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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93sep106

Energy Efficiency Policies, V. Anderson, 128 pp., June 1993, $52.50 cloth/$14.95 paper (Routledge).

Makes a case for alternative policies that treat the atmosphere as a valuable and finite resource by promoting energy efficiency. Studies energy policies in the OECD and the need to make the transition from a carbon economy to one based on renewable resources. Illustrates some of the economic difficulties of these policies with case studies from the U.S. and U.K.

Item #d93sep107

Coal Information 1992, 1993, 550 FF (OECD). Statistical data on diskette: 2,500 FF.

Prepared by the International Energy Agency. Gives information on current world coal market trends and long-term prospects, and for the first time includes a summary of environmental policies on climate change.

Item #d93sep108

Proceedings: Alternate Energy '93, 1993, $200 nonmembers/$25 member companies (CAF).

Consists of 20 papers on a broad variety of topics such as: outlook for energy supply and demand in the U.S.; global warming mitigation strategies; assumptions in projections of U.S. energy supply and demand; towards a futures contract in CO2 allowances.

Item #d93sep109

Dahlem ES10: Limiting Greenhouse Effects--Controlling Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Konferenzen Dahlem and G.I. Pearman, Eds., 616 pp., 1992, $247.50 (Wiley).

Examines global energy systems to discover the options for reducing CO2 emissions, barriers to their implementation, and how to overcome them.

Item #d93sep110

Burning Questions: Environmental Limits to Energy Growth in Asian-Pacific Countries during the 1990s, K.V. Ramani, P. Hills, G. George, Eds., 376 pp., 1992, $18 (Asia/Pacific Develop. Ctr.).

Item #d93sep111

Emerging Energy Technologies: Impacts and Policy Implications, M. Grubb, J. Walker, 252 pp., 1992, Ј29.50 (Dartmouth Univ.; Roy. Inst. Intl. Aff.).

Item #d93sep112

Energy Efficiency and Human Activity: Past Trends, Future Prospects, L. Schipper, S. Meyers et al., 385 pp., 1992 (Cambridge Univ.).

Assembles and organizes data relating to patterns of the growth of energy consumption in key world regions over the last 20 years, particularly for OECD countries. Over half the book deals with historical trends. Reviewed by J. Darmstadter in The Energy J., pp. 199-200, Apr. 1993.

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