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Published July 1988 through June 1999


A chronological list of all 1998 events that have appeared in the calendar listings of the Global Climate Change Digest through the October 1998 issue.



Event #dapr98cal12

78th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Jan. 11-16, 1998, Phoenix, Ariz. Several conferences and symposia have already been announced; details follow. Abstracts are due July 1, 1997. (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 3038 ff., Dec. 1996.)

Ninth Symposium on Global Change Studies. Will cover many topics including detection and attribution of global change, global system modeling, impacts of global change, the hydrological cycle, the role of ocean-atmosphere fluxes, extreme events, and climate prediction. Submit abstracts to: Thomas Karl, NCDC, NOAA, 151 Patton Ave., Asheville NC 28801 (fax: 704 271 4319; e-mail:

Ninth Conference on Interaction of the Sea and Atmosphere. Will address air-sea interactions on multiple scales; results of both observational and modeling studies are of interest. A comprehensive list of paper topics has been published. Submit abstracts to: David Halpern, Jet Propulsion Lab., M/S 300-323, California Inst. Technol., Pasadena CA 91109 (tel: 818 354 5327; fax: 818 393 6720; e-mail:

Second Symposium on Integrated Observing Systems. Will provide opportunities for exploring observational needs, data assimilation and analysis methods, and integrating observing strategies to serve multiple purposes (including climate modeling, and air-sea interaction). Submit abstracts to: James Rasmussen, Office of Oceanic & Atmos. Res., Environ. Res. Labs., 1315 East-West Hwy., Rm. 11618, Silver Spring MD 20910 (tel: 301 713 2458; fax: 301 713 0163; e-mail:

Symposium on Status and Prospects for Climate Prediction. A one-day meeting, date to be announced, featuring invited papers on issues such as programmatic developments, scientific approaches and results, and the estimation of socioeconomic value. Contact Peter Lamb, CIMMS, Univ. Oklahoma, 100 E. Boyd St., Rm. 1310, Norman OK 73019 (tel: 405 325 3041; fax: 405 325 7614; e-mail:


Event #dfeb98cal4

Feb. 5-6, 1998, London, U.K. — Climate After Kyoto: Implications for Energy. Organized by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) to discuss topics including national ratification and implementation strategies; joint implementation and technology transfer; global energy markets; industrial strategies; future work of the IPCC. Contact Sharon Moore, Conference Unit, RIIA, Chatham House, 10 St. James's Square, London SW1Y 4LE, UK (tel: 44 71 957 5700; fax: 44 71 957 5710; WWW:

Event #djun97cal15

1998 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Feb. 9-13, 1998, San Diego, Calif. Sponsored by the Amer. Geophys. Union (AGU) and the Amer. Soc. of Limnol. & Oceanog. (ASLO). Will include these topics: physics of the oceans and climate; biogeochemical processes; land-sea interactions; ocean optics; food webs; whole-ecosystem experiments. To propose a special session, contact the program co-chairs Silvia Garzoli (NOAA/AOML, Phys. Oceanog. Div., 4301 Rickenbacher Causeway, Miami FL 33143; tel: 305 361 4338; fax: 305 361 4412; e-mail:; OR Linda Duguay, Office of Polar Programs, Natl. Sci. Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington VA 22230; tel: 703 306 1033; fax: 703 306 0169 e-mail: Abstracts for papers are due Oct. 16, 1997. Guidelines for submitting abstracts appear in Eos, pp. 190-191, May 6, 1997. Contact 1998 Ocean Sci. Meeting, AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481, 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djun97cal16

Feb 12-17, 1998, Philadelphia, Pa. — 1998 AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition. The final program includes symposia on human dimensions of global change; advances and challenges in ocean sciences; and the economic consequences of climate change impacts on forests. Contact AAAS (Amer. Assoc. Advance. Sci.), Meetings Dept., 1200 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC 20005; (tel: 202 326 6450; fax: 202 289 4021; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal3

Feb. through May, 1998, several locations — 1998 Regional Climate Workshops. This continuing seres, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, is designed to improve understanding of the national-scale consequences of global change. The vulnerabilities of various regions of the U.S. to climate variability and climate change will be examined, and information will be aggregated across regions to support national-scale scientific assessment. For general information on the following, previous, and future workshops contact: USGCRP Coordination Office, (fax: 202 358 4103; e-mail:; WWW:

  • Feb. 16-18, 1998, Salt Lake City, Utah. Coordinated by: U.S. Dept. of the Interior. Region covered: Rocky Mountains and Great Basin.
  • Feb. 25-27, 1998, Baton Rouge, La. Coordinated by: U.S. Environ. Protect. Agency. Region covered: Gulf Coast.
  • Mar. 2-4, 1998, El Paso, Tex. Coordinated by NASA. Region covered: Southwest Border.
  • Mar. 3-6, 1998, Honolulu, Hawaii. Coordinated by: NOAA et al. Region covered: Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.
  • Mar. 9-11, 1998, Santa Barbara, Calif. Coordinated by: Natl. Sci. Foundation. Region covered: California.
  • Mar. 23-24, 1998, New York, N.Y. Coordinated by Natl. Sci. Foundation. Region Covered: Metropolitan East Coast.
  • May 5-7, 1998, Ann Arbor, Mich. Coordinated by: EPA. Region covered: Upper Great Lakes.
  • May 26-29, 1998, Morgantown, W.Va. Coordinated by: U.S. Forest Service. Region covered: Appalachians.

More workshops will be scheduled in the spring for the Southern Great Plains, Caribbean/South Atlantic Coast, and the Eastern Midwest.

Event #ddec97cal

Feb. 26, 1998, Philadelphia, Pa. — Climate Change: What Does It Mean for the Mid-Atlantic? A Regional Symposium on Global Warming. (Postponed from Nov. 18, 1997.) Sponsored by the U.S. Environ. Protect. Agency. Will provide a diverse audience with the latest scientific information, its impact on this region, and strategies to address on global climate change. Will also place the regional concerns in the national and international contexts. Contact Monica Duda (tel: 703 247 2410; e-mail:

Event #ddec97cal

Feb. 26-28, 1998, Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal — Global Change, Environmental Integrity and Sustainable Development in Coastal Areas. Because of socioeconomic pressures and the possibility of sea level rise from global warming, sustainable development of the Portuguese coast is needed to maintain environmental quality and the integrity of biological systems. The workshop program is available. Contact Inst. Marine Res., Dept. Zoology, Univ. Coimbra, 3000 Coimbra, Portugal (tel: 351 39 36386; fax: 351 39 23603; e-mail: Also contact the workshop coordinator: Helena Freitas, Dept. Botany, Univ. Coimbra, 3000 Coimbra, Portugal (tel: 351 39 22897; fax: 351 39 20780; e-mail:

MARCH 1998

Event #ddec97cal

Mar. 5-6, 1998, Geneva, Switz. — Second International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics — Ecological Economics and Development. Themes include climate and society; biodiversity and land use; population dynamics and resource use. Contact Roderick Lawrence, CUEH, UNI MAIL, 102 Blvd. Carl Vogt, 1211 Geneva 4, Switz. (fax: 41 22 705 8173; e-mail:

Event #dfeb98cal5

Mar. 5-7, 1998, Auckland, New Zealand — Conference on Environmental Justice and Market Mechanisms: New Challenges for Environmental Law. Will review how environmental justice is defined and featured in contemporary transnational and municipal legal systems, which operate increasingly within a framework of economic deregulation and privatization of state services and assets. Focuses on Australia, the European Union, Russia, the U.S., and New Zealand. For program and paper details, contact Benjamin Richardson, Faculty of Law, Univ. Auckland, P.B. 92019, Auckland, N.Z. (tel: 64 9 373 7599; fax: 64 9 373 7473; e-mail: For other information, contact Barry Williams, Ctr. Continuing Educ., Univ. Auckland (tel: 64 9 373 7599; fax: 64 9 373 7419; e-mail:

