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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999


A chronological list of all 1996 events that have appeared in the calendar listings of the Global Climate Change Digest.



Event #d96cal1

American Economics Association Meeting, Jan. 5-7, 1996, San Francisco, Calif. Submit suggestions for the program by Feb. 1, 1995, to: Anne Krueger, AEA Meetings, Dept. Economics, MC6072, Stanford Univ., Stanford CA 94305.

Event #d96cal2

Regional Workshop on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific, Jan. 15-19, 1996, Manila, Philippines. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophys. & Astron. Services Admin. (PAGASA). Will cover the title topics, as well as regional networking and cooperation, and will provide an opportunity to identify and discuss regional issues. Contact Leoncio Amadore, PAGASA, ADB Bldg., 1424 Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Philippines.

Event #d96cal3

Third International Conference/Workshop on Integrating GIS and Environmental Modeling, Jan. 21-25, 1996, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contact Natl. Ctr. Geog. Info. & Anal., Phelps Hall 3510, Univ. California, Santa Barbara CA 93106 (tel: 805 893 8224; fax: 805 893 8617; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal4

American Meteorological Society 76th Annual Meeting, Jan. 28-Feb. 2, 1996, Alanta, Georgia. Several conferences and symposia have been or will be scheduled. Receiving expanded attention for 1996 will be: education (including Project ATMOS-PHERE); applying meteorology to environmental and other societal needs; and physical oceanography (in recognition of the 25th anniversary of J. Phys. Oceanog.). Details available so far follow. (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 2372 ff., Dec. 1994.)

  • Eighth Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography. A call for oral and poster presentations will be issued. Contact Gary Jedlovec, NASA/Global Hydrol. & Clim. Ctr., 977 Explored Blvd., Huntsville AL 35806 (internet: gary.jedlovec@msfc.
  • Fifth Symposium on Education. The theme will be "Education for the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences: Building the Future on a Solid Foundation. Papers will cover elementary, high school, under-graduate and graduate education. There will be a joint session with IIPS (12th Intl. Conference on Interactive Information Processing Systems). Abstracts are due June 1, 1995 to: David Smith (K-12 papers), Oceanog. Dept., U.S. Naval Acad., 572 Holloway Rd., Annapolis MD 21402 (fax: 410-293-2137); Lisa Bastiaans (college and university papers; and joint session with IIPS), Phys. Sci. Dept., Nassau Community Coll., Garden City NY 11530 (fax: 516-572-7846).
  • Will also include Symposium on the Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System (GOALS), which is part of the Cimate Varibility and Predictability (CLIVAR) Program of the World Climate Research Program. Invited, oral and poster presentations will emphasize the structure and dynamics of the ocean-atmosphere-land system annual cycle; the relationship of global interannual climate variability to the annual cycle; tropical thermal atmospheric sources; tropical-extratropical interaction; interactions between interannual and interdecadal variability. Abstracts are due June 1 to: P.J. Webster, Dept Astrophys., Univ. Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 (tel: 303-492-5882; fax: 303-492-3822; e-mail:
  • Seventh Symposium on Global Change Studies, focusing mainly on coupled models of the earth system and predictions of future global change. Contact Eric Barron, Earth System Sci. Ctr., 248 Deike Bldg., Pennsylvania State Univ., Univ. Pk. PA 16802 (tel: 814 865 1619; fax: 814 865 3191; e-mail:

Event #d96cal5

The Changing Policy Environment: Impact on Our Science and Our Lives, Jan. 29, 1996, Atlanta, Ga. A special session/town meeting forum is being held in connection with the 76th Annual Meeting, American Meteorological Society. It will look at changes unfolding now and how they compare with historical perspective, and attempt to add insight into what the future might hold. Overview presentations that discuss policy issues will be followed by a question-and-answer period. Contact Amer. Meteor. Soc., 45 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108 (tel: 617 227 2425; fax: 617 742 8718). (Global Climate Change Digest, Jan., Feb., Sep. 1995)

Event #d96cal6

First Open Science Meeting of Land Use and Land Cover Change (LUCC), Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 1996, Amsterdam, Neth. Sponsored by the Royal Dutch Acad. Sci. Contact Louise Fresco or Rik Leemans, Dept. Agron., POB 341, 6700 AH Wageningen, Neth. (tel: 31 8370 83040; fax: 30 8370 84575; e-mail:


