight the shortcomings of current UV research, and may force marine biologists to rethink the way they study the effects of UV-B, as discussed in a commentary on p. 30 of that issue, and in Science News, p. 4, July 2. (See Bothwell article, Prof. Pubs./Gen. Interest/UV-B Impacts.)

Item #d94jul171

Ozone repair scheme: Physics professor Albert Wong has published a paper describing a scheme for removing ozone-destroying chlorine from the atmosphere with negative charges. (See paper in Prof. Pubs./Stratospheric Ozone.) Although covered by the national news media, the idea is being criticized by other scientists. (See Chem. Eng. News, p. 36, May 23; New Scientist, p. 9, May 21; Science, pp. 1401-1402, June 3.)

Item #d94jul172

California drought history: Researchers have found evidence of century-long droughts in California during medieval times. (See papers from Nature, June 16, in Prof. Pubs./Gen. Interest/Climate Change Science.) The finding raises concern over what conditions could induce such an extreme drought in the future. (See New Scientist, p. 10, June 25; feature in Global Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, June 24; The New York Times, pp. C1, C9, July 19.)

Item #d94jul173

SPARC program document: Objectives and scientific issues of the Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate (SPARC) project of the World Climate Research Program have recently been published. This document and twice-yearly newsletters are available from the SPARC Office in France. (See Reports.)

Item #d94jul174

Forest response proposals: The Southern Global Change Program of the U.S. Forest Service is requesting proposals by Oct. 15 for the development and application of a regional forest ecosystem model, which would integrate knowledge of how southern (U.S.) forest ecosystems respond to changes in their environment. Contact the program office at the USDA Southeast Forest Exper. Sta., 1509 Varsity Dr., Raleigh NC 27606 (919-515-3311).

Item #d94jul175

"Not Warming But Cooling," F. Pearce, New Scientist, pp. 37-41, July 9. A feature article summarizing discussion at Dahlem Workshop on Aerosol Forcing of Climate (Berlin, Germany, Apr. 1994), which stressed the different geographical scales of greenhouse warming and cooling by aerosols, and possible future trends.

Item #d94jul176

"Fears Eased About CFC Substitutes' Breakdown," Chem. Eng. News. pp. 7-8, July 4. U.S. Geological Survey scientists have published evidence that eases a nagging worry about the environmental impacts of a breakdown product of common CFC substitutes. (See Visscher paper in Prof. Pubs./Gen. Interest/CFC Replacements.)

Item #d94jul177

The following appear in the June issue of Global Change Newsletter, available from the IGBP Secretariat, Royal Swedish Acad. Sci., Box 50005, S-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden:

"Where Are We and Where Should We Go?" pp. 10-11. Gives the terms of reference and plan for an external evaluation of the operational phase of the IGBP, which began in 1990. The review should be completed by fall of 1995.

"Ecological Complexity and Ecosystem Function: The Effects of Global Change," O.E. Sala, pp. 1-2. Discusses the new focus of the Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) Core Project of IGBP.

"Biosphere-Atmosphere Field Experiment in Amazonia," C. Nobre, pp. 3-4. Describes preparations for a large-scale land surface experiment in Amazonia slated for 1997-1999.

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