Event #djun97cal17

Mar. 10-13, 1998, Brighton, U.K. — Oceanology International: The Global Ocean. This 29th annual event, the largest marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference, will celebrate the Year of the Oceans, as designated by the U.N.The conference program is available from Spearhead Exhibitions, Ocean House, 50 Kingston Rd., New Malden, Surrey KT3 3LZ, UK (tel: 44 181 949 9222; fax: 44 181 949 8168; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #doct97cal10

Mar. 14-18, 1998, Barcelona, Spain. Earth's Changing Land. An Open Science Conference held by the Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) and Land-Use/Cover Change (LUCC) Core Projects of the IGPB. Topics include: impacts of changes in climate and atmospheric composition on ecosystem functioning; driving forces of land use change and their ecological consequences; global change impacts of agricultural production; regional approaches to global change research. For information on submitting abstracts consult this Web Site:, or contact Rowena Foster (e-mail: For details of the conference program, contact Josep Canadell-Pep, GCTE-F1 Office, Dept Biol. Sci., Stanford Univ., Stanford CA 94305 (tel: 415 723 1530; fax: 415 723 9253; e-mail: Contact the GCTE Core Project Office, POB 84, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia (tel: 61 6 242 1748).

Event #dfeb98cal6

Mar. 16-20, 1998, Heraklion, Crete, Greece — Workshop on Inverse Modeling of Global Biogeochemical Cycles. The uses of these methods (which are crucial in determining the location and magnitude of sources and sinks of chemically and radiatively important trace gases from atmospheric concentration measurements) are relatively new, but will become increasingly important as more comprehensive data become available. Regarding applications, contact (U.S.) Dana Hartley (e-mail:; WWW:; or (other countries) Martin Heimann (e-mail:

Event #ddec97cal

Mar. 25-28, 1998, San Jose, Costa Rica — National Assessment Results of Climate Change Impacts and Responses. Being held in conjunction with the IPCC and other international organizations. This conference will be the first to bring together analysts from around the world who are developing assessments of potential impacts from climate change and adaptation to climate change in developing countries and those with economies in transition. They will present results of these studies, compare and contrast assessments; and compare and evaluate benefits, costs and effectiveness of adaptation measures. Regarding the conference program and paper presentations contact: Sandra Guill, U.S. Country Studies Prog., Forrestal Bldg. (PO-6), 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20585 (fax: 202 586 3485; e-mail:, or Michael Short, UNEP, POB 30552, Nairobi, Kenya (fax: 254 2 226886; e-mail:

Event #dfeb98cal7

Mar. 29-Apr. 1, 1998, San Jose, Costa Rica — Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change. Will develop a framework for assessing adaptation to climate variability and change to guide the preparation of the third assessment report on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Will immediately follow the National Assessment Results of Climate Change Impacts and Responses, Mar. 25-28, 1998. (See Global Climate Change Digest, Dec. 1997.) Contact Sandra Guill, U.S. Country Studies Prog., Forrestal Bldg. (PO-6), 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20585 (fax: 202 586 3485; e-mail:, or Michael Short, UNEP, POB 30552, Nairobi, Kenya (fax: 254 2 226886; e-mail:

Event #dfeb98cal8

Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 1998, Canberra, Australia — Greenhouse Beyond Kyoto: Issues, Opportunities, Challenges. Hosted by the Australian Bureau of Resource Sciences, this conference is particularly aimed at those involved in the energy, resources, forestry and agricultural sectors. The outcomes of the conference will be used to identify a set of greenhouse research and development priorities for Australia's primary industries and energy producers. Contact Snow Barlow (tel: 61 2 6272 4951 or Melanie Fisher (tel: 61 2 6272 5600). Or write to Peter O'Brien, Exec. Director, Bur. Resour. Sci., POB E11, Kingston ACT 2604, Australia (tel: 61 2 6272 4282; fax: 61 2 6272 4747; e-mail:

APRIL 1998

Event #dfeb98cal9

Apr. 19-23, 1998, London, U.K. — First IGBP PAGES Open Science Meeting: Past Global Changes and Their Significance for the Future. Will consist of 30 invited review papers and over 200 posters that will summarize the state-of-the-art in paleoenvironmental research to help narrow uncertainties regarding future climate and global change. Contact IGBP PAGES Intl. Project Off., Barenplatz 2, CH 3011 Bern, Switz. (tel: 41 31 312 3133; fax: 41 31 312 3168; e-mail:; WWW: Or contact Frank Oldfield at PAGES address or e-mail:

Event #djun97cal18

IAIA '98: Sustainability and the Role of Impact Assessment in the Global Economy-Excellence, Innovation and Adaptability, Apr. 19-24, 1998, Christchurch, New Zealand. Major themes for this 19th annual meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) include impact assessment in policy and planning, and application of impact assessment to biodiversity and sustainability. Contact IAIA '98, Executive Office, Hastings Hall, POB 5256, Fargo ND 58105 (e-mail:

Event #dfeb98cal10

Apr. 20-23, 1998, Boone, N.C. — 30th Annual Air Pollution Workshop. Sponsored by the U.S. EPA, NCASI et al. Will include a session on the effects and interactions of elevated CO2. Contact Howard Neufeld, Dept. Biol., 572 Rivers St., Appalachian State Univ., Boone NC 28608 (tel: 704 262 2683; fax: 704 262 2127; e-mail:; or John Innes, Swiss Fed. Inst. for Forest, Snow & Landscape, Zuercherstr. 111, CH-8903 Birmensdorf, Switz. (tel: 41 1 739 2216; fax: 41 1 739 2215; e-mail:

Event #doct97cal12

Apr. 20-24, 1998, Nice, France — European Geophysical Society XXIII General Assembly. Sessions and symposia will address topics such as: signatures of past and present climate change; thermohaline circulation; North Atlantic Oscillation; predicting and detecting anthropogenic climate change; climate variability; atmospheric ozone. Collections of related papers may be published as referreed communications in Phys. & Chem. of the Earth. Abstracts are due Dec. 15, 1997. The complete program is available on this Web site: Contact EGS Office, Max-Planck Str. 13, 37191 Katlenburg-Lindau, Ger. (tel: 49 5556 1440; fax: 49 5556 4709; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal12

Apr. 24-26, 1998, New York, N.Y. — From Kyoto to Buenos Aires: Emissions Trading and Clean Technology Transfer. Hosted by Columbia University's Earth Institute and held in conjunction with the meeting of the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development. Contact Michael Molitor, Dept. Chem., UCSD, 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla CA 92093 (tel: 619 822 2126; fax: 619 534 7042; e-mail:

MAY 1998

Event #dmar98cal2

May 4-5, 1998, Berlin, Germany — Energy Models for Decision Support — New Challenges and Possible Solutions: Joint FEES/ETSAP Workshop. Organized by the Forum f?r Energiemodelle & Energiewirtschftliche Systemanalysen (FEES) and the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) of the Intl. Energy Agency. Will cover several energy related topics, including post-Kyoto ETSAP analyses, energy policy in an uncertain future, greenhouse gas mitigation strategies in the EU, Potsdam Institute's climate modeling, environmental taxes, and eco-tax reform studies. Contact Tom Kram or Manuela Loos, ETSAP, POB 1, 1755 ZG Petten, The Neth. (tel: 31 224 56 44 31; fax: 31 224 56 33 38; e-mail: The Web site for the conference is:

Event #dfeb98cal13

May 12-14, 1998, Albuquerque, N.M. — 1998 Halon Options Technical Working Conference (HOTWC 98). An extensive list of conference topics includes halon replacement and alternatives, regulatory and environmental issues, halon destruction, and emissions. Contact Leanne Oliver, Ctr. for Global Environ. Technol., Univ. New Mexico, 901 University Blvd. SE, Albuquerque NM 87106 (tel: 505 272 7250; fax: 505 272 7203; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal3