Event #d96cal7

The Complete Environmental Internet. To be held at the following locations and dates: Washington, D.C. (Feb. 1-2, Mar. 7-8; Apr. 11-12); Saginaw, Mich. (Feb. 16-17, Mar. 14-15); Santa Barbara, Calif. (Feb. 22-23, Mar. 21-22); Chicago, Ill. (Feb. 29-Mar. 1, Mar. 28-29). Fee: $595-$995. A hands-on training program that teaches all the major methods of accessing on-line information, including instruction on Telnet, FTP, and World Wide Web, using tools developed by CIESIN (Consortium for International Earth Science Network). Contact CIESIN Classroom Earth, 2250 Pierce Rd., Univ. Ctr. MI 48710 (tel: 800 803 7175 or 517 797 2744; fax: 517 797 2622; e-mail:; URL:

Event #d96cal8

1996 Annual Meeting-American Association for the Advancement of Science, Feb. 8-13, 1996, Baltimore, Md. Papers will be grouped under broad areas such as policy, science and engineering, and science and society. Registration deadline is Jan. 5, 1996. Contact AAAS Meetings, 1333 H St. NW, Washington DC 20005 (tel: 202 426 6450; Internet: amsie96

Event #d96cal9

1996 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Feb. 12-16, 1996, San Diego, Calif. Jointly sponsored by the Amer. Geophys. Union and the Amer. Soc. Limnol. & Ocean Sci. Special sessions will cover a broad range of topics; detailed write-ups will appear in Eos and in August on the WORLD WIDE WEB/AGU Home Page. Sessions include the iron hypothesis, the coastal zone, Antarctic productivity, dissolved organic matter in marine systems. Abstracts are due Oct. 2, 1995 to: (8-9, then extended abstract deadline to Oct. 11) 1996 Ocean Sciences Meeting, AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202-462-6900; fax: 202-328-0566; e-mail: See Eos, 216-217, May 23, 1995.

Event #d96cal10

13th Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences, Feb. 21-23, 1996, San Francisco, Calif. Session topics include statistical reconstruction of climatic time series and use of climate forecasts. Contact Amer. Meteor. Soc., 45 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108 (tel: 617 227 2425; fax: 617 742 8718).

MARCH 1996

Event #d96cal11

International Workshop on NOx Emission from Soils and Its Influence on Atmospheric Chemistry, Mar. 4-6, 1996, Tsukuba, Japan. Sponsored by the Intl. Global Atmos. Chemistry Proj., Japan Sci. & Technol. Agency et al. Will, for example, integrate existing field and laboratory studies on NO and N2O emissions from soils, and clarify what is known about the ratio of NO and N2O in different ecosystems. For information or to submit an abstract, contact Arvin Mosier ARS, USDA, POB E, Ft. Collins CO 80522 (tel: 970 490 8250; fax: 970 490 8213; e-mail:

Event #d96cal12

RENEW '96: Promoting a Renewable Energy Future, Mar. 4-6, 1996, Boston, Mass. Sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Assoc. Renewable energy leaders will explore near-term prospects for the widespread development of distributed and gridscale renewable energy in the northeastern U.S. Among the topics to be covered are: renewables and restructuring, photovoltaics in buildings, renewable energy economics, governmental promotion of renewables, climate change and the insurance industry, the true costs of business as usual. Contact NESEA, 50 Miles St., Greenfield MA 01301 (tel: 413 774 6051; fax: 413 774 6053).

Event #d96cal13

International Congress on Environment and Climate, Mar. 4-8, 1996, Rome Italy. Sponsored by UNESCO et al. Session topics include new environmental technologies, climate change and its impact on natural resources, depletion of the ozone layer. Abstracts are due Oct. 15, 1995, to: P. Carrion (tel: 39 40 2140 203; fax: 39 40 327 307).

Event #d96cal14

Annual Meeting of the NOAA Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory, Mar. 6-7, 1996, Boulder, Colo. Will address monitoring and analysis of changes in the concentrations of climate forcing agents such as greenhouse gases (including ozone), aerosols, and radiation. Contact J. Peterson, Mail Code R/E/CG1, CMDL, NOAA, 325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303 (tel: 303 497 6668; fax: 303 497 6290; e-mail:

Event #d96cal15

Paddy Fields: Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainable Agriculture, Mar. 7-9, 1996, Tsukuba, Japan. Will include an overview, country reports, case studies and execution. Contact Katsu Minami, Japan Intl. Res. Ctr. for Agricultural Studies, Ohwashi 1-2, Tsukuba 305, Japan (tel: 81 298 38 6306; fax: 81 298 38 6651; e-mail:

