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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



(Prices and page numbers may be approximate; contact publisher for details. The publisher is given in parentheses at the end of each citation; addresses when known are listed at the end of this section.)

Item #d94jul144

Global Warming: The Complete Briefing, J. Houghton, 192 pp., 1994, Ј16.99/$25.60 plus postage (Lion).

A guide for the educated non-specialist, by the co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group I, on the science and potential global impacts of climate change, and response strategies. Concludes that extreme weather occurrences will become more severe; that sea level rise could powerfully impact the coastal zone by 2030; that the world's fresh water supply will be jeopardized; and that ecosystems may not be able to adapt adequately. Draws on IPCC studies, but represents the personal views of the author.

Item #d94jul145

Climate Change and the Agenda for Research, T. Hanisch, Ed., 225 pp., July 1994, $45 (Westview).

Eleven contributions assess implications, strengths, and limitations of the Rio convention and consider how best to meet the challenge of global atmospheric pollution. Topics include technology transfer, improving inventories of greenhouse gases, and meeting future energy needs.

Item #d94jul146

Global Change of Planet Earth, 150 pp., Feb. 1994, $29 (OECD).

Presents the input to, and results from discussions of the OECD Megascience Forum, which examined the major scientific and organizational issues on the research and policy agendas. Gives special attention to the role and conditions of international cooperation.

Item #d94jul147

Tales of the Earth: Paroxysms and Perturbations of the Blue Planet, C. Officer, J. Page, 226 pp., 1993, $24 (Oxford).

Presents historical accounts of natural disasters with a scientific background, to show how cataclysms in the Earth's processes have always affected other parts of its system, causing nature to readjust; and how natural phenomena have affected, and have been affected by, humans. Discussion includes global warming; points out how carbon dioxide levels have been higher many times in the past than they are today. Reviewed by C. McDonald in Earth, p. 77, May 1994.

Item #d94jul148

The Climate Change Agenda: An Indian Perspective, A.N. Achanta, Ed., 307 pp., 1993 (TERI); Ј79.50 through NHBS.

Designed to bring to the attention of scientists and policy makers recent work performed at the Tata Energy Research Institute on climate change and related issues from an Indian perspective. The peer reviewed papers cover sources of greenhouse gas emissions, potential impacts, abatement strategies to combat climate change, and questions of political economy as well as positive economics.

Item #d94jul149

Global Warming Science and Policy: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference 1994 (GW5), 1994, $175 (SUPCON).

Includes papers on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics from the latest (Apr. 1994) conference organized by the Global Warming International Center, published in conjunction with its journal World Resoures Review.

Item #d94jul150

Project and Policy Appraisal: Integrating Environment and Economics, 346 pp., May 1994, $40 (OECD).

Provides a detailed description of techniques that can be used to place economic value on death or illness due to pollution, amenity losses, or destruction of natural resources. Through practical examples, applies such techniques as monetary valuation of environmental damage, pricing environmental resources, and discounting.

Item #d94jul151

Managing the Environment: The Role of Economic Instruments, 192 pp., June 1994, $27 (OECD).

Gives a detailed assessment of the use of instruments such as emission taxes and tradable emissions permits in OECD countries, analyzing their implementaion and international dimensions.

Item #d94jul152

Responding to Global Warming: An Integrated Long-Term Strategy, P. Read, 256 pp. (Zed Books); Ј36.95 through NHBS.

Item #d94jul153

UN Report of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, 1993 (U.N. Pubs.); $44.50 through NHBS.

In three volumes totaling 812 pages. Contains the complete, official record of the Conference proceedings, including the declarations, non-legally binding statements, opening and closing speeches, and all statements made during the Earth Summit.

Item #d94jul154

The Ecology of Commerce, P. Hawken, 250 pp., 1994, Ј16.99 (Harper Business).

Proposes three major approaches to integrating our needs and wants, as served by business, with the carrying capacity of the Earth: (1) shifting from fossil to renewable fuels; (2) reforming the tax structure to reflect the true costs of production; (3) practicing "industrial ecology." Reviewed by S. Robinson in New Scientist, p. 46, June 11.

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