May 18-20, 1998, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe — Climate Change Mitigation in Africa. A workshop of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will present a standard methodological approach to analysis developed over the past seven years and applied in a number of African country studies. Contact Gordon Mackenzie (e-mail:

Event #dnov97cal7

May 24-29, 1998, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Ocean Circulation and Climate: The 1998 Conference of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE). This conference marks the end of WOCE observations and will explore the challenges of the next phase: Analysis, Interpretation, Modeling and Synthesis (WOCE/AIMS), which will continue to the year 2002. Abstracts are due Dec. 15, 1997. Electronic submission is preferred to this Web site:; or by ASCII file by e-mail to: Paper submissions should go to WOCE Intl. Project Off., Southampton Oceanog. Ctr., Rm. 256/17, Empress Dock, Southampton SO14 3ZH, UK (tel: 44 1703 596208; fax: 44 1703 596204; WWW:

The meeting will also highlight the PAGES (Past Global Changes Open Circulation Experiment) Program through the First IGPB Open Science Meeting. Contact IGBP Pages Intl. Project Off., Barenplatz 2, CH 3011 Bern, Switz. (fax: 41 31 312 3168; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal14

May 25-29, 1998, Paris, France — Ninth Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography. Sponsored by the Amer. Meteor. Soc., Soc. Meteor. de France, European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites et al. Will cover topics most pertinent to global remote sensing, including climatological applications, ozone observations from satellites, and sea surface temperature. Contact Marie Colton, Off. Naval Res., Code 321SR SUBJ: SatMet 1998, 800 N. Quincy St., Arlington VA 22217 (fax: 703 696 2007; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal15

May 25-29, 1998, Island of Ruegen, Germany — Second Study Conference on BALTEX. Includes data collection, climatology, remote sensing applications, coupled modeling and results from other GEWEX Continental-Scale Experiments. Contact Hans-Joerg Isemer, Intl. BALTEX Secretariat, GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht, Ger. (tel: 49 4152 87 1536; fax: 49 4152 87 2020; e-mail:

Event #djun97cal19

Seventh International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, May 25-29, 1998, Whistler, B.C., Can. Will consist of contributed, invited, and special invited sessions on statistical methods, as well as on climate extremes, climate modeling and low frequency variability. The deadline for contributed abstracts is Dec. 15, 1997. For information see WWW:

Event #djun97cal20

May 26-29, 1998, Boston, Mass.. AGU 1998 Spring Meeting. Note the new location.The deadline for abstracts is Feb. 19 (mail and e-mail) or Feb. 26 (interactive Web form). Numerous sessions have been posted on the AGU Web site. Contact American Geophysical Union, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481, 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal16

May 27-31, 1998, Columbia, Mo. — Society and Resource Management: Culture, Environment and Society. This seventh international symposium will emphasize the social and cultural dimensions of natural resource issues, and their importance to natural resource decision makers and managers. Contact Sandy Rikoon, Dept. Rural Sociol., 108 Sociology Bldg., Univ. Missouri, Columbia MO 65211 (fax: 573 882 1473; e-mail:

JUNE 1998

Event #dnov97cal9

June 1-4, 1998, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 32nd Annual Canadian Meteorological and Oceanography Society Congress. The theme is "Atmosphere-Ocean Climate Variability." Contributions are especially sought in areas of climate variability and impacts at global and regional scales. Special sessions will include WOCE/CLIVAR research (see May 24-29 entry above), the global carbon cycle, and forecasting of the coupled atmosphere-ocean system. Abstracts are due Feb. 6, 1998. Send electronic submissions to For program information, contact Peter Smith, CMOS Congress, Bedford Inst. Oceanog., POB 1006, Dartmouth NS B2Y 4A2, Can. (tel: 902 426 3474; fax: 902 426 3857; e-mail: For registration and local arrangements contact Clive Mason (tel: 902 426 6927; e-mail:

Event #dnov97cal10

June 2-6, 1998, Ottawa, Ontario, Can.. Impacts of Global Climate Change in Southwest Yukon, a special session of the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers. The special session is intended to develop an integrated understanding of how climate change has impacted and will impact this mountainous region. Most papers will be based on the Kluane Lake field station, maintained by the Arctic Institute of North America, including lake sediment and biogeographic studies. Abstracts, submitted electronically or by disk, are due by Feb. 28, 1998 to: CAG'98, Dept. Geog., Univ. Ottawa, 165 Waller St., Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 (e-mail:; WWW: Regarding the special session contact K. Gajewski, at the same address (e-mail:

Event #dmar98cal4

May 25-June 5, 1998, Il Ciocco, Italy — Numerical Modeling of the Global Atmosphere. A NATO Advanced Study Institute. Contact Alan O'Neill, Dept. Meteor., Univ. Reading, 2 Earley Gate, Reading, RG6 6BB, UK (fax: 44 118 931 8316; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dsep97cal11

June 8-11, 1998, Hong Kong, China — GW9: The Ninth Global Warming International Conference and Expo. A call for papers has been published for these major subject categories: energy and natural resource management; international coordination; global warming and climate change; international law and policy making; global warming and public health; remote sensing; state and local government planning and regulation. An Executive Workshop, "Industrial Technology & Greenhouse Gas Emission," has been scheduled, and the preliminary program published. For general information, contact Global Warming Intl. Ctr. (GWIC), POB 5275, Woodridge IL 60517 (tel: 630 910 1551; fax: 630 910 1561. For other details consult this Web Site: For technical questions, contact Sinyan Shen, Chair, Intl. Prog. Committee, at the GWIC.

Event #dfeb98cal17

June 8-10, 1998, Stockholm, Swed. — Recognition of Abrupt Climate Change in Clastic Sedimentary Environments. Will focus on decadal or longer climate signals in clastic sedimentary basins, including these basins as archives of abrupt climate change; also responses of semi-arid environments, and of large hydrological systems to abrupt climate change. Abstracts are due Feb. 1, 1998. The second circular will be sent in February to those requesting it. Contact Amir Mokhtari Fard, 1998 Conference Committee, Dept. Quaternary Res., Stockholm Univ., S-106 91 Stockholm, Swed. (tel: 46 8 164 886; fax: 46 8 674 78 95; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal18

June 8-11, 1998, W?rzburg, Ger. — Biomass for Energy and Industry: 10th European Conference and Technology Exhibition. Worldwide strategies for biomass, biomass energy crops, biomass combustion, and biogas are among the topics. Contact WIP, Conference and Exhibition Coordination, Sylvensteinstr. 2, 81369 Munich, Ger. (tel: 49 89 720 1232; fax: 49 89 720 1291; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dnov97cal11

June 8-12, 1998, Tromso, Norway. 27th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment. The technical program, with the theme, "Information for Sustainability," will consist of presentations and workshops of interest to experts in remote sensing technology, and to decision makers and managers. Among the topics are: securing food for the future, managing the local environment, managing coastal and marine resources, supporting environmental treaties, evidence of global change from space, and public health. Abstracts are due Dec. 1, 1997 to: 27th ISRSE Symposium, Norwegian Space Ctr., POB 113 Skoyen, N-0212 Oslo, Norway (fax: 47 22 51 1801; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djun97cal21

June 8-12, 1998, Stockholm, Swed. International Symposium: Rossby-100. Sponsored by the Intl. Meteor. Inst., Stockholm, and Swed. Geophys. Soc. to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Carl-Gustaf Rossby. Primary themes include numerical modeling of weather and climate, and global cycling of trace gases and aerosols. Papers will be included in a special issue of Tellus. The Web Site for this event is: Contact Ulla Hammarstrand, Rossby-100, Dept. Meteor., Stockholm Univ., S-106 91 Stockholm, Swed. (e-mail:

Event #ddec97cal

June 14-17, 1998, Gold Coast, Australia — Second Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology. Organized by Univ. Queensland, Australia, et al. Sessions include energy conservation and renewable energy, greenhouse gas mitigation technology, and energy and environmental policy. Contact APCSEET '98 Secretariat, Intermedia, POB 1280, Milton QLD 4064, Australia (tel: 61 7 33690477; fax: 61 7 33691512; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal20

June 14-18, 1998, Snowbird, Utah — Mechanisms of Millennial-Scale Global Climate Change. The central themes are: what is the sensitivity of various components of the Earth's climate system to millennial-scale climate change? What are the mechanisms, linkages and feedbacks which produce millennial-scale climate change? Conference conveners are: Peter Clark (Dept. Geosci., Oregon State Univ., Corvallis OR 97331; e-mail: and Robert Webb (Paleoclim. Prog., NOAA/NGCD, 325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303; e-mail: Abstracts are due Mar. 11, 1998 to: AGU Meetings Dept., 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481, 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW: (See Eos, p. 35, Jan. 20, 1998.)