Event #d96cal16

26th Arctic Workshop, Mar. 14-16, 1996, Boulder, Colo. Will address a broad range of topics. Contact Cynthia Ocken-Roberts, Inst. Arctic & Alpine Res. (INSTAAR), Univ. Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 (e-mail:

Event #d96cal17

Second International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Mar. 18-19, 1996, Manchester, U.K. Contact ERP Environ., POB 75, Shipley, W. Yorkshire BD17 6EU, UK (tel: 44 1274 530408; fax: 44 1274 530409; e-mail:

Event #d96cal18

Managing for Biodiversity: Emerging Ideas for the Electric Utility Industry, Mar. 19-20, 1996, Williamsburg, Va. Sponsored by Elec. Power Res. Inst. and expected to appeal to utility staff, as well as government officials and scientists. Will explore issues for electric utilities including policy, regulation, resource management and the public interest; develop insights regarding the current state of biodiversity science; and establish communication networks. Contact Pam Turner, Electric Power Res. Inst., POB 10412, Palo Alto CA 94303 (tel: 415 855 2010; fax: 415 855 2014).

Event #d96cal19

GEMI '96: Agenda for a Changing Environment, Mar. 20-21, 1996, Arlington, Va. Sponsored by GEMI (Global Environ. Mgmt. Initiative) to highlight these components of environmental management: (1) regulatory framework (such as risk and air quality); (2) the emerging global marketplace (particularly the Pacific Rim, Latin America and Africa); (3) environmental health and safety management practices. Registrations prior to Feb. 16 cost $900; government/nonprofit registrations cost $550. Contact GEMI '96, c/o JT&A Inc., 1000 Connecticut Ave. NW, S. 802, Washington DC 20036 (tel: 202 429 0776; fax: 202 466 8554).

Event #d96cal20

Towards Sustainable Transportation, Mar. 25-28, 1996, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Aimed at assessing long-term goals for transportation that are consistent with sustainable development, and at looking at North America, Asia and the Pacific. Contact Julie Charbonneau, Transport Systems Div., Environ. Canada, 351 St. Joseph Blvd., 13th Fl., Hull PQ K1A 0H3, Can. (tel: 819 953 9967; fax: 819 953 7815; e-mail:

Event #d96cal21

Eighth Australasian Remote Sensing Conference, Mar. 25-29, 1995, Canberra, Australia. Contact ACTS, GPO Box 2200, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia (tel: 61 6 257 3299; fax: 61 6 257 3256; e-mail:

Event #d96cal22

The Effects of Climate Change on Cetaceans-International Whaling Commission [IWC] Symposium and Workshop, Mar. 25-30, 1996, Oahu, Hawaii. The symposium (Mar. 25-26) will examine processes related to global change (including ozone depletion), and their possible effects on cetaceans now or in the near future. The agenda draws heavily on recent results of the IPCC. The workshop (Mar. 27-30) will be limited to 35 participants, with preference given to symposium speakers and active scientists. It will address information gaps related to physical and biological linkages, and implications for the IWC. Contact Steven Reilly, Sci. Comm. Chair, POB 271, La Jolla CA 92038 (tel: 619 546 7164; fax: 619 546 7198).

Event #d96cal23

GLOBE 96, Mar. 26-29, 1996, Vancouver, British Columbia, Can. An international trade fair and conference covering policy and regulation, pollution prevention, clean energy and more. Contact Nancy Wright, GLOBE Foundation of Canada, #504-999 Canada Pl., Vancouver BC V6C 3E1, Can. (tel: 604 775 1994; fax: 604 666 8123).

Event #d96cal24

Global Science and Policy Forum, Mar. 27-28, 1996, Bangkok, Thailand. Presented priority issues relating to global change; stressed the importance of research as a basis for policy making in Southeast Asia; and encouraged cooperative action. Contact Beverly Goh, SARCS Secretariat, Inst. Environ. Res., Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok 10330, Thailand (tel: 66 2 218 8126; fax: 66 2 255 4967; e-mail:

APRIL 1996

Event #d96cal25

Non-Governmental Organization Consultation on the Global Environmental Facility, Apr. 1, 1996, Washington D.C. Contact Maria Subiza, Info. Officer, GEF, The World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Washington DC 20433 (tel: 202 473 8324; fax: 202 522 3240). GEF documents and information are available on the World Wide Web at Other information can be obtained through the GEF/Montreal Protocol site at

