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Item #d94apr64

"Direct Anthropogenic Contributions to Sea Level Rise in the Twentieth Century," D.L. Sahaglan (Dept. Geol. Sci., Ohio State Univ., Columbus OH 43210), F.W. Schwartz, D.K. Jacobs, Nature, 367(6458), 54-57, Jan. 6, 1994. (See GCCD, Feb. 1994)

Estimates that groundwater withdrawal, water diversion and land-use changes caused at least one-third of sea level rise in this century, suggesting that climate-related effects are smaller than previously assumed.

Item #d94apr65

"Sea Level Rise at Key West, Florida, 1846-1992: America's Longest Instrument Record?" G.A. Maul (NOAA, 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami FL 33149), D.M. Martin, Geophys. Res. Lett., 20(18), 1955-1958, Sep. 15, 1993. The average rate of sea level rise at Key West (0.13 cm yr-1) is consistent with IPCC estimates of global sea level rise.

Item #d94apr66

Three items from Global & Planetary Change, 8(3), Aug. 1993:

"Global Sea-Level Changes and Their Measurement," P.A. Pirazzoli (CNRS, 1 Pl. Aristide Briand, 92190 Meudon-Bellevue, France), 135-148. Discusses the reliability and accuracy of a new method that combines data from altimeter satellites with Global Positioning System geodesy data.

"Absolute Sea Level Measurements, Climate Change and Vertical Crustal Movements," T.F. Baker (Proudman Oceanog. Lab., Bidston Observ., Birkenhead, Merseyside L43 7RA, UK), 149-159. Reviews studies on the effect of land movement on relative mean sea level measurements, summarizes recommendations on geodetic fixing of tide gauge bench marks, and discusses measurement errors.

"Estimations of a Global Sea Level Trend: Limitations from the Structure of the PSMSL [Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level] Global Sea Level Data Set," M. Gröger (Inst. Geophys., Christian Albrechts Univ., Olshausenstr. 40-60, D-W-2300 Kiel, Ger.), H.-P. Plag, 161-179. Most studies are based on PSMSL data that are uneven geographically, and that have gaps in number of stations reporting and few long records. Globally averaged values may be useless for detecting climate impacts or validating climate models.

Item #d94apr67

"Global Sea Level Acceleration," B.C. Douglas, J. Geophys. Res., 97(C8), 12,699-12,706, Aug. 15, 1992. (See GCCD, Mar. 1994.)

Item #d94apr68

"Melting of Ice Shelves and the Mass Balance of Antarctica," S.S. Jacobs (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observ., Palisades NY 10964), H.H. Helmer et al., J. Glaciol., 38(130), 375-387, 1992.

Calculated the ice budget based on accumulation minus iceberg breakup, surface runoff, and melting beneath ice shelves. Puts estimates in the context of the IPCC's best estimate of sea level rise.

Specialized Papers

Item #d94apr69

"Maximum Sea Levels for the Last Glacial Period from U-Series Ages of Submerged Speleothems," D.A. Richards (Dept. Geog., Univ. Bristol, Bristol BS8 1SS, UK), P.L. Smart, R.L. Edwards, Nature, 367(6461), 357-360, Jan. 27, 1994.

Item #d94apr70

"Monitoring Changes in Mean-Sea-Level to Millimeters Using GPS," V. Ashkenazi (Inst. Eng. Surveying & Space Geodesy, Univ. Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK), R.M. Bingley et al., Geophys. Res. Lett., 20(18), 1951-1954, Sep. 15, 1993.

Item #d94apr71

"Trends in UK Extreme Sea Levels: A Spatial Approach," M.J. Dixon (Dept. Probabil. & Stat., Univ. Sheffield, Sheffield S3 7RH, UK), J.A. Tawn, Geophys. J. Intl., 111(3), 607-616, Dec. 1992.

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