Event #dmay98cal1

June 14-18, 1998, San Diego, Calif. — A&WMA's 91st Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Contains sessions on climate change relating to international agreements, impacts on North America, emission management, Kyoto and beyond, and science, policy and technologies. Contact Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc., One Gateway Ctr., Third Fl., Pittsburgh PA 15222 (tel: 412 232 3444; fax: 412 232 3450; WWW: (See EM, p. 85 ff., May 1998.)

Event #dfeb98cal21

June 15-July 17, 1998, Cambridge, Mass. — 1998 Training Workshop on Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis. Presented by the Harvard Inst. for Intl. Development (HIID) for mid-career professionals in two tracks (analytical methods or policy analysis). Some of the topics are environmental valuation, natural resource economics, environmental accounting, macro and global environmental issues, and sustainable development. Applications are due Mar. 27 to: Environ. Econ. & Policy Workshop, HIID, One Eliot St., Cambridge MA 02138 (tel: 617 495 5999; fax: 617 496 3956; e-mail: Or contact the director, Theodore Panayotou (same address & fax; tel: 617 495 9173; e-mail:

Event #djun97cal22

June 16-20, 1998, Seoul, Korea — Eighth Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology (PACON 98): Towards the 21st Century—A Pacific Era. Sponsored by the Amer. Geophys. Union et al. Topics include public policy, climate change and waterfront development, marine environmental protection, and ocean energy. Abstracts are due Jan. 15, 1998 to: N. Saxena, POB 11568, Honolulu HI 96828 (tel: 808 956 6163; fax: 808 956 2580; e-mail:

Event #ddec97cal

June 22-24, 1998, Breckenridge, Co. — Third NCAR Climate System Model Workshop. Several updates to model components will be presented and discussed and working groups will meet. To foster a community of model developers and users, the workshop is open. All participants must register; space is limited. Contact Lydia Harper, NCAR/Clim. System Model Prog., POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307 (tel: 303 497 1320; fax: 303 497 1314; e-mail:

Event #d98cal1

June 23-27, 1998, Yellowknife, N.W.T., Canada — Seventh International Conference on Permafrost. Sponsored by the Intl. Permafrost Assoc., Natl. Res. Council of Canada et al. The final circular has been issued. Special attention will be paid to global climate change and environmental protection in permafrost regions; international cooperation in studies and data exchanges will be facilitated. Abstracts are due May 1, 1997. See this Web site: WWW:, or send e-mail to:

Event #dfeb98cal23

June 25-27, 1998, Venice, Italy — 1998 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists. Organized by the Assoc. of Environ. & Resour. Economists et al. Subject areas include environmental regulation, environment and development, valuation and cost-benefit analysis, international environmental issues. Contact 1998 Congress Secretariat, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Corso Magenta, 63-20123 Milano, Italy (e-mail:; WWW:

Event #doct97cal19

June 28-July 2, 1998, Helsinki, Finland. The European Conference on Atmospheric UV Radiation (ECUV). A joint initiative of the European Commission and the Finnish Meteorological Institute that will focus on atmospheric UV radiation and its measurement and modeling methods. Abstracts are due Mar. 31, 1998 to: Leena Laisi, Finnish Meteor. Inst., POB 503, Fin-00101 Helsinki, Finland (tel: 358 9 1929 4155; fax: 358 9 1929 4129; e-mail:; WWW: Participants may submit conference papers, by Oct. 31, 1998, for publication in a special 1999 issue of J. Geophys. Res. (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 2038-2039, Sep., 1997.)

JULY 1998

Event #dmay98cal2

July 2-5, 1998, Mauritius — Islands V Conference: Small Islands in the Third Millennium: Problems and Prospects of Island Living. Contact ISISA Secretariat, Dept. Geog., McGill Univ., 805 Sherbrooke West, Montreal QC H3A 2K6, Can. (tel: 514 398 4111; fax: 514 398 7437; WWW:

Event #djun97cal23

July 6-10, 1998, Exeter, U.K. Hydrology in a Changing Environment.  Sponsored by the British Hydrol. Soc. Conference themes include global hydrologic processes, ecological and hydrological interactions, and resource assessment in dry areas. For information about submitting abstracts, contact: B. Webb, Dept. Geog., Univ. Exeter, Amory Bldg., Rennes Dr., Exeter, Devon EX4 4RJ, UK (fax: 44 01392 263342; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal5

July 6-17, 1998, Cambridge, Mass. — Executive Program on Climate Change and Development. Presented by the Harvard Institute for International Development et al. for high level personnel from a broad range of institutions. Will stress the economics of abatement and adaptation, financial and technological assistance to developing countries, national and international policy instruments (emissions trading and banking, carbon taxes, joint implementation). The program costs $8500. Contact Theodore Panayotou, IEP, HIID, One Eliot St., Cambridge MA 02138 (tel: 617-495 5999; fax: 617 496 3956; e-mail:

Event #dsep97cal12

July 7-14, 1998, Boulder, Colo. Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment '98 (COARE98). Will review the scientific outcomes of TOGA COARE and apply COARE science to developing models relating to CLIVAR and GEWEX. A second circular and Call for Papers will be available soon. Contact B. Jackson, Joint Office for Science Support Program Support Group, UCAR, POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307 (tel: 303 497 8663; fax: 303 497 8633: e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dfeb98cal25

July 12-16, 1998, San Juan, Puerto, Rico — Third International Symposium on Tropical Hydrology and Fifth Caribbean Islands Water Resources Congress. Sponsored by the Amer. Water Resour. Assoc. (AWRA) et al. Several topics related to global climate change: extreme hydrologic events, sustainable development of water resources, climate change impacts on the region. Contact AWRA, 950 Herndon Parkway, S. 300, Herndon VA 22070 (tel: 703 904 1225; fax: 703 904 1228).

Event #dsep97cal13

July 12-19, 1998, Nagoya, Japan. 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Will cover the Earth's surface, meteorology and climate, and space-borne geophysical data for global change studies. Abstracts are due Jan. 9, 1998 to: Copernicus Gesellschaft, 32nd COSPAR Assembly, Max-Planck Str. 13, 37191 Katlenburg-Lindau, Ger. (tel: 49 5556 91376; fax: 49 5556 4709; e-mail: COSPAR@COPERNICUS.ORG). Contact the COSPAR Secretariat at 51 bd de Montmorency, 75016 Paris, France (tel: 33 45 250679; fax: 33 40 509827; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal3

July 14-24, 1998, Aspen, Colorado — Innovative Energy Systems and CO2 Stabilization: Summer Session I. Contact John Katzenberger, Aspen Global Change Inst., 100 E. Francis, Aspen CO 81611 (tel: 970 925 7376; fax: 970 925 7097; e-mail: (See entry for Aug. 7-14 for Summer Session II.)