Event #d96cal26

GW7: The Seventh Global Warming International Conference and Expo, Apr. 1-3, 1996, Vienna, Austria. A broad list of topics includes energy and natural resource management; international coordination, and law and policy making; global warming and public health; remote sensing. Accepted papers will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication in World Resour. Rev. Abstracts are due Nov. 17, 1995, to: Global Warming Intl. Ctr., POB 5275, Woodridge IL 60517 (tel: 708 910 1551; fax: 708 910 1561). Will also include a hands-on workshop for executives and technology managers: Industrial Technology and Greenhouse Gas Emission.6

Event #d96cal27

Implications of Global Environmental Change for Crops in Europe, Apr. 1-3, 1996, Cambridge, UK. Contact T.H. Thomas, Broom's Barn Experimental Sta., Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP286NP, UK (tel: 44 1284 810363; fax: 44 1284 811191).

Event #d96cal28

Gravity Wave Processes and Their Parameterization in Global Climate Models, Apr. 1-5, 1996, Santa Fe, New Mex. A NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Contact K. Hamilton, GFDL, POB 308, Princeton NJ 08542 (fax: 609 987 5063).

Event #d96cal29

GLOBALCON '96, Apr. 3-4, 1996, Denver, Colorado. A conference and exposition to showcase new technologies for solving energy and environmental problems. Will include an environmental management conference covering subjects such as CFC phaseout mandates and integrating environmental and energy issues. Contact Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404 447 5083; fax: 404 446 3969).

Event #d96cal30

Solar 96, Apr. 13-17, 1996, Asheville, N.C. Will feature the 25th American Solar Energy Society Annual Conference and the 21st National Passive Solar Conference. Contact ASES (Amer. Solar Energy Soc.), 2400 Central Ave., G-1, Boulder CO 80301 (tel: 303 443 3130; fax: 303 443 3212).

Event #d96cal31

International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Apr. 15-19, 1996, Budapest, Hungary. Sponsored by the European Ctr. for Pollut. Res. et al. Topics include sociological and philosophical considerations of global environmental problems; policy, management and risk assessment; and sustainable development. Contact B. Nath, ICEP Conf. Off., 253 Kilburn Ln., London W10 4BQ, UK (tel: 44 81 960 6823; fax: 44 81 960 1597).

Event #d96cal32

Strategies for Environmental Sustainability: Lessons from International Cooperation, Apr. 17-19, 1996, Moscow, Russia. A Joint NATO-Cooperation Partner Meeting/Advanced Research Workshop. Contact D. Dudek, Environ. Defense Fund, 257 Park Ave. S., New York NY 10010 (fax: 212 505 2375).

Event #d96cal33

Regional Conference on Joint Implementation: Countries in Transition, Apr. 17-19, 1996, Prague, Czech Rep. Contact SEVEn, POB 39, Slezska 7, 120 56 Prague 2, Czech Rep. (tel: 42 2 2424 7552; fax: 42 2 2424 7597; e-mail:

Event #d96cal34

The World Conference on Environmental Education, Apr. 22-24, 1996, Cochin, India. A call for papers has been issued. Ozone action programs, global warming and other environmental emergencies, environmental education in developing countries and international environmental law are among the topics. Contact M. Abdul Majeed, Inst. Environ. Educ., P.O. Pady, Trichur Dist., Kerala 680 699, India (fax: 91 487 331505).

Event #d96cal35

Human Dimension of Global Environmental Change: A State-of-the-Art Assessment of Integrated Research Frameworks, Apr. 22-26, 1996, Sinaia, Romania. Update from Global Climate Change Digest Nov. 1995; the date has been changed. A Joint NATO-Cooperation Partner Meeting/Advanced Research Workshop. Contact M. Waterstone, Dept. Geog., Univ. Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721 (fax: 602 621 2889; e-mail:

Event #d96cal36

Strategies for Environmental Sustainability: Lessons from International Cooperation, Apr. 24-26, 1996, Moscow, Russia. (Update from Global Climate Change Digest Nov. 1995; the date has been changed.) A joint NATO-Cooperation Partner Meeting/Advanced Research Workshop. Contact D. Dudek, Environ. Defense Fund, 257 Park Ave. S., New York NY 10010 (fax: 212 505 2375).

