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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999




Item #d94feb117

Personal Travel and the Greenhouse Effect, P. Hughes, 208 pp., Dec. 1993, £14.95/$24.95 (Earthscan/Island Press).

Analyzes the options to limit environmental damage from personal travel, including fuel efficiency, alternative energy sources, different transport modes, and land-use planning.

Item #d94feb118

Protecting the Atmosphere: the Climate Change Convention and Its Context, D. Pitt, S. Nilsson, 160 pp., Nov. 1993, £13.95/$22.50 (Earthscan/Island Press).

A detailed look at the Convention's provisions and the process of diplomacy and legislation involved in developing them.

Item #d94feb119

Climate Change and the World Economy, M. Parry, 176 pp., Nov. 1993, £14.95 (Earthscan/Island Press).

An up-to-date examination of the effects on all major sectors of the world economy.

Item #d94feb120

Effects of Land Use Change on Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations: Southeast Asia as a Case Study, V. Dale, 410 pp., Nov. 1993, $69 (Springer-Verlag).

Uses historical data, socioeconomic analyses, computer modeling and field research to examine the impacts. Focuses on the tropical forests of Asia, but the implications are global.

Item #d94feb121

Macro-Environmental Policy: Principles and Design, G. Huppes, 430 pp., 1993, Dfl.300/$171.50 (Elsevier).

Includes as case studies: global warming, energy taxes, flows of carbon through the economy, and regulation of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Item #d94feb122

International Environmental Law Digest, A.O. Adede, 584 pp., 1993, Dfl.380/$217.25 (Elsevier).

Examines techniques used in 1972-1992 to address problems of environment and development. Includes an overview on multilateral treaties, principles for sustainable development of forests, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Item #d94feb123

Verification 1993: Yearbook on Arms Control and the Environment, J.B. Poole, R. Guthrie, Eds., Sep. 1993, £35. Published by VERTIC (Verification Technol. Info. Ctr.); available from Marston Book Services, Ltd., POB 87, Oxford OX2 0DT, UK (tel: 0865 791155).

Includes sections on the Earth Summit, the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, ozone depletion and the Montreal Protocol.

Item #d94feb124

Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change: Tools for Sustainable Development (25th International Symposium, Apr. 1993, Graz, Austria), 1993, $135. Available from ERIM Conferences, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113 (313-994-1200).

The five themes included environmental measurement and monitoring systems, social science perspectives on human interaction with the biosphere, and strategies for meeting information needs.

Item #d94feb125

Assessing Surprises and Nonlinearities in Greenhouse Warming: Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Workshop, J. Darmstadter, M.A. Toman, Eds., 158 pp., 1993, $25 (RFF).

Six commissioned papers from a 1992 Resources for the Future conference, which examined the issues from both natural science and economic perspectives.

Item #d94feb126

Compass and Gyroscope: Integrating Science and Politics for the Environment, K.N. Lee, 243 pp., 1993, $24.95/£18.95 (Earthscan/Island Press).

Sustainable development can only proceed alongside justice and democratic freedom for all species. "Civic science" and negotiated participation are the tools by which the common good can be approached. Extensive review by T. O'Riordan in Nature, pp. 793-794, Oct. 28, 1993.

Item #d94feb127

World Without End: Economics, Environment, and Sustainable Development, D.W. Pearce, J.J. Warford, 456 pp., 1993, $39.95; 48-page summary $6.95. Published for the World Bank by Oxford.

Describes practical approaches for maintaining economic growth while safeguarding natural resources, at the national and international levels. Discussion includes economics and market instruments, population growth, income distribution, property rights and international agreements. The book version provides comprehensive technical information.

Item #d94feb128

Two books available for CAN$36.95/US$48.05 from (in Canada) Can. Communication Group, Ottawa ON K1A 0S9 (819-956-4802); or (elsewhere) Intl. Specialized Book Services, 5602 Hassalo St. NE, Portland OR 97213 (503-287-3039).

Ozone Layer Dictionary. Contains 1,000 concepts and 3,000 terms in both English and French.

Vocabulary of Global Warming, Volume 1: Contributors to the Greenhouse Effect.

Item #d94feb129

Ethics and Climate Change, H. Coward, T. Hurka, Eds., 199 pp., 1993, $29.95 (Laurier).

An analysis of possible responses to the problem of weighing competing interests, with contributions from an interdisciplinary team.

Item #d94feb130

Ethical Choices and Global Greenhouse Warming, L. Dotto, 78 pp., 1993, $12.95 (Laurier).

An overview for policy makers, students and the general public on the role of ethics in decision making.

Item #d94feb131

Proceedings of the Air & Waste Management Association's 1993 Annual Meeting. Each of the 16 volumes can be purchased separately or as a complete set ($1200 members/$1850 other). Of particular interest are Vol. 7: General Emission Topics ($50/$75); Vol. 9: Global Subjects ($50/$75), Vol. 12: Policy, Regulation, Insurance and Auditing ($50/$75), and Vol. 14: Pollution Prevention ($75/$120).

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