Event #djun98cal1

July 21-23, 1998, Miami, Florida 1998 Regional Climate Workshop: Caribbean/South Atlantic. Another in a continuing series, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Contact Caitlin Simpson, Office of Global Programs, NOAA (fax: 301 427 2082; e-mail: For general information on the workshop series contact: USGCRP Coordination Office, (fax: 202 314 2239; fax: 202 448 8681; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal4

July 21-24, 1998, Taipei, Taiwan — 1998 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting. Included are sessions on greenhouse gas emissions of Pacific countries, and on aircraft emissions and atmospheric chemistry over the Western Pacific. (See Eos, p. 129 ff., Mar. 10, 1998.) Contact Amer. Geophys. Union, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481, 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW: The co-chairs are: Francis Wu; e-mail:; and Yeong Tein Yeh, e-mail:

Event #dnov97cal13

July 27-29, 1998, Trabzon, Turkey. Second Trabzon International Energy and Environment Symposium. Organized by Karadeniz Technical Univ. et al. Papers will cover both fundamental science and applied technology relating to all types of energy production, climate change, and energy conservation. The proceedings will be published by Begell House Inc. Abstracts are due now. In the U.S. and Canada contact Sadik Dost, TIEES-98, Dept. Mechanical Eng., Univ. Victoria, Victoria V8W 3PC, Can. (tel: 250 721 8900; fax: 250 721 6051; e-mail: In other regions, contact Burhan Cuhadaroglu, Dept. Mechanical Eng., Karadeniz Technical Univ., Trabzon 61080, Turkey (tel: 462 325 3223; fax: 462 325 5526; e-mail:


Event #dmay98cal5

Aug. 2-6, 1998, Colorado Springs, Colorado — IECEC-98: 33rd Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference — Meeting Global Energy and Environmental Needs. Will include sessions on topics like renewable energy, alternative fuels, alternative vehicles, sustainable energy development, and global climate change. Contact Samim Anghaie, IECEC-98, INSPI, Univ. Florida, POB 116502, Gainesville FL 32611 (tel: 352 392 1427; fax: 352 392 8656; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal6

Aug. 7-14, 1998, Aspen, Colorado — Climate Extremes: Changes, Impacts & Projections: Summer Session II. Contact John Katzenberger, Aspen Global Change Inst., 100 E. Francis, Aspen CO 81611 (tel: 970 925 7376; fax: 970 925 7097; e-mail: (See entry for Aug. 5-14 for Summer Session II.)

Event #dmay97cal20

The Second International Conference on Climate and Water, Aug. 17-20, 1998, Espoo, Finland. Sponsored by WMO, UNESCO et al. Specific topics include uncertainties of climate change from a hydrological perspective, the impact of climate variability and change on aquatic ecosystems; beneficial impacts and losses for water resources; and water management as a result of climate change. The abstract deadline is July 29, 1997. Also contact N. Helenius, Water Resour. Eng., Helsinki Univ. of Technol., Tietotie 1, FIN-02150 Espoo, Finland (tel: 358 9 275 3835; fax: 358 9 451 3827; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djun98cal1

July 21-23, 1998, Miami, Florida 1998 Regional Climate Workshop: Caribbean/South Atlantic. Another in a continuing series, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Contact Caitlin Simpson, Office of Global Programs, NOAA (fax: 301 427 2082; e-mail: For general information on the workshop series contact: USGCRP Coordination Office, (fax: 202 314 2239; fax: 202 448 8681; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djul97cal24

AMS [Amer. Meteor. Soc.] Conference on Cloud Physics, Aug. 17-21, 1998, Everett, Wash. Will emphasize cloud and precipitation chemistry. Abstracts are due Mar. 1, 1998 to: Robert Rauber, Dept. Atmos. Sci., Univ. Illinois, 105 S. Gregory Ave., Urbana IL 61801 (tel: 217 333 2835; fax: 214 244 4393; e-mail: (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 148, Feb. 1997, and p. 998, May 1997.) This conference will partially overlap the Joint International Symposium on Global Atmospheric Chemistry (Aug. 19-25, 1998, Seattle, Wash.); WWW: (Also see Global Climate Change Digest, Oct. 1996.)

Event #djun98cal3

Aug. 19-21, 1998, Cleveland, Ohio — Summer Course: Global Issues, Sustainable Development and the Global Problematique. Presented by the GENIe (Global-Problematique Education Network Initiative), which will provide students from different cultures and backgrounds with an opportunity to share their understanding of, and expectations for, a global society in the 21st century. Contact Deanna Thomas, Olin Bldg. - 6th Fl., Case Western Reserve Univ., 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland OH 44106 (tel: 216 368 5122; fax: 216 368 3123; e-mail:

Event #d98cal2

Aug. 19-25, 1998, Seattle, Wash.. Joint International Symposium on Global Atmospheric Chemistry. Will include the Ninth Symposium of the IAMAS Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (CACGP), and the Fifth Scientific Conference on the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project (IGAC). The focus of these symposia will be "Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change." Presentations (mostly poster papers) will focus on these areas: (1) aerosols, clouds and climate: results of field and modeling studies; (2) human impact on atmospheric chemistry and climate; (3) greenhouse gases - CO2 and other GHG cycling over the past 1000 years; (4) remote sensing - studies related to atmospheric chemistry and climate change. Abstracts are due Mar. 1, 1998, preferably by ASCII text file. For a copy of the Call for Papers, or to submit an abstract, contact CACGP Abstracts, UW Extension, 5001 25th Ave. NE, Seattle WA 98105 (e-mail: For further information contact Patricia Quinn, NOAA/PMEL/OCRD, Bldg. 3, 7600 Sand Point Way, Seattle WA 98115 (fax: 206 526 6744; e-mail:; Internet:

Event #dnov97cal15

Aug. 23-26, 1998, Denver, Colorado. IEP'98: Issues in Environmental Pollution. An international meeting covering global climate change and other areas that will look at the current state of environmental models, assess predictive models, and determine how information from models is applied. Contact IEP'98, POB 101, Wantage, Oxon OX12 0QS, UK (tel: 44 1235 868380; fax: 44 1235 868420; e-mail:

Event #dmay98cal7

Aug. 23-27, 1998, Boston, Mass. — American Chemical Society National Meeting. Chemistry and the oceans will be one of the environmental issues addressed. Contact ACS Meetings Dept., 1155 16th St. NW, Washington DC 20036 (tel: 202 872 4396; fax: 202 872 6128; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal7

Aug. 23-28, 1998, Pacific Grove, Calif. — Energy Efficiency in a Competitive Environment—The ACEEE 1998 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Sponsored by the Amer. Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Panels will cover topics including sustainable development, climate change, energy planning and policy; international collaborations and climate market issues; technologies, design and performance analysis of residential and commercial buildings. The program includes panels on international collaborations and global market issues, and on sustainable development, climate change, energy planning and policy. Registrations are due July 13. Contact ACEEE Summer Study Off., 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, S. 801, Washington DC 20036 (tel: 202 429 8873; fax: 202 429 2248; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #ddec97cal

Aug. 23-28, 1998, Evora, Portugal — IGU/UGI Pre-Regional Conference Workshop—Commission on Climatology. Topics include global climate variability and change, emphasizing the North Atlantic and Europe; and climate change and extreme weather events and their impacts. Abstracts are due Jan. 15, 1998 to: Antonio Lopes, Centro de Estudos Geograficos da Univ. de Lisboa, Alameda da Univ., 1699 Lisboa codex, Portugal (tel: 351 1 7940218; fax: 351 1 7938690; e-mail:

Event #djun98cal4

Aug. 24-28, 1998, Troms?, Norway — International Symposium on Polar Aspects of Global Change. Sponsored by IASC (Intl. Arctic Sci. Committee) and SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Res.). A variety of sessions includes: climatic trends in the Arctic and Antarctic; teleconnections linking polar and low-to-mid-latitude regions; biogeochemical cycles; atmospheric chemistry; ozone and UV-B; regional and socio-economic impacts of global change. Contact the Symposium in care of Norsk Polarinstitutt, N-900f Troms?, Norway, (fax: 47 77 60 67 01; e-mail:

Event #dmay98cal8

Aug. 26-29, 1998, Lisbon, Portugal — Periglacial Landscapes: Their Making, Preservation and Climatic Significance. Contact Goncalo Teles Vieira, Centro de Estudos Geogr?ficos, Faculdade de Letras, Univ. de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1699 Lisboa Codex, Portugal (tel: 351 1 7940218; fax: 351 1 7938690; e-mail: Precedes the IGU Regional Conference 98 (Aug. 30-Sep 2), which has the theme: "The Atlantic: Past, Present and Future" (GCCD, Mar. 1998). And follows the Sixth International Conference on Palaeoceanography (Aug. 23-28, 1998), which has the theme: "Reconstructing Ocean History: A Window into the Future" (GCCD, Jan. 1998). Both conferences are in Lisbon.