MAY 1996

Event #d96cal37

Final Workshop of the Mackenzie Basin Impact Study (MBIS), May 5-8, 1996, Yellowknife, NWT, Can. Will examine the findings of this six-year project, one of the first attempts at an integrative assessment of the impacts of climate change on a region. Contact Ross Herrington, Environ. Canada, Rm. 300, 2365 Albert St., Regina SK S4P 4K1, Can. (tel: 306 780 5313; fax: 306 780 5311; e-mail:

Event #d96cal38

Energy Technology Assessment: Data, Methods and Approaches, May 6-7, 1996, Leuven, Belgium. Organized by the Flemish Inst. for Technological Res. (Vlaamse Instelling voor Technol. Onderzoek-VITO) et al. An international seminar addressing methodologies and global analysis; global and specific technology assessment; policy and technology assessment. Contact Inge Hermans, VITO, Boeretang 200, B-2400 Mol, Belg. (tel: 32 14 33 58 60; fax: 32 14 32 11 85; e-mail:

Event #d96cal39

XXI General Assembly, European Geophysical Society, May 6-10, 1996, The Hague, Neth. A detailed list of sessions appearing in Eos (p. 423, Oct. 17) includes climate-ocean-atmosphere and the carbon cycle, atmospheric chemistry and climate, ocean circulation, global change hydrology, etc. Abstracts due Dec. 15. Contact EGS Office, Postfach 49, Max-Planck-Str. 1, 37189 Katlenburg-Lindau, Ger. (tel: 49 5556 1440; fax: 49 5556 4709). Full details via Internet:

Event #d96cal40

Halon Options Technical Working Conference, May 7-9, 1996, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sponsored by Ctr. for Global Environ. Technol. et al. Contact Robert Tapscott, Ctr. Global Environ. Technol., Univ. New Mexico, Albuquerque NM 87106 (tel: 505 272 7252; fax: 505 272 2703).

Event #d96cal41

European Conference on Applied Climatology, May 7-10, 1996, Norrkoping, Swed. Themes include climate applications, the state of European climate, and predicting and projecting European Climate. Contact Gunlog Wennerberg, Swed. Meteor. & Hydrol. Inst., 601 76 Norrkoping, Swed. (tel: 46 11 158000; fax: 46 11 170207).

Event #d96cal42

Sustainable Development in the Americas, May 10-11, 1996, Warrenton, Va. Contact Anne Dunne, Amer. Bar Assoc. (tel: 202 662 1693; fax: 202 662 1032).

Event #d96cal43

NCAR Community Coupled System Model Workshop, May 15-17, 1996, Denver, Colo.

Event #d96cal44

UNEP Conference on Activities Implemented Jointly Under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, May 20-24, 1996, Costa Rica. Will present opportunities, and will explore ways these various activities can bring about environmental benefits. Contact Preston Scott, World Foundation for Environ. & Develop., 1101 30th St. NW, S. 500, Washington DC 20007 (tel: 202 364 8276; fax: 202 686 3771; e-mail:

Event #d96cal45

1996 Spring Meeting: American Geophysical Union, May 20-24, 1996, Baltimore, Md. Some special sessions have been announced; suggestions for others are still being accepted. One session will address historical perspectives on climate change. Abstracts for papers are due Feb. 29, 1996. Some new procedures for submitting abstracts have been published in Eos, pp. 504-505, Dec. 5, 1995. Contact AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal46

Developments in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion, May 20-24, 1996, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Contact Tony Bridgwater, Energy Res. Group, Aston Univ., Birmingham B47ET, UK (tel: 44 121 359 3611 ext. 4647; fax: 44 121 359 4094).

Event #d96cal47

First Regional Conference on Climate Change, May 21-23, 1996, Tehran, Iran. Intended to widely publicize this issue in the region, and to attract the attention of policy makers regarding the impacts of climate change on economical and social issues, particularly with regard to agriculture and water resources. Contact G. Kamali, Iran Meteor. Organization (IRIMO), POB 13185-461, Tehran, Iran (tel: 98 21 600 0324; fax: 98 21 646 9044).

Event #d96cal48

Human Dimension of Global Environmental Change: A State-of-the-Art Assessment of Integrated Research Frameworks, May 22-26, 1996, Sinaia, Romania. A Joint NATO-Cooperation Partner Meeting/Advanced Research Workshop. Contact M. Waterstone, Dept. Geog., Univ. Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721 (fax: 602 621 2889; e-mail: MARVW@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU).

