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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93jan72

International Environmental Negotiation: Insights for Practice, G. Sjöstedt, Ed., 360 pp., 1992, $45 (IIASA).

Highlights results of a two-year analysis, conducted by a team of diplomats, international civil servants and scholars, of eight major negotiations including those on ozone depletion and global warming or with relevant lessons.

Item #d93jan73

Working with Congress: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers, W.G. Wells Jr., 148 pp., Dec. 1992, $12.95 (AAAS).

Identifies 17 cardinal rules for working with Congress to demystify how Congress operates and to enable scientists to more effectively approach Congress and participate in policy making, including preparing and presenting hearing testimony.

Item #d93jan74

Greenhouse Earth, A. Nilsson, 219 pp., June 1992, $21.50/£9.95 (John Wiley).

Written for the nonscientist at the request of the UN Environment Program and the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment. Puts together information from SCOPE, IPCC and other sources to provide a picture of the different factors that scientists consider in developing scenarios of the future. Covers a broad range of technical and policy-related topics.

Item #d93jan75

Human Impacts on Weather and Climate (Geophys. Sci. Ser. Vol. 2), W.R. Cotton, R.A. Pielke, 228 pp., $39.95 pbk. (ASTeR Press).

A nonmathematical presentation intended for upper-division undergraduate courses or graduate courses (with supplementation), as well as for nonatmospheric scientists and professional and amateur meteorologists. In addition to scientific topics, covers the importance of natural variability, the dangers of overselling, the capricious administration of science and technology, and whether society should wait for hard evidence.

Item #d93jan76

Sound and Fury: The Science and Politics of Global Warming, P.J. Michaels, 196 pp., Oct. 1992, $21.95 hbk./$11.95 pbk. (Cato Inst.).

An environmental scientist asserts that the popular vision of an approaching apocalypse caused by global warming has no scientific foundation. Criticizes "science by press release" and congressional testimony that has not been properly peer-reviewed. Among the findings: there is no consensus among scientists on the question; the slight warming over the last century has been far less than the prophets of the apocalypse would expect.

Item #d93jan77

Global Climate Change--A Petroleum Industry Perspective, B.P. Flannery, R. Clarke, Eds., 268 pp., 1991 (IPIECA).

The proceedings from the IPIECA Symposium on Global Climate Change, held April 1992 in Rome prior to the Earth Summit. Provided a forum for a diverse group of experts to present their views on the scientific and technical basis for global climate change, policy options and implementation requirements, social and economic aspects of changes in energy use, and assessments of social and economic consequences of climate change and climate change policy options.

Item #d93jan78

The 1993 Information Please Environmental Almanac, compiled by World Resour. Inst. (A. Hammond, Ed.-in-Chief), 656 pp., Nov. 1992, $10.95 pbk./$21.95 hbk. (Houghton).

Organized like the first (1992) edition (GCCD, p. 24, Feb. 1992), with major sections covering topics of interest on local, national and global levels. An introductory section examines the state of the planet in light of the Earth Summit, and the global section covers ozone depletion and greenhouse warming. Includes state-by-state energy conservation "report cards."

Item #d93jan79

Proceedings of the Air & Waste Management Association's 1992 Annual Meeting and Exhibition (AWMA, attn. Debbie Fair). Each of the 17 volumes can be purchased separately ($70/$45 members), or as a complete set ($1,800/$1,250). International Environmental Progress and Global Issues, approx. 300 pp., includes 25 papers.

Item #d93jan80

The Proceedings from the 9th World Clean Air Congress (Aug. 30-Sep. 4, 1992, Montreal), 1991, $300/$225 members (7-vol. set), $60/$40 members (individual volumes) (AWMA). These are among the volume titles: Atmospheric Chemistry (Vol. 2; 51 papers); Atmospheric Measurement (Vol. 3; 41 papers); Air Pollution Control (Vol. 4; 83 papers); International Environmental Management (Vol. 7; 53 papers).

Item #d93jan81

Dictionary of Global Climate Change, W.J. Maunder, 240 pp., 1992 (Chapman & Hall).

Compiled under the auspices of the Stockholm Environmental Institute and an outgrowth of The Climate Change Lexicon. Includes definitions of scientific and technical terms and concepts, and acronyms and abbreviations. Many entries are encyclopedic in nature, giving the origins and status of organizations and programs, explaining research methods, summarizing findings of major conferences, etc.

Item #d93jan82

Proceedings of the International Conference on an Agenda of Science for Environment and Development into the 21st Century (ASCEND 21), 1992 (Cambridge).

Convened Nov. 1991, Vienna, Austria, by the International Council of Scientific Unions. Specific recommendations from ASCEND 21 include intensified research into natural and anthropogenic forces affecting global change, greater support for global environment research, and greater emphasis on research at local and regional scales.

Item #d93jan83

Agenda 21 and the UNCED Proceedings, N.A. Robinson, Ed., with P. Hassan, F. Burhenne-Guilmin, 1992. A four-volume set; $75 per volume (Oceana). Two additional volumes are planned.

Vol. 1 covers UNCED deliberations, General Assembly Resolution 44/228, the Earth Charter, sections of the draft Agenda 21. Vol. 2 completes Agenda 21 and includes background papers on treaties. Vol. 3 continues background papers and contains final preconference documents and other items. Vol. 4 contains the full text of Agenda 21 with annotations on its negotiations, and selected related documents.

Item #d93jan84

Ocean Management in Global Change, P. Fabbri, Ed., 622 pp., 1992, $300/£150 (Elsevier).

Proceedings of the conference (June 22-26, 1992, Genoa, Italy). Topics include sea level rise and its implication in coastal planning and its impacts on coral reefs and islands; impacts of ocean circulation on regional and global change; remote sensing.

Item #d93jan85

Controlling Tropical Deforestation, A. Grainger, 208 pp., Nov. 1992, £11.95 pbk. (Earthscan).

According to the publisher, presents a new, comprehensive analysis of how deforestation can be brought under control and rainforest management made sustainable. Embraces actions in agriculture, forestry and conservation, and outlines alterations in government policies that could address the underlying causes.

Item #d93jan86

The Earthscan Reader in Tropical Forestry, S. Reitbergen, Ed., 350 pp., Dec. 1992, £18.95 pbk. (Earthscan).

Sets out the issues and diagnoses the solutions as clearly as possible, given the lack of consensus on causes of the loss of tropical forests.

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