Event #dmar98cal8

Aug. 30-Sep 2, 1998, Lisbon, Portugal — IGU Regional Conference 98. Has the theme, "The Atlantic: Past, Present and Future," and will cover such topics as global and regional ocean management, oceans in geographical research, the impact of rising sea levels on coastal margins, and marine and coastal protection. Obtain information on the Internet: e-mail:; WWW: (See Global Climate Change Digest, Dec. 1998, for details on the related IGU/UGI Pre-Regional Conference Workshop—Commission on Climatology, Aug. 23-28, 1998, Evora, Portugal.)

Event #ddec97cal

Aug. 30-Sep. 2, 1998, Interlaken, Switz. — Fourth International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-4). Will provide a forum for the latest advances in topics like the capture, storage, utilization and recycling of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, as well as implementation and policy issues. Abstracts are due Mar. 1, 1998, to: A. Smith, GHGT-4 Secretariat, IEA GHG R&D Prog., CRE Group Ltd., Stoke Orchard, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52 4RZ, UK (tel: 44 1242 680 753; fax: 44 1242 680 758; e-mail:; WWW: Also contact Baldur Eliasson, Energy & Global Change, ABB Corp. Res. Ltd., Baden-Dattwil, Switz. (tel: 41 56 486 8031; fax: 41 56 493 4569; e-mail:


Event #dsep97cal15

Sep. 5-9, 1998, Lanzhou, China. Sixth International Symposium on Antarctic Glaciology (ISAG-6). Sponsored by the SCAR Working Group on Glaciology, the Intl. Glaciology Society et al. Will focus on snow and ice science in Antarctica and the South Ocean as it relates to our understanding of snow and ice properties, their variations, and global change. Contact ISAG-6 Secy. General, Lab. of Ice Core and Cold Regions Environ., Lanzhou Inst. of Glaciol., SASS, Lanzhou 730000, China (fax: 86 931 8885241; e-mail:

Event #dfeb98cal27

Sep. 7-11, 1998, Lisbon, Portugal — GIS PlaNET '98. Will discuss application of research in support of developing a geographic information society, including academic, industrial, governmental and public perspectives. Topics include agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, crop and forest management, economic development. Abstracts are due Mar. 13, 1998. See this Web site:; e-mail: Or contact Tom Silva, GIS Planet Univ., 13 Pavilhao Florestal, Tapada da Ajuda, 1399 Lisboa Codex, Portugal (tel: 351 1 362 4452; fax: 351 1 364 5000).

Event #dnov97cal17

 Sep. 7-11, 1998, Norwich, U.K. — Second International Conference on Climate and History: Past and Present Variability — A Context for the Future. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Climate Research Unit by Hubert Lamb, this meeting will cover climate variability over the last few millennia, human adjustments, and context for the future. The conference program is now available. Contact Susan Boland, Clim. Res. Unit., Univ. E. Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK (tel: 44 1603 592088; fax: 44 1603 507784; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal9

Sep. 13-18, 1998, Durban, South Africa — 11th World Clean Air and Environmental Congress & Expo. Will include a workshop (Sep. 16) on the UNFCCC. Contact Conference Secretariat, POB 36782, Menlo Park, 0102 S. Africa (tel: 27 12 348 4493; fax: 27 12 348 1563; e-mail:

Event #dmar98cal10

Sep. 13-18, 1998, Houston, Tex. — 17th World Energy Council Congress. Energy and Technology: Sustaining World Development into the Next Millennium. The divisions of this triennial event, organized by the U.S. Energy Assoc. (USEA), will look at four states of energy development from the current stage (through 2015), to the fourth (beyond 2050) where economically and environmental sustainable energy systems are expected to emerge. It will also develop and explore concepts for an environmentally sound, sustainable energy future, and the practical, economically sound ways of attaining this future. The program is now available. Contact Richard Williamson, Houston World Energy Congress, USEA, 1620 Eye St. NW, S. 1050, Washington DC 20006 (tel: 202 331 0415; fax: 202 331 0418; e-mail:

Event #djun98cal6

Sep. 15-17, 1998, Austin, Texas — 1998 Regional Climate Workshop: Southern Great Plains. Another in a continuing series, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. For information on this workshop, contact Herman Mayeux or Robbie Rand, U.S. Dept. Agriculture (fax: 301 504 6231; e-mail:; e-mail: For general information contact: USGCRP Coordination Office, (fax: 202 314 2239; fax: 202 448 8681; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djun98cal7

Sep. 22-24, 1998, Hamburg, Ger. — Das Klima des 21. Jahrhunderts (Climate in the Twenty-First Century). Will cover topics including past climate, anthropogenic influence on climate, changes and consequences in the twenty-first century. Contact Jos? Luis Loz?n (e-mail:; Sabina Astete (e-mail:

Event #dmay98cal9

Sep. 28-Oct. 1, 1998, Wengen, Switz. — Biomass Burning and Its Interrelationships with the Climate System. One of a series of workshops on global change research with a strong interdisciplinary emphasis. Topics include modeling interactions between smoke, aerosols and climate on regional and global scales; lessons from research on Nuclear Winter; the relationships between fire magnitude and frequency in a changing 21st century climate. Contact Martin Beniston, Dept. Geog., Univ. Fribourg, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switz. (tel: 41 26 300 90 10; fax: 41 26 300 97 46; e-mail: Martin.Beniston@Unifr.CH; WWW:

Event #djul98cal1

Sep. 30, 1998, Toronto, Ontario, Can. — Fourth National Climate Change Conference. Will focus on offsets under the Kyoto Protocol, emissions trading potential, and the expected outcomes of the Buenos Aires Conference of Parties. Contact Tom Vant, Exec. Secy., Alliance for Responsible Environ. Alternatives, 9421 17 Ave., Edmonton AB T6N 1H4, Can. (tel: 403 970 6959; fax: 403 970 6805).


