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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Contact the OECD Economics Dept. (2, rue André-Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France) for copies of the following. (Numbers 110, 111 and 112 were listed in the Oct. 1992 GCCD by title only.) Reports were written by OECD staff unless otherwise indicated.

Energy Taxation and Price Distortions in Fossil Fuel Markets: Some Implications for Climate Change Policy (No. 110), P. Hoeller, J. Coppel, 35 pp., 1992. Examines the relationship between energy prices and carbon emissions, and uses an energy demand system model to simulate tax proposals such as that being considered by the EC.

Global 2100: Alternative Scenarios for Reducing Carbon Emissions (No. 111), A.S. Manne (Stanford Univ.), 28 pp., 1992. Projects CO2 emissions through the next century, and analyzes carbon taxes and output costs for reducing emissions.

The Welfare Effects of Fossil Carbon Restrictions: Results from a Recursively Dynamic Trade Model (No. 112), T. Rutherford (Univ. Western Ontario), 30 pp., 1992. Compares results from six global models of a set of standardized reduction scenarios. (See Working Paper Nos. 111, 113, 114, 115, 121.)

Use of the Edmonds-Reilly Model to Model Energy-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions (No. 113), D.W. Barns et al. (Pacific Northwest Lab., Washington, D.C.), J.A. Edmonds, J.M. Reilly, 48 pp., 1992.

Carbon Taxes and CO2 Emissions Targets: Results from the IEA Model (No. 114), E.L. Vouyoukas (Intl. Energy Agency), 34 pp., 1992. A major conclusion is that even moderate CO2 emission cuts would require very high carbon taxes.

The Costs of Reducing CO2 Emissions: Evidence from GREEN (No. 115), J.-M. Burniaux et al., 73 pp., 1992. Examines effects of international agreements under which emission curbs are applied only by the OECD countries, and the possibility that such unilateral action might lead to "carbon leakages." Also examines multilateral and cost-effective agreements and tradable permits.

GREEN: A Multi-Sector, Multi-Region Dynamic General Equilibrium Model for Quantifying the Costs of Curbing CO2 Emissions: A Technical Manual (No. 116), J.-M. Burniaux et al., 113 pp., Apr. 1992. Provides a full technical description of the GeneRal Equilibrium ENvironment model, its data base and parameterization.

The Costs of Reducing CO2 Emissions: A Comparison of Carbon Tax Curves with GREEN (No. 118), J. Oliveira-Martins et al., 1992. Examines regional differences in carbon tax curves through the middle of the next century, and evaluates the welfare and output costs entailed in reducing emissions.

Results for the OECD Comparative Modelling Project from the Whalley-Wigle Model (No. 121), J. Whalley (Univ. Western Ontario), R. Wigle, 33 pp., 1992.

Global Effects of the European Carbon Tax, Dec. 1992. Simulation of the proposed tax shows that it would exceed the targeted reduction in EC CO2 emissions, but would contribute little to world-wide reductions. Welfare losses to developing countries would be small. (See Intl. Environ. Rptr., p. 820, Dec. 16, 1992.)

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