Event #d96cal49

30th Annual Congress of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, May 26-31, 1996, Toronto, Ontario. Special interdisciplinary sessions will be held on Arctic research, remote sounding, and radiation and climate. Additional session, Climate Research Network (8-12). Abstracts due Feb. 26 (8-12). Contact D. Hudak, Dept. Phys., Univ. Toronto, 60 St. George St., Toronto ON M5S 1A7, Can. (fax: 416 978 8905; e-mail:

Event #d96cal50

19th International Association for Energy Economics Annual Conference, May 27-30, 1996, Budapest, Hungary. Contact IAEE Headquarters, 28790 Chagrin Blvd., S. 210, Cleveland OH 44122 (tel/fax: 216 464 5365).

Event #d96cal51

Sustainable Transportation Systems: A Challenge for the Future, May 29-June 1, 1996, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Being held by the Can. Civil Eng. Soc. in connection with its annual conference. Contact Said Easa, Dept. Civil Eng., Lakehead Univ., Thunder Bay ON P7B 5E1, Can. (tel: 807 343 8571; fax: 807 343 8928).

JUNE 1996

Event #d96cal52

Cairo Fifth International Conference on Energy and Environment, June 3-6, 1996, Cairo, Egypt. Contact Ralph Kummler (tel: 313 577 3800; fax: 313 577 3810).

Event #d96cal53

The Sixth International Energy Conference and Exposition (ENERGEX), June 3-7, 1996, Beijing, China. Will cover the rational use of conventional and new and renewable forms of energy; economic development and strategies; energy and global environmental issues; energy sustainability; energy options. The academic technical conference will consist of round table discussions, plenary sessions and technical presentation. The exposition will provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and promoting technological cooperation. Contact Meng Xiangan, China Solar Energy Soc., 3 Huayuan Rd., Beijing 100083, China (tel: 861 201 7009; fax: 861 201 2880).

Event #d96cal54

Combustion Canada '96: The Future and Changing Role of Combustion in Canada-Efficiency and the Environment, June 5-7, 1996, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Contact Nicole Miljour (tel: 613 995 0914; fax: 613 995 9574; e-mail:

Event #d96cal55

Scandinavia, the Extended European Union, and Environmental Law and Policy, June 7-9, 1996, Surrey, U.K. Climate change is among the themes. Contact Cindy Landreth, Dept. Linguistic and Intl. Studies, Univ. Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XH, UK (fax: 44 1483 37164).

Event #d96cal56

Third Annual Congress on Natural Disaster Loss Reduction, June 10-11, 1996, Dallas, Texas. Contact Insurance Inst. for Property Loss Reduction (IIPLR), 73 Tremont St. (#510), Boston MA 02108 (tel: 617 722 0200; fax: 617 722 0202).

Event #d96cal57

Ocean-CLIVAR (O-CLIVAR) Meeting, June 10-13, 1996, San Antonio, Texas. Will plan the U.S. contribution to the ocean component of the CLImate VARiability and Predictability Program. Contact S. Walters, U.S. WOCE Off., 305 Arguello Dr., College Sta. TX 77840 (tel: 409 845 1443; fax: 409 845 0888; e-mail:

Event #d96cal58

Global Change and the Americas: A Public Lecture Series, June 10-14, 1996 (9:10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily), Greenbelt, Md. A part of the Graduate Student Summer Program (NASA/Univ. Space Res. Assoc.) that will provide a comprehensive introduction to the science and techniques of remote sensing and satellite observations, and the broad scientific policy context of earth system sciences. One topic will be covered each day: June 10 (overview); June 11 (tropical systems); June 12 (coupled processes); June 13 (polar processes); June 14 (societal implications). Contact Paula Webber, Univ. Space Res. Assoc./GVSP, 7501 Forbes Blvd. #206, Seabrook MD 20706 (tel: 301 805 8396; fax: 301 805 8466; e-mail:

Event #d96cal59

ICUC '96 [International Conference on Urban Climatology], June 10-14, 1996, Essen, Ger. Will contain a session on urban climate and global warming. Abstracts are due Dec. 1, 1995, to: Wilhelm Kuttler, ICUC '96, Dept. Landscape Ecol., Univ. Essen, D-45117 Essen, Ger. (tel: 49 0 201 183 2734; fax: 49 0 201 183 3239; e-mail: Obtain general information from PCM Hochkirchen, ICUC '96, Girardetstr. 2-38, D-45131, Essen, Ger. (tel: 49 0 201 877 5143; fax: 49 0 201 877 5141).