Event #ddec97cal

Oct. 4-8, 1998, Madison, Wisc. — Expanding Bioenergy Partnerships: Eighth Biennial Conference. An international conference hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Energy that will emphasize bioenergy mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and look at the implications of the Kyoto conference on greenhouse gas emissions. Also will look at financing issues, and innovative projects from around the world. Broad participation is encouraged from those studying biomass cultivation, policy issues, market opportunities, technical and economic assessments of cropping and production, and liquid biofuels. Abstracts are due Feb. 28, 1998, to: Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Prog., 35 E. Wacker Dr., S. 1850, Chicago IL 60601 (tel: 312 407 0177; fax: 312 407 0038; WWW: Also obtain general information at the same address, c/o Fred Kuzel (e-mail:, or Naureen Rana (e-mail:

Event #dmay98cal10

Oct. 11-13, 1998, Pullman, Wash. — Dust Aerosols, Loess and Global Change. Proposed topics include climatic events and other drivers of loess depositional cycles during the Quaternary Period, comparisons of modern and ancient dust transport and deposition at mid-latitudes, possible role of dust aerosols as a feedback in last glacial climate change, impacts of transport and deposition of dust aerosols today and impacts on the global environment. Contact Alan Busacca, Dept. Crop & Soil Sci., Washington State Univ., Pullman WA 99164 (tel: 509 335 1859; fax: 509 335 8674; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal11

Oct. 13-16, 1998, Crystal City, Va. — Second International Specialty Conference on Climate Change: Global Climate Change — Science, Policy, and Mitigation/Adaptation Strategies. Organized by the Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc. Papers may cover a broad variety of areas including: climate change science, climate policy development, greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation options and strategies. Abstracts are due June 22, 1998, to: John Kinsman (fax: 202 508 5150; e-mail:; Elmer Holt (fax: 202 586 2082; e-mail:; or Mark Trexler (fax: 503 786 9859; e-mail:

Event #djun98cal8

Oct. 14-16, 1998 — 1998 Regional Climate Workshop: Tribal Lands. Another in a continuing series, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. For information on this workshop, contact Robert Gough, Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (tel: 715 426 1415; fax: 715 426 1415 *51; e-mail: For general information contact: USGCRP Coordination Office, (fax: 202 314 2239; fax: 202 448 8681; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal12

Oct. 14-25, 1998, Fairbanks, Alaska — The Seventh Annual Meeting of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). Will consist of invited, contributed and poster papers on these and other subjects: decadal variability of North Pacific climate; carbon cycle in the North Pacific Ocean, emphasizing factors influencing oceanic CO2 uptake and carbon processes; climate change and carrying capacity of the North Pacific, including recent findings of GLOBEC and similar programs; small pelagic species and climate change in the North Pacific Ocean. Abstracts are due July 1, 1998, through the Web site or by e-mail: PICES Secretariat, Inst. Ocean Sci., POB 6000, Sidney BC V8L 4B2, Can.; (tel: 250 363 6366; fax: 250 363 6827; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal11

Oct. 19-22, 1998, Manila, The Philippines — International Conference on Tropical Forests and Climate Change. Contact Conference Secretariat, Environ. Forestry Prog., UPLB College of forestry, 4031 College, Laguna, The Philipppines (tel: 63 49 536 2342; fax: 63 49 536 2341; e-mail:

Event #ddec97cal

Oct. 19-23, 1998, Vienna, Austria — ECAC 98: Second European Conference on Applied Climatology. Will provide a setting for exchange of information on climate and its prediction for better decision making on sustainable development and environmental protection. (Will run in parallel with the European Climate Science Conference and the Second European Conference on Climate and History. [GCCD, Nov. 1997.]) Short abstracts are due now to: ECAC 98, Hohe Warte 38, A-1190 Vienna, Austria (fax: 43 1 3602672; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmar98cal12

Oct. 25-28, 1998, Fairbanks, Alaska — The 49th Arctic Division Science Conference. Will serve as a Wadati Conference on Global Change, and will inaugurate the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska. The theme is: International Cooperation in Arctic Research: Detecting Global Change and Its Impacts in the Western Arctic. Sessions will cover international research collaboration, ocean-atmosphere-ice interactions, land-atmosphere-ice interactions, paleoclimates, regional impacts of climate change, and global implications of a changing Arctic. A call for abstracts will be issued soon. Contact Mary Farrell, Coordinator, Geophys. Inst., Univ. Alaska, Fairbanks AK 99775; (e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal13

Oct. 26-28, 1998, Washington, D.C. — The Earth Technologies Forum. Sponsored by the Intl. Climate Change Partnership, Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, and the U.S. Environ. Protec. Agency et al. Combines two events formerly held separately: the Ozone Protection Technologies Conference, and the International Climate Change Conference and Technologies Exhibit. Covers the latest information on climate and ozone layer protection technologies, and information on U.S. climate change and ozone protection policies, emissions accounting and compliance, joint implementation, emissions trading, business opportunities. Contact Heather Tardel, Earth Technol. Forum, 2111 Wilson Blvd. #850, Arlington VA 22201 (tel: 703 807 4052; fax: 703 243 2874; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay98cal14

Oct. 26-29, 1998, St. Petersburg, Fla. — 20th Annual Meeting of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program. Presentations will cover historical and global perspectives of deposition, total mercury and methyl mercury in precipitation, impact of recent large emissions reductions on precipitation chemistry, and related atmospheric and environmental phenomena. Abstracts, preferably by e-mail, are due Sep. 1, 1998, to: Kathy Douglas, Illinois State Water Survey, 2204 Griffith Dr., Champaign IL 61820 (tel: 217 333 7871; fax: 217 333 0249; e-mail:; WWW: (This Web Site also contains NADP data and related information.) Also contact Dennis Lamb, Program Chair, Meteor. Dept., Penn. State Univ., Univ. Pk. PA 16802 (tel: 814 865 0174; e-mail:

Event #djul98cal2

Oct. 28-30, 1998, Washington, D.C. — Fifty years of Ocean Discovery. Will include panels on major international programs in ocean science; opportunities and challenges in ocean science. Contact Ann Carlisle, Ocean Studies Bd. (tel: 202 334 2714; e-mail:


Event #dmay98cal15

Nov. 2-7, 1998, Albuquerque, New Mexico — Second AMS Symposium on Urban Environment. To be held in conjunction with the 13th Conference on Biometeorology and Aerobiology and the 23rd Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Sessions are expected on topics including the urban heat island effects and its possible contamination of long-term air temperature records, and cities as agents of global change. Contact Sue Grimmond, Symposium Chair, Dept. Geog., Student Bldg. 120, Indiana Univ., Bloomington IN 47405 (fax: 812 855 1661; e-mail:; WWW: For registration and hotel information: e-mail:

Event #djul98cal3

Nov. 2-13, 1998, Buenos Aires, Argentina — Fourth Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Contact Climate Secretariat, POB 26 01 24, 53153 Bonn, Ger. (tel: 49 228 815 1000; fax: 49 228 815 1999; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #dmay97cal21

1998 International Gas Research Conference, Nov. 8-11, 1998, San Diego, Calif. Possible topics include hydrate inhibition and formation, methane from renewable sources, global warming, and environmental safety. Abstracts are due July 31, 1997. Contact R.V. Gemmer, Intl. Gas. Res. Conf., Gas Res. Inst., 8600 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago IL 60631 (tel: 773 399 8313; fax: 773 399 8170; e-mail:; Internet:

Event #djun98cal9

Nov. 8-12, 1999, Sydney, Australia — 15th International Congress of Biometeorology and International Conference on Urban Climatology (ICB-ICU'99). Sponsored by the World Meteor. Organization et al. Will summarize recent research and policy development relating to modeling atmospheric processes and the climatic effects of cities at any scale, on topics such as the impacts of climate change and El Ni?o, morbidity and mortality, and climate change and decision making. Consult this Web site: Or contact ICB-ICUC'99 Secretariat, Tour Hosts Pty. Ltd., GBO Box 128, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia (tel: 61 2 9262 3135 ; fax: 61 2 9262 2277; e-mail:

Event #dmay98cal16

Nov. 15-18, 1998, Rome, Italy — Greening of Industry Network: Seventh International Conference on Partnership and Leadership — Building Alliances for a Sustainable Future. Themes include emerging partnerships for sustainability, building global institutions, environmental justice, the north/south perspective, research agenda. Contact Theo de Bruijn, Conference Committee, Ctr. for Clean Technol., CSTM, Univ. Twente, POB 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Neth. (tel: 31 53 489 3203; fax: 31 53 489 4850; e-mail:

Event #djun98cal10

Nov. 16-18, 1998, Baltimore, Md. — Ocean Community Conference '98. Sponsored by the Amer. Geophys. Union et al. Will address exploration in the sea; sustainable use of the coastal ocean; the ocean's influence on weather and climate. Contact V. Feuerstein, ITCMS, 445 Hoes Ln., Piscataway NJ 08855 (tel: 732 562 6826; fax: 732 981 1203; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djul98cal4

