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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999




Item #d94apr118

Energy for Tomorrow's World: The Realities, the Real Options and the Agenda for Achievement, 320 pp., Oct. 1993, $80. Published for the World Energy Council by St. Martin's Press (New York) and Kogan Page (London).

Summarizes a four-year, $5 million study by the World Energy Council, with contributions from over 500 energy and environmental experts in 100 nations. Includes consensus recommendations supported by developing and industrialized nations, environmentalists and energy producers. Consists of a global assessment plus nine regional reports.

Item #d94apr119

A New Power Base: Renewable Energy Policies for the Nineties and Beyond, K.L. Kozloff, R.C. Dower, 196 pp., Dec. 1993, $24.95 + $3 shipping (WRI). (See GCCD, Reports, Dec. 1993.)

Item #d94apr120

Renewable Energy: Prospects for Implementation, T. Jackson, Ed., 272 pp., 1994, 100 SEK/$14/Ј10/DM23 (SEI). Topics include technologies, feasibility and system integration, developing countries, and strategies for implementation.

Item #d94apr121

Making National Energy Policy, H.H. Landsberg, Ed., 151 pp., 1993, $22.50 (RFF).

Addresses difficulties in establishing policy in the U.S. Congress, energy security, the relationship between energy and environmental policies, regional conflict, and deregulation of electric power production.

Item #d94apr122

Proceedings: Strategic Benefits of Biomass and Waste Fuels (EPRI TR-103146), Electric Power Res. Inst., 464 pp., Dec. 1993, $200 for EPRI members (EPRI).

Papers from the March 30-April 1, 1993 conference on resource assessment, advanced biomass power projects, power generation experience with biomass and wood residues, and other topics.

Item #d94apr123

The Future of Energy Gases, D.G. Howell, K. Wiese, M. Fanelli et al., Eds., 890 pp., 1993 (USGS).

Based on a USGS workshop (Oct. 1992). Topics include the potential and consequences of natural gas usage, natural gas contribution toward sustainable operation, and hydrogen systems.

Item #d94apr124

Car Trouble, S. Nadis, J.J. MacKenzie, 200 pp., 1993, $12 (Beacon Press for World Resour. Inst.).

Reviews short-term technical options for problems caused by automobiles, and suggests fundamental long-term changes in the way we think about transportation.

Item #d94apr125

The Once and Future Superpower, J.J. Romm, 320 pp., 1992, $23 (Morrow).

Discusses the energy wastefulness of the U.S., and the necessity of realistic pricing to encourage conservation. Reviewed by N. Myers, Environ. Conserv., p. 284, Autumn 1993.

Item #d94apr126

Energy and Environment: The Policy Challenge, 300 pp., 1992, $21.95 (Transaction). Focuses on interconnections between energy use and issues such as ozone depletion and global warming.

Item #d94apr127

World Energy Production: 1800-1985, B. Etemad, J. Luciani, 272 pp., 1991 (Librairie Droz., Geneva, Switz.).

Presents data on coal, lignite, natural gas, crude oil, electricity, hydroelectric power, geothermal, nuclear, and peat for 1946-1985, and gives decadal data, going back to 1800 when possible. Reviewed by R.L. Golden, Energy J., pp. 249-250, July 1993.

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