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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93apr59

Environmental Risk, Environmental Values, and Political Choices--Beyond Efficiency Tradeoffs in Public Policy Analysis, J.M. Gillroy, Ed., 224 pp., Apr. 1993, $35 (Westview).

Nine essays from a broad range of disciplines analyze environmental risk and the potential for integrating environmental values into the policy making process.

Item #d93apr60

1993 Directory of Country Environmental Studies, 230 pp., 1992, $20 (World Resour. Inst.).

This annotated bibliography, produced in cooperation with the International Institute for Environment and Development and the World Conservation Union, is a reference to over 325 studies of environmental and natural resource conditions in the developing world. This latest edition includes summaries of the national reports prepared for the June 1992 Earth Summit. Also available on computer diskette ($50).

Item #d93apr61

Environmental Profiles: A Global Guide to Projects and People, L.S. Katz, S. Orrick, R. Honig, Eds., 1,400 pp., Feb. 1993, $125 (Garland).

A current profile of thousands of environmental projects and individuals in 115 countries, presenting data based on responses to surveys designed by the editors, guided by a board of expert advisors. Projects include scientific research, political action, education, and media activities.

Item #d93apr62

The World Environment 1972-1992: Two Decades of Challenge, O.A. El-Kholy, M.W. Holdgate et al., 600 pp., Jan. 1993, $90 cloth/$30 paper (Chapman & Hall).

Being published to commemorate the first two decades of the U.N. Environment Program, this book includes discussion of proposals for responses at the national and international level on issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, forest destruction and others.

Item #d93apr63

The following are reviewed by T. O'Riordan in Nature, pp. 414-415, Feb. 4, 1993:

The Environment in International Relations, C. Thomas, 291 pp., 1992, £25 cloth/£12.50 paper (Royal Inst. Intl. Affairs).

Global Environmental Change and International Relations, I. Rowlands, M. Green, Eds., 202 pp., 1991, £42.50 cloth/£16 paper (Macmillan, UK).

The International Politics of the Environment, A. Hurrell, B. Kingsbury, Eds., 492 pp., 1991, £40 cloth/£16 paper (Oxford).

Item #d93apr64

The First Global Revolution, A. King, B. Schneider, 259 pp., 1991, $15 (Pantheon/Random House).

Produced by the Club of Rome, this book outlines a strategy for mobilizing the world for environmental security and clean technology. Addresses global warming and energy, world poverty, and the disparities between North and South.

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