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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93jan51

Climate Change Policy Initiatives, Intl. Energy Agency (OECD), 1992, $37. OECD Pubs., 2001 L St. NW, S-700, Washington DC 20036 (202-785-6323); or OECD, 2, rue André-Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France (tel: 33-1-45-24-82-00); or other OECD outlets.

This is a more formal version of the loose-leaf report previously listed (GCCD, p. 112, July 1992), updated after the Earth Summit. Contains an overview/summary section as well as individual summaries for OECD and other major countries, with information on energy use, CO2 emissions, and factors influencing each country's policies.

Item #d93jan52

National Action Plan for Global Climate Change, 129 pp., Dec. 1992. Available (no charge) from Off. Global Change, OES/EGC Rm. 4329A, U.S. Dept. State, Washington DC 20520 (202-647-4069).

This is the first iteration in a series of regular reports, made in the spirit of moving forward with the implementation phase of the U.N. climate convention. Identifies the types of programs, policies and measures the U.S. is presently taking as a basis for evaluating them and for considering future actions, although no future actions are suggested. Sections cover national circumstances, a greenhouse gas inventory, adaptation and mitigation actions, research programs and international activities.

Item #d93jan53

Global Climate Change and Developing Countries, A. Miller et al. (Ctr. for Global Change, Univ. Maryland), 90 pp., 1992, $8.95. Available from Public Interest Pubs., 3030 Clarendon Blvd., S. 200, Arlington VA 22201 (800-537-9359).

Examines the development of a plan for environmental financial assistance to developing countries and the importance of energy efficiency and technology transfer. Focuses on recently established funding mechanisms for projects on ozone depletion and global warming, with four case studies.

Item #d93jan54

The United States Global Change Research Program: Early Achievements and Future Directions, J.S. Perry, 20 pp., Dec. 1992, no charge. Board on Global Change (HA 594), Nat. Res. Council, 2101 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington DC 20418.

Gives the personal perspectives of the author on the research progress made since the inception of the program in the 1980s. It is important to maintain a broad focus, an ecumenical infrastructure, adequacy of resources, and linkage with policy development.

Item #d93jan55

The State of Canada's Climate: Temperature Change in Canada--1895-1991 (State of the Environ. Rep. 92-2), D.W. Gullet, W.R. Skinner, 36 pp., July 1992. Available in English or French from Can. Climate Ctr., 4905 Dufferin St., Downsview ON M3H 5T4 (416-739-4328).

Carefully illustrated with maps and graphs, the presentation for the nonspecialist shows evidence of significant warming in Canada over the past century that is similar to trends observed globally. These trends are consistent with an enhanced greenhouse effect, but are within the limits of natural variability and cannot be attributed unequivocally to greenhouse warming.

Item #d93jan56

Into the Sunlight: Exposing Methyl Bromide's Threat to the Ozone Layer, L. Cook et al., Nov. 1992. Available from Liz Cook, Friends of the Earth, 218 D St. SE, Washington DC 20003 (202-543-5140).

Released in conjunction with several other environmental groups to support their demand for an immediate 50% cut in production of methyl bromide, and a phase-out over the next five years. Reviews substitutes and presents six case studies showing how farmers and others can avoid the use of this pesticide.

Item #d93jan57

Climate Change on the Great Lakes Basin (Misc. Pub. 141), 45 pp., July 1992. Illinois State Water Survey, 2204 Griffith Dr., Champaign IL 61820 (217-333-2210). Published in conjunction with Can. Climate Ctr.

Consists of five papers presented at a Feb. 1992 symposium of the AAAS annual meeting in Chicago. Topics are: the implications of 20th century climatic variability for future scenarios; effects on water resources; impacts, research priorities and policy issues; responses and policy issues; and a proposed U.S. program to assess climate change in the region.

Item #d93jan58

State of the World 1993, L.R. Brown et al., ca. 250 pp., Jan. 1993. Worldwatch Inst., 1776 Mass. Ave. NW, Washington DC 20036 (202-452-1999); $19.95 hbk./$10.95 pbk.; volume discounts available.

This year's report includes a chapter on providing energy in developing countries, and information on world energy use and projected annual U.S. economic losses from global warming with a doubling of greenhouse gases.

Item #d93jan59

Available from Verification Technol. Info. Ctr. (VERTIC), 8 John Adam St., London WC2N 6EZ (tel: 071-925-0867; fax: 071-925-0861):

Verification Report 1992--Yearbook on Arms Control and Environmental Agreements, £4 (Europe), £3.50 (UK & elsewhere by surface mail). Includes information on the Climate Change Convention and two other environmental agreements--negotiations, documents, and means of monitoring and verification.

Verifying the Climate Convention, J. Lanchbery, Nov. 1992. Briefing document prepared for the Dec. 1992 meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee in Geneva, on approaches for monitoring and ways to simplify emission accounting.

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