Event #d96cal60

Training Workshop on Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis, June 10-July 12, 1996, Cambridge, Mass. The fourth annual workshop on this topic held by the Harvard Institute for International Development. Will conduct a rigorous course in analysis, quantification and economic valuation of natural resources and the environmental impact of policies, programs and projects. Participants will bring data from their home countries for evaluation and will participate in one of three tracks (analytical methods, policy analysis, or business and the environment). For applications information contact Theodore Panayotou, Prog. Dir., Harvard Inst. Intl. Develop., 1 Eliot St., Cambridge MA 02138 (tel: 617 495 9173; fax: 617 496 3956; e-mail:

Event #d96cal61

World Renewable Energy Congress-IV, June 15-21, 1996, Denver, Colo. Will cover wind energy generation, solar and low-energy architecture, biomass conversion, and climatic and environmental issues. Contact A.A.M. Sayigh, World Renewable Energy Network, 147 Hilmanton, Lower Earley, Reading RG6 4HN, UK (tel: 44 1734 611364; fax: 44 1734 611365).1 The contact in the U.S. is Steve Hauser, Public Affairs, 1617 Cole Blvd., Golden CO 80401 (tel: 303 384 7416).

Event #d96cal62

Second International Scientific Conference on the Global Energy and Water Cycle, June 17-21, 1996, Washington, D.C. Will focus on the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX), a project of the World Climate Research Program. The conference will look at climate feedback associated with clouds, radiation and the hydrologic cycle through five interrelated themes: flood and drought predictions; regional water resources and climate; clouds, water vapor, aerosols and global warming potential; the water and carbon connection; and ocean-atmosphere-ice exchanges. Abstracts are due Nov. 15, 1995, to: Intl. GEWEX Off., 409 Third St. SW, S. 203, Washington DC 20024 (tel: 202 863 0012; fax: 202 488 5364; Internet:

Event #d96cal63

Fifth International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality, June 18-20, 1995, Seattle, Wash. Will emphasize the Pacific Rim and Asian regions, covering regional models, assessment models, ocean-atmosphere exchange and other topics. Atmospheric Environment will devote a special issue to the conference. Abstracts are due Oct. 1 to: Gregory Carmichael, Ctr. for Global & Regional Environ. Res., 204 IATL, Univ. Iowa, Iowa City IA 52242 (tel: 319 335 1399; fax: 319 335 1415; e-mail:

Event #d96cal64

Seventh Annual Energy Efficiency Forum: Energy Efficiency in Changing Energy Markets, June 18-19, 1996, Washington, D.C. Contact Annmarie Pittman, 655 15th St. NW, S. 300, Washington DC 20005 (tel: 202 639 4994; fax: 202 347 6109). Cosponsored by the U.S. Energy Assoc. and Johnson Controls Inc. Leaders from industry, government, and international organizations and policy experts are expected to address the growing number of demanding questions concerning U.S. future energy needs. Contact Maureen McDevitt, Energy Efficiency Forum, 655 15th St. NW (#300), Washington DC 20005 (tel: 202 639 4101; fax: 202 347 6109).

Event #d96cal65

1996 International World Energy System Conference: The Transition from Local-National-Regional to a Global Energy Philosophy, June 19-21, 1996, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact Canadian Inst. World Energy System, 5 Strathgowan Crescent, Toronto ON M4N 2Z6 (tel: 416 487 0479; fax: 416 493 7691; e-mail:

Event #d96cal66

Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technology, June 19-21, 1996, Singapore. Topics will include greenhouse gas mitigation technology. Contact APCSEET Secretariat, Ctr. Continuing Educ., Nanyang Technol. Univ., Nanyang Ave., Singapore 2263 (tel: 65 799 5243; fax: 65 791 6178; e-mail:

Event #d96cal67

North American Water and Environment Congress 96, June 22-28, 1996, Anaheim, Calif. Will include a special session, "Climate Change, Water Resources and Management Responses," which will provide a forum on the hydrologic risks climate change may pose. Contact Conferences & Conventions, ASCE, 345 E. 47th St., New York NY 10017 (tel: 212 705 7496).

Event #d96cal68

Carbonates and Global Change: Multidisciplinary Approach, June 23-27, 1996, Switzerland. Will provide a forum for presenting research and for cooperation and information exchange among earth scientists whose research involves shallow and deep water carbonates. Contact M. Mutti, Geol. Inst., ETH-Z, Sonneggstr. 5, CH-8092 Zurich, Switz. (tel: 41 1 632 3673; fax: 41 1 632 1080; e-mail:

Event #d96cal69

WINDPOWER '96: 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the American Wind Energy Association, June 23-27, 1996, Denver, Colo. Contact Linda Redmond, AWEA, 122 C St. NW, 4th Fl., Washington DC 20001 (tel: 202 383 2511; fax: 202 383 2505).

