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Item #d94apr59

"Reduction of Atmospheric Carbon Emissions Through Displacement of Fossil Fuels," J.I. Zerbe (USDA For. Serv., One Gifford Pinchot Dr., Madison WI 53705), World Resour. Rev., 5(4), 414-423, Dec. 1993.

Looks at the magnitude of sequestration in wood products, and the presently overlooked opportunities to reduce fossil fuel consumption through wood utilization.

Item #d94apr60

"Atmospheric Carbon Reduction by Urban Trees," D.J. Nowak (USDA For. Serv., 5801 N. Pulaski Rd., Bldg. C, Chicago IL 60646), J. Environ. Mgmt., 37(3), 207-217, Mar. 1993.

This broad analysis estimates that planting 10 million urban trees annually for the next 10 years will offset <1% of U.S. carbon emissions for that period.

Item #d94apr61

"Aquatic Biomass Resources and Carbon Dioxide Trapping," P. Chelf (Natl. Renewable Energy Lab., 1617 Cole Blvd., Golden CO 80401), L.M. Brown, C.E. Wyman, Biomass & Bioenergy, 4(3), 175-183, 1993.

Microalgal biomass production sequesters several-fold more CO2 per unit area than trees or crops, and its use for flue gas capture doubles the energy produced per unit of CO2 released.

Item #d94apr62

"CO2 Absorption by Russian Forests," R.T. Karaban, A.O. Kokorin et al., Russian Meteorol. & Hydrol., No. 1, 1-8 (Russian edition p. 5 ff.), 1993.

Calculates carbon storage potential for forests of various natural zones and economic regions. Effective large-scale planting depends on use of fertilizers and productive tree species.

Item #d94apr63

"Carbon Storage Potential of Short Rotation Tropical Tree Plantations," P. Schroeder (EPA, 200 SW 35th St., Corvallis OR 97333), For. Ecol. & Mgmt., 50(1-2), July 15, 1992. Analysis shows that rotation length and hence potential to accumulate biomass are key factors in the ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

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