Nov. 16-18, 1998, Taipei, Taiwan — Economics of Sustainable Development: Linking Economics and the Environment. Will cover environmental and economic policies as well as national environmental accounting. One of 20 symposia in the 1998 Inter-Congress on Sustainable Development in the Pacific. Contact Daigee Shaw, Inst. Econ., Academica Sinica, Nanking, Taipei 11529, Taiwan (fax: 886 2 785 3946; e-mail:

Event #djul98cal5

Nov. 17-27, 1998, Cairo, Egypt — 10th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. Contact K.M. Sarma, Exec. Secy., Ozone Secretariat, POB 30552, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: 254 2 621 234; fax: 254 2 521 930; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djul97cal26

Energex '98: The Seventh International Energy Conference and Exhibition, Nov. 19-21, 1998, Manama, Bahrain. Will cover a complete range of energy-related topics, as well as risk assessment, international law and finance, and carbon taxes. Proceedings will be published during the conference by Taylor & Francis Ltd. For information about submitting abstracts, contact W.E. Alnaser, Univ. Bahrain, POB 32038, State of Bahrain (tel: 973 688381; fax: 973 683278; e-mail:

Event #djun98cal11

Nov. 23-25, 1998, Cotonou, Republic of Benin — START/IOC/LOICZ Workshop on Climate Change and Coastal Processes in West Africa. Climate change will have major implications in this region of large cities with high population density, which is experiencing other, related environmental problems. Conference topics include climate processes, coastal biogeomorphology, coastal hazards, remote sensing, socio-economic impacts of climate change. Regarding submitting abstracts, contact: Larry Awosika, Nigerian Inst. for Oceanography & Marine Res., PMB 12729 Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria (tel/fax: 234 1 619517, e-mail:, WWW:

Event #djun98cal12

Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 1998, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — Pacem in Maribus XXVI—The Crisis of Knowledge: New Directions for Learning and Informed Decision Making for Oceans and Coasts. Organized by the Intl. Ocean Inst. and the Canadian Association of the Club of Rome. Will develop programs to enhance knowledge development and management for users of ocean space and resources. Panel discussions include: the nature of the crisis; impacts on developing countries; risk management and precautionary approaches; marine science and ocean governance in the 21st century. Contact Robert Race, Intl. Ocean Inst., Dalhousie Univ., 1226 Le Marchant St., Halifax NS B3H 3P7, Can. (tel: 902 494 1737; fax: 902 494 2034; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #djul98cal6

November 30-December 2, 1998, Kingswood College, University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia — 12th Australia New Zealand Climate Forum. The theme of the Forum is Understanding Climate and Its Regional Impacts, including regional climate variability, impacts on primary industry, impacts on other industry, impacts on water resources, and impacts on the broader environment. The fee for full registration is A$150. Additional information:;

Event #doct98cal2

Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 1998, Baltimore — Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment Working Conference. Sponsored by the U.S. EPA. It will characterize the condition of individual ecologi-cal resources, such as estuaries, streams and forests, and identify possible associations with stressors that may explain impaired conditions for both specific resources and the over-all ecosystem of the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact: Conf. Coord., Technology Planning & Management Corp., Mill Wharf Plaza, Suite 208 Scituate, MA, 02066; tel: 781-544-3063; fax: 781-544-3086; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #doct98cal3

Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 1998, International Hurricane Center, Florida International University, Miami Climate — Change and the Intra-Americas Region. Cosponsored by the Organization of American States and the US EPA. This conference will seek to develop cooperative strategies to protect the Wider Caribbean region from hurricanes, storms, sea level rise, coral bleaching and other threats associated with climatic variability and climate change. It will focus especially on implications of climate change for insurance and emergency planning, on means of protecting parks and vulnerable ecosystems from climate change and sea level rise, and energy efficiency and alternative energy measures to reduce greenhouse emissions. Contact: Michele Pena,, 202-547-0104.


Event #doct98cal4

Dec. 1, 1998, Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City, Mo. — Climate Change: What Does It Mean for the Midwest? Convened by the U.S. EPA. Contact Monica Duda, Waste Policy Institute, 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600, Arlington, Virginia 22201, phone: 703-247-2410, fax: 703-524-7335.

Event #djun98cal13

Dec. 1-4, 1998, Paris, France — WMO/IOC/ICSU Conference on the WCRP Climate Variability and Predictability Study (CLIVAR). Organized to advance the planning and begin the implementation of CLIVAR, the primary atmosphere-ocean research component of the World Climate Research Program. CLIVAR focuses on the role of the coupled ocean-atmosphere within the overall climate system, emphasizing variability, especially within the oceans, on seasonal to centennial time scales. Contact CLIVAR Conference Secretariat, c/o Max Planck Inst. Meteor., Bundesstr. 55, D-20146 Hamburg, Ger. (tel: 49 40 41173 412; fax: 49 40 41173 413; e-mail:; WWW:, or (These web sites should be updated by the end of July.)

Event #djun98cal14

Dec. 6-10, 1998, San Francisco, Calif. — American Geophysical Society 1998 Fall Meeting. Sessions relating to climate change are expected in these sections: atmospheric sciences, hydrology, and ocean sciences. Abstracts are due by Aug. 26 (by mail) or by Sep. 2 by interactive web to: AGU, Meetings Dept., 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481; 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW: See Eos, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, pp. 306-307, June 30, 1998.

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Dec. 7-9, 1998, Orlando, Fla., Omni Rosen Hotel — Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions. This conference is devoted to the sharing of information on current and ongoing research into methyl bromide alternatives. The conference will feature concurrent sessions concerning research on alternatives to methyl bromide for preplant, post-harvest, and structural uses. Sponsored by Methyl Bromide Alternatives Outreach in cooperation with The Crop Protection Coalition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Registration: $250.00; $325.00 after November 15. For further information: Methyl Bromide Alternatives Outreach, 144 W. Peace River Dr., Fresno, CA, 93711; tel: 209-447-2127; fax: 209-436- 0692; e-mail Gary Obenauf at

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Dec. 7-11, 1998, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe — The Environmetrics Conference. One of the Satellite Meetings of the International Biometric Conference 1998, and sponsored by Group Zimbabwe of the Intl. Biometric Soc. Included in the theme, biometry at work towards environment, are topics such as climate change, and ecological, health, and socio-economic issues. Regarding submission of abstracts, contact: S. Nadarajah, Sch. Math. & Statistics, Univ. Plymouth, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA, UK (tel: 44 1752 232723; fax: 44 1752 232780; e-mail:; WWW:

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Dec. 8-10, 1998, New Orleans — The Emission Inventory: Living in a Global Environment. Sponsored by the U.S. EPA. It will cover the inclusion of greenhouse gases and other nontraditional pollutants in industrial emission estimates, the makeup of biogenic and agricultural emissions, and global-climate issues. Contact: Sharon Nizich, c/o Sally Dombrowski, U.S. EPA, MD-14, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; tel: 919-541-0875; fax: 919-541-0684; e-mail:

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Dec. 8, 1998, Washington, D.C., Dirksen Senate Office Bldg. — U.S. Global Change Research Program Seminar Series. “Changes in Carbon Sources and Sinks: The Outlook for Climate Change in the Future.” Contact: A. D. Socci, USGCRP, 400 Virginia Ave., SW, Suite 750, Washington, DC, 20024; tel: 202-314-2235; fax: 202-488-8681; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #doct98cal7

Dec. 11, 1998, Zagreb, Croatia — The Future Facing the Energy Sector Following the Kyoto Conference: 7th Energy Day in Croatia Forum. Additional information: Croatian Energy Association, Ulica grada Vukovara 37, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel: +385 1 61 25 455; fax: +385 1 61 14 266.

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