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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93jan97

The Nature and Causes of Climate Change--Assessing the Long-Term Future, C. Goodess, J.P. Palutikof, T. Davies, 272 pp., July 1992, £39.50 (Belhaven).

A state-of-the-art, scientifically rigorous review of how climate changes over various time scales, emphasizing greenhouse forcing but not neglecting orbital forcing and ocean-atmosphere effects. Examines natural and human factors in greenhouse forcing, sea level change, climate reconstructions and modeling of future climate.

Item #d93jan98

Trace Gases and the Biosphere, B. Moore III, D. Schimel, Eds., 236 pp., 1992, no charge, pbk. (UCAR).

Background papers constituting a multidisciplinary tutorial of the state of the art and of principal gaps in knowledge of the subject. Summarizes the general themes that emerged from a recent UCAR Global Change Institute.

Item #d93jan99

Physical Processes in Atmospheric Models, D.R. Sikka, S.S. Singh, Eds., 586 pp., 1992 (Wiley Eastern Ltd.). Inquire for price.

A collection of 35 papers by Indian and U.S. scientists from the Aug. 1990 seminar, Parameterization of Sub-grid Scale Processes in Dynamical Models of Medium Range Prediction and Global Climate (Pune, India).

Item #d93jan100

TERRA-1: Understanding the Terrestrial Environment. The Role of Earth Observations from Space, P.M. Mather, Ed., 251 pp., 1992, $99 (Taylor & Francis).

Proceedings from the TERRA-1 conference that brought together scientists studying the land surface, form and features of the Earth, with remote sensing specialists. Sessions addressed earth and atmospheric science, sensor systems for global monitoring, and automated information extraction.

Item #d93jan101

Primary Productivity of Grass Ecosystems of the Tropics and Subtropics, S.P. Long, M.B. Jones, M.J. Roberts, 1992 (Chapman & Hall for UNEP). The culmination of research conducted for UNEP in many tropical and subtropical countries, coordinated through King's College and the University of Essex. Provides extensive new data on the role of grasslands as sources and sinks of carbon.

Item #d93jan102

Geomorphic Responses to Climate Change, W.B. Bull, 326 pp., 1992, £45/$59.95 (Oxford Univ.).

Reviewed by A.S. Goudie in Nature, p. 382, July 30, 1992, who speculates that this book may become one of the few classics in the literature of geomorphology that are based on individual research. The author examines impacts on fluvial systems over the past 20,000 to 40,000 years in Egypt, Israel, the western U.S. and New Zealand, concluding that changes in landscape "provide insight into future impacts of natural or human-induced climate change on storm patterns, flood frequency, landslides, stability of valley floors and agricultural productivity."

Item #d93jan103

Proceedings of the [13th] NIPR [National Inst. Polar Res.] Symposium on Polar Meteorology and Glaciology [July 1990, Tokyo], S. Kawaguchi, Ed.-in-Chief, 195 pp., Feb. 1992 (NIPR).

Contains 19 papers and 15 abstracts on a wide variety of topics relating to the Antarctic Climate Research Project, East Queen Maud Glaciological Project and the Middle Atmospheric Program of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Reported are measurements of atmospheric CH4 and CO2 concentrations, and of cloud-radiative forcing over snow-covered surface.

Item #d93jan104

Hydrology of Natural and Manmade Lakes (IAHS Pub. 106), G. Schiller, R. Lemmelä, M. Spreafico, Eds., 286 pp., 1991, $50 (IAHS).

Contains 29 papers on long-term changes, lakes under stress, management problems, and modeling, from a symposium (Aug. 1991, Vienna). Long-term changes concerning the water balance of lakes can be an important indicator of changing environmental conditions, and can play an important role in the discussion of world-wide climate changes.

Item #d93jan105

Glaciers-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions (IAHS Pub. 208), V.M. Kotlyakov, A. Ushakov, A. Glazovsky, Eds., 550 pp., 1991, $60 (IAHS).

Contains papers from a symposium (Sep. 1990, St. Petersburg, Russia) on, for example, ice cores as indicators of global changes; sea ice in the global interaction system; ice cores and ice chemistry; glaciation and the global sea level.

Item #d93jan106

Solar-Terrestrial Variability and Global Change, W. Schröder, J.-P. Legrand, Eds., 244 pp., 1991 (IAGA). Inquire for price. Contains selected papers from a symposium held during the IUGG-IAGA Assembly (Aug. 1991, Vienna).

Item #d93jan107

Report of the Earth Observation User Consultation Meeting (ESA-SP-1143), C. Barron (Eur. Space Agency, Paris), B. Battrick, 288 pp., $35, 1991 (NTIS: N92-22826/1). Proceedings of the meeting (May 1991, Noordwijk, Neth.) held in conjunction with NASA, including reports from working groups and papers on such topics as ice and land-surface processes, land transformation and use, atmospheric chemistry, radiation balance, precipitation, and environmental monitoring.

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