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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
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Item #d93mar19

Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. Lond. B (Biolog. Sci.), 338(1285), Nov. 30, 1992, contains an interdisciplinary collection of papers from a discussion held May 1992, edited by D.J. Drewry, R.M. Laws and J.A. Pyle. (Pub. by The Royal Soc., 6 Carlton House Terr., London SW1Y 5AG, UK.)

"Antarctica and the Detection of Environmental Change," G. Weller (Geophys. Inst., Univ. Alaska, Fairbanks AK 99775), 201-208.

"The Response of Antarctic Climate in General Circulation Model Experiments with Transiently Increasing Carbon Dioxide Concentrations," H. Cattle (Hadley Ctr. Clim. Pred., London Rd., Bracknell RG12 2SY, UK), 209-218.

"Ozone Loss in Antarctica: The Implications for Global Change," J.A. Pyle (Dept. Chem., Univ. Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 1EW, UK), G. Carver et al., 219-226.

"The Ice Core Record: Past Archive of the Climate and Signpost to the Future," C. Lorius (Lab. Glac. & Geophys. l'Environ., BP 96, F-38402 St.-Martin-d'Heres Cedex, France), 227-234.

"The Response of Large Ice Sheets to Climatic Change," D.J. Drewry (Brit. Antarctic Surv., High Cross, Madingly Rd., Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK), 235-242.

"Southern Ocean Sea-Ice Distributions and Extents," C.L. Parkinson (Code 971, NASA-Goddard, Greenbelt MD 20771), 243-250.

"The Distribution of Kinetic Energy in the Southern Ocean: A Comparison between Observations and an Eddy Resolving General Circulation Model," D.P. Stevens (Sch. Math., Univ. E. Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK), P.D. Killworth, 251-257.

"The Sedimentary Record of Antarctic Climate Change," P.F. Barker (Brit. Antarctic Surv., High Cross, Madingley Rd., Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK), 259-267.

"Rock Weathering, Soil Development and Colonization under a Changing Climate," K.J. Hall (Dept. Geog., Univ. Natal, POB 375, Pietermaritzburg 3200, S. Africa), 269-277.

"Responses of Terrestrial Plants and Invertebrates to Environmental Change at High Latitudes," T.V. Callaghan (Merlewood Res. Sta., Grange Sands LA11 6JU, UK), M. Sonesson, L. Somme, 279-288.

"Antarctic Marine Primary Production, Biogeochemical Carbon Cycles and Climatic Change," J. Priddle (Brit. Antarctic Surv., High Cross, Madingley Rd., Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK), V. Smetacek, U. Bathmann, 289-297.

"The Southern Ocean Benthic Fauna and Climate Change: A Historical Perspective," A. Clarke (addr. immed. above), 299-309.

"Managing Southern Ocean Krill and Fish Stocks in a Changing Environment," I. Everson (addr. immed. above), 311-317.

"Southern Ocean Environmental Changes: Effects on Seabird, Seal and Whale Populations," J.P. Croxall (addr. immed. above), 319-328.

"Antarctica and Environmental Change: Closing Remarks," R.M. Laws (St. Edmund's Coll., Cambridge CB3 0BN, UK), 329-334.

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