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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93sep93

Who Is Who in Service to the Earth (2nd ed.), H.J. Keller, Ed., 361 pp., $30. This and the following entry are available from VisonLink Educ. Foundation, 130 Biodome Dr., Waynesville NC 28786 (704-926-2200), and from Together Foundation, POB 4247, Burlington VT 05406 (802-863-2726).

This edition contains 5,000 new listings and is cross referenced by country (a new section), organizations, projects, people and keywords. The United States is further broken down by state.

Who Is Who at the Earth Summit, 481 pp., 1992, $30.

A directory of over 20,000 registered participants that also gives 118 heads of state, 1,420 non-governmental organizations, 9,000 accredited press members, and nearly 10,000 registered global forum attendants. Also reprints the texts of welcoming statements and vision statements.

Item #d93sep94

Facing the Future--Beyond the Earth Summit, J. Holmberg, K. Thomson, L. Timberlake, 40 pp., Jan. 1993, £4.95 (Earthscan).

Prepared by the International Institute for Environmental Development, an independent non-governmental organization. A concise, illustrated guide to the outcomes and consequences of the Earth Summit, and what might have been achieved.

Item #d93sep95

The Earth Summit on CD-ROM, $495 (U.N. Pubs.). Designed for Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher and Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.0 or higher.

A full-text data base in English, French and Spanish, with one of the finest multilingual interfaces currently available. Contains preparatory conference papers, full and excerpted national and regional environmental reports, research papers, lists of participants and non-governmental organizations, Earth Summit official statements, an interpretive book (The Global Partnership), and Agenda 21 (the action plan).

Item #d93sep96

Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet, D. Sitarz, 1993, $24.95 (EarthPress).

Simplifies the legal and technical jargon of the original 900-page volume that covers the Earth Summit's central agreement. Presents ways to achieve sustainable economic growth, improved human health and energy efficiency; outlines the roles of individuals and industry; examines financing measures and bridging the data gap.

Item #d93sep97

The Earth Summit's Agenda for Change: A Plain-Language Version of Agenda 21 and the Other Rio Agreements, M. Keating, 1993 (Ctr. for Our Common Future).

Designed for quick reference to Agenda 21 and other documents on climate, biodiversity and forest.

Item #d93sep98

Global Accord: Environmental Challenges and International Responses (Global Environ. Accord Ser.), N. Choucri, Ed., 688 pp., June 1993, $50 (MIT).

In 15 essays, provides a holistic, analytical framework for examining how individuals, groups and nations create environmental dislocations and how nations can work together to solve ecological problems that cross their borders. Develops an integrated approach to interactions between environmental and social systems and between ecological and decision systems; highlights the importance of recognizing differences in perspectives and priorities among nations. Concludes with an integrated perspective and imperatives for the 21st century.

Item #d93sep99

Institutions for the Earth: Sources of Effective International Environmental Protection, P.M. Haas, R.O. Keohane, M.A. Levy, Eds., 340 pp., May 1993, $37.50 cloth/$17.95 paper (MIT).

Since 1972, the proliferation of international environmental institutions has resulted in over 60 multilateral environmental treaties. This book examines the effectiveness of institutions in addressing environmental problems and the factors influencing organized responses to seven environmental problems including acid rain in Europe, stratospheric ozone depletion and overpopulation. These issues must be addressed holistically, rather than incrementally.

Item #d93sep100

Greening International Law, P. Sands, Ed., 240 pp., Sep. 1993, £14.95 (Earthscan).

An international group of lawyers assesses the extent to which the law and legal institutions have been "greened" and discusses necessary institutional adaptations for dealing effectively with emerging issues. Written to be accessible to non-legal professionals.

Item #d93sep101

Green Globe Yearbook--of International Cooperation on Environment and Development--1993, H.O. Bergesen, G. Parmann, Eds., 471 pp., June 1993, $49.95 (Oxford).

Produced by the Fridtjof Nansen Inst., Norway. Contains eight articles primarily on the Earth Summit; the highlights and requirements of numerous international agreements, dating from 1946; and descriptions of intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

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