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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d93apr46

Global Climate Change: Linking Energy, Environment, Economy and Equity, J.C. White, W.R. Wagner, C.N. Beal, Eds., 242 pp., 1992, $65 (Plenum).

Proceedings from a Center for Environmental Information conference (Washington, D.C., 1991). Twenty-four papers discuss the supply and demand sides of energy issues; approaches to integrating energy, economic and social concerns with the environment; strategies for decision making at all governmental levels; and the ethics of living in a global greenhouse.

Item #d93apr47

Global Warming: Proceedings of the Third International Conference 1992, S.Y. Shen, Ed., 424 pp. (in three parts), Nov. 1992, $165 (SUPCON Intl.).

This conference (Chicago, Illinois, April 1992) provided an international forum on scientific and policy issues facing governments with regard to the greenhouse effect and similar transnational issues, including water shortage, floods and acid rain. Major sections are energy and natural resource management, international coordination, global warming and climate change, and international law and policy making.

Item #d93apr48

Global Change and Canadians, 60 pp., 1993, Can$5 with bulk discounts (Royal Soc. Can.). In English or French.

Produced for the Canadian Global Change Program under the auspices of the Royal Society of Canada, for senior high school through adult readers. Presents facts, theories and uncertainties concerning climate change, ozone depletion, and sea level change, and discusses related topics such as energy, economics and cultural values.

Item #d93apr49

A Global Warming Forum: Scientific, Economic, and Legal Overview, R.A. Geyer, Ed., 670 pp., Jan. 1993, $99/$120 outside U.S. (CRC Press).

According to the publisher, provides an integrated, thematic approach to major critical aspects of the problem, with contributions by an international group of experts in science, economics and policy. Data and information are derived from diverse geographic locations, especially in the case history chapters requiring the use of interdisciplinary methods. Extensive graphs and tables. Available for free examination.

Item #d93apr50

Global Warming: Physics and Facts (AIP Conf. Proc. 247), D. Hafemeister, B. Levi, R. Scribner, Eds., 512 pp., 1992, $95 (Amer. Inst. Phys.).

Derived from a short course held at Georgetown University in 1991. According to an extensive review by S.E. Schwartz (Atmos. Environ., pp. 287-289, Feb. 1993), the lectures were aimed at a broad audience of scientists and policy makers. Most of the 14 chapters deal with the physics and modeling of climate, but the last four deal with technical and policy options and the politics of achieving consensus at the national and global levels. Also reviewed by F.W. Taylor in Contemporary Phys., Vol. 33, No. 3.

Item #d93apr51

Climate and Sea Level Change: Observations, Projections and Implications, R.A. Warrick, T.M.L. Wigley, Eds., 250 pp., Feb. 1993, $69.95 (Cambridge).

Contains a collection of papers on varied topics such as sea level rise in the past, contributions to rise from small glaciers, model projections of climate change and storm frequency, studies of potential impacts in various countries around the world, and regional impacts and responses.

Item #d93apr52

The World at Risk: Natural Hazards and Climate Change, R.L. Bras, R.G. Prinn, Eds., 350 pp., 1993, $95 (Amer. Inst. Phys.).

An American Institute of Physics conference proceedings examining a range of topics concerning the relationship between natural hazards and climate change, strategies for prevention and/or adaptation to such hazards, and responses of the engineering profession and governments to natural disasters.

Item #d93apr53

Global and Regional Changes in Atmospheric Composition, E. Mészáros, 175 pp., Feb. 1993, $50/$60 outside U.S. (Lewis).

A survey of air chemistry emphasizing the human impact on composition. Covers greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, acid rain, atmospheric cycles, removal of trace substances, past and present variations, and environmental consequences of anthropogenic modifications.

Item #d93apr54

Environmental Dilemmas: Ethics and Decisions, R.J. Berry, 300 pp., Jan. 1993, $50 (Chapman & Hall).

Contains contributions by people (mainly scientists) who have had to make tough environmental decisions, describing how they translated their principles into practice. Of particular interest to those who must make decisions on incomplete evidence.

Item #d93apr55

Tropical Rainforests, C.C. Park, 188 pp., Jan. 1993, $60 cloth/$16 paper in U.S. (Routledge).

A wide-ranging review of problems and prospects. Discusses history and environmental considerations, where and how fast forests are being cleared, causes and processes of clearance, impacts and costs of destruction, forest peoples, and possible solutions.

Item #d93apr56

Managing Water Resources during Global Change, R. Herrmann, Ed., 476 pp., 1992, $75 (AWRA).

This proceedings of the 28th American Water Resources Association Conference and International Symposium contains 81 reviewed papers and 10 extended abstracts on science, management and policy.

Item #d93apr57

Natural Sinks of CO2, J. Wisniewski, A.E. Lugo, Eds., 470 pp., 1992, $119 (Kluwer).

The book version of Water, Air, Soil Pollut., 64(1-2), Aug. 1992. See GCCD, Nov. 1992, for the complete list of 25 citations on the science, policy and management of CO2 sinks from a Feb. 1992 workshop.

Item #d93apr58

Proceedings of the Air & Waste Management Association's 1992 Annual Meeting and Exhibition (AWMA, attn. Debbie Fair).

Each of the 17 volumes can be purchased separately ($70/$45 members), or as a complete set ($1,800/$1,250). International Environmental Progress and Global Issues, approx. 300 pp., includes 25 papers.

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