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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93sep76

Blueprint 3: Measuring Sustainable Development, D. Pearce et al., Eds., 176 pp., Oct. 1993, £9.95 (Earthscan).

Continues the work of Blueprint for a Green Economy, focusing on the U.K. and showing how to determine whether the conditions for sustainable development have been met. Describes the institutions and market arrangements needed to achieve sustainable development. Blueprint 4: Sustaining the Earth, is expected in Feb. 1994.

Item #d93sep77

Transportation and Global Climate Change, D.L. Greene, D.J. Santini, Eds., 383 pp., 1993, $28 (ACEEE).

Based on the Asilomar Conference on Transportation and Global Climate Change. Looks at long-term strategies that focus on growing global demand, energy efficiency, and alternatives to carbon energy sources.

Item #d93sep78

Threats without Enemies--Facing Environmental Insecurity, G. Prins, Ed., 224 pp., July 1993, £12.95 (Earthscan).

A collection of essays by experts, who describe the new threats and the scale of dangers, and the political, military and institutional changes needed to cope.

Item #d93sep79

Annual Review of Energy and the Environment, Vol. 18, R.H. Socolow, Ed., Oct. 1993, $68/$73 outside U.S. (Annual Rev.). Annual Reviews now supplies reprints of back articles, preprints of forthcoming articles, and articles cites in any Annual Review article. Base price: $13.50 per article.

Contains 22 reviews on topics including: measuring energy savings from demand side management; combustion generated N2O; energy efficiency and economics; impact of economic policy on energy and environment in developing countries; costs of limiting fossil-fuel CO2 emissions; public response to anthropogenic climate change compared to other environmental problems; the energy and environmental challenge for the Baltics; Japanese policy on energy and environment.

Item #d93sep80

Apocalypse Not: Science, Economics and Environmentalism, B. Bolch, H. Lyons, 140 pp., May 1993, $19.95 cloth/$10.95 paper (Cato).

Refutes the predicted cataclysms associated with population growth and resources, chemicals and insecticides, radon, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain and nuclear power generation.

Item #d93sep81

Eco-Scam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse, R. Bailey, Mar. 1993, $19.95 (Cato).

Holds environmental alarmists accountable for faulty analyses, inaccurate predictions, heedless politicization of science, opportunism, and courtship of the media. Issues addressed include global warming and the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, overpopulation, limits to growth.

Item #d93sep82

Agricultural Dimensions of Global Climate Change, H.M. Kaiser, T.E. Drennen, Eds., 200 pp., June 1993, $55 pre-publication (St. Lucie).

Using a multidisciplinary view, examines the contribution of agriculture to greenhouse gas emissions, and investigates whether monitoring and verification of these emissions would work. Also looks at global food availability, distributional effects between developing and developed countries, agricultural adaptation, effects of CO2 enrichment on agriculture.

Item #d93sep83

Vital Signs 1993: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future, L.R. Brown, C. Flavin, H. Kane, 1993, $19.95 cloth/$10.95 paper/$89 diskette (Worldwatch). Published in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German and Italian.

Examples of the hard-to-find data presented are: how CFC production was cut in half in four years; why fertilizer use has dropped; and trends in population growth, coal use, carbon efficiency, grain harvests.

Item #d93sep84

Between Earth and Sky: How CFCs Changed Our World and Endangered the Ozone Layer, S. Cagin, P. Dray, 430 pp., 1993, $30 (Pantheon).

Traces the history of CFC use, the debate over its restriction, and how the acceptance of the global threat led to the Montreal Protocol and other restrictions.

Item #d93sep85

Counting the Cost of Global Warming, J. Broome, 1992, $50/£25.95 cloth/$19.95/£9.95 paper (U.K.: White Horse; U.S.: Paul & Co.).

Surveys how economists and philosophers have tackled the question of our responsibility to future generations, especially regarding the economic and ethical issues raised by the threat of global warming. Conclusions relate especially to the extent to which we are entitled to "discount" the long-term future.

Item #d93sep86

Global Warming: The Rest of the Story, G.R. Weber, 188 pp., 1992, $9.95 (Boettiger Verlags GmbH).

Examines the validity of climate models and suggests options for controlling global warming.

Item #d93sep87

Monitoring the Environment, B. Cartledge, Ed., 224 pp., 1992, $12.80 (Oxford).

A collection of articles from The Linacre Lectures 1990-91 that includes a geopolitical view of the environment; implications of climate change; monitoring the ocean; the natural world as global casino.

Item #d93sep88

Global Climate Change: Implications, Challenges and Mitigation Measures, S.K. Majumdar et al., Eds., 566 pp., 1992, $50 (Pennsylvania Acad. Sci.).

Presents articles by advocates and skeptics, about 65% of which cover impacts; the remainder address mitigation and policy.

Item #d93sep89

1993 Briefing Book on Environmental and Energy Legislation, approx. 200 pp., 1993, $30 reduced from $65 (EESI).

Prepared annually to assist members of Congress by the Environmental and Energy Study Conference, a bipartisan Congressional legislative service organization. Major subjects include, acid rain, energy conservation and energy efficiency, Energy Policy Act, forests, global environment, greenhouse effect, and ozone depletion. For each topic, issue papers and summaries of proposed and existing legislation are given.

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