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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
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Item #d93jun73

Evaluation of the Technical Emphasis, Policy Relevance and Management Performance of the Dutch National Research Program [NRP] on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change, 70 pp., Oct. 1992. Exec. Summary, 14 pp. By Science and Policy Associates (Washington, D.C.) and Holland Consulting Group (Amsterdam). For copies contact the NRP at POB 1, 3720 BA Bilthoven, Neth. (fax: +31 30 251932).

Reviewed progress on Phase 1 of the program (1990-1994), and made recommendations for the second phase (beyond 1994). The program has national and international significance and has sufficient momentum to make major advances in science relevant to the needs of policy makers. However, management should be improved; the program's central concept of "integration" is not uniformly understood by all participants. In the second phase, funding should be used exclusively for projects directly relevant to the program's policy-oriented mission, and more emphasis placed on synthesis and integration of results, the analysis of response options, and communication of results.

Item #d93jun74

Position Statement and Recommendations on the U.S. National Action Plan for Global Climate Change, Global Climate Coalition (GCC), 50 pp., Mar. 1993, no charge. GCC, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, S. 1500--N. Tower, Washington DC 20004.

This report refers to the original National Action Plan released in December, not the revised version sought by President Clinton by August 1993 . The Coalition's preliminary comments on the Clinton strategy appear in the June issue of the its monthly bulletin Climate Watch, availableat no charge.

The GCC, a group of business trade associations and private companies, urges first an economic analysis of the impact of the proposed actions on economic growth, jobs, and international trade and competitiveness. It strongly supports the plan's rejection of rigid targets and timetables for meeting objectives of the climate treaty, and recommends that the plan identify national circumstances that may differ from those of other developed countries, such as different transportation and housing situations. The plans proposed for technology cooperation can be strengthened through better coordination of federal agency programs, and implementation of a Technology Cooperation Corps, patterned after the Peace Corps, that would supply U.S. expertise to developing countries. Other comments concern the need for flexibility in the plan, expansion of carbon sinks, and the status of global change science.

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