Event #d96cal70

89th Annual Meeting and Exhibition-Air and Waste Management Association, June 23-28, 1996, Nashville, Tennessee. Papers covering a broad range of topics will have the theme: "Technologies for a Sustainable Environment." Contact AWMA, One Gateway Ctr., Third Fl., Pittsburgh PA 15222 (tel: 412 232 3444; fax: 412 232 3450; Internet:

Event #d96cal71

11th World Hydrogen Conference (Hydrogen '96): Designing the Energy Link, June 23-28, 1996, Stuttgart, Germany. Contact DECHEMA, c/o Hydrogen '96, T.-Heuss-Allee 25, POB 15 01 04, Frankfurt am Main D-60486, Ger.

Event #d96cal72

Changing Glaciers: Revisiting Themes and Field Sites of Classical Glaciology, June 24-26, 1996, Sognefjord, Norway. Glacier response to climate, and monitoring glacier changes are among the topics. Abstracts are due Jan. 15, 1996. Contact E. Isaksson, Norwegian Polar Inst., Brekontoret, POB 5072, Majorstua, N-0301 Oslo, Norway (tel: 47 22 95 95 00; fax: 47 22 85 95 01; e-mail:

Event #d96cal73

Second International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition-Technology, Measurement and Analysis, June 24-27, 1996, San Francisco, Calif. Contact ERIM, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113 (tel: 313 994 1200; fax: 313 994 5123; e-mail:

Event #d96cal74

Ninth European Bioenergy Conference, June 24-27, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact DIS Congress Service Copenhagen A/S, Herlev Ringvej 2C, 2730 Herlev, Denmark (tel: 45 4492 4492; fax: 45 4492 5050).

Event #d96cal75

Joint IEW/JSER International Conference on Energy, Economy and Environment, June 25-27, 1996, Osaka, Japan. Contact Pyong Sik PAK, Secy. of NOC, Dept. Info. Systems Eng., Osaka Univ., 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osake 565, Japan (tel: 81 6 879 7831; fax: 81 6 879 7832; e-mail:

Event #d96cal76

ECOS '96: Efficiency, Costs, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Aspects of Energy Systems, June 25-27, 1996, Stockholm, Sweden. Contact Per Alvfors, Dept. Chem. Eng., Royal Inst. Technol., S-100 44 Stockholm, Swed. (tel: 46 8 790 6526; fax: 46 8 723 0858; e-mail:; Internet:

Event #d96cal77

Electric Utility Restructuring and Transported Pollution, June 27-28, 1996, Arlington, Va. Organized by the publications Electric Power Alert and Clean Air Alert. Executives from business and industry, regulatory agencies, utilities, and lobbying firms are expected to attend. Will address the anticipated conflicts between agencies like FERC, which is deregulating the utility industry, and EPA, which is concerned about possible increased pollution from deregulation. Greenhouse gases are one of the concerns in this debate. Contact IPW Conferences, POB 7167, Washington DC 20044 (tel: 800 424 9068 or 703 416 8543). Registrations cost $650.

JULY 1996

Event #d96cal78

The Oceanography Society Meeting on Marine Environment and the Global Change Programs, July 8-11, 1996, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Contact TOS, 4052 Timber Ridge Dr., Virginia Beach VA 23455 (tel: 804 464 0131; fax: 804 464 1759; e-mail:

Event #d96cal79

International Climate Change Technology Exhibit, July 8-18, 1996. To be held in conjunction with Second Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change [COP2], Geneva, Switz. (See next entry.) The exhibit is organized by the Government of Canada to encourage an exchange of ideas between delegations, international financial institutions, and the U.N. and intergovernmental organizations. Exhibits are expected to target energy efficiency and energy substitution, or the reduction, capture, and reuse or conversion of greenhouse gases. Contact Roy Woodbridge, Intl. Clim. Change Exhibit Off., 78 George St., Suite A, Toronto ON K1N 5W1, Can. (tel: 613 789 1660; fax: 613 789 0539; e-mail:

Event #d96cal80

Second Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, July 8-19, 1996, Geneva, Switz. Subsidiary bodies and the Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate will meet concurrently. Contact UNFCCC Interim Secretariat, Geneva Exec. Ctr., 11-13 Chemin des An?mones, 1219 Ch?telaine, Geneva, Switz. (tel: 41 22 979 9111; fax: 41 22 979 9034; e-mail:

Event #d96cal81

The Coastal Society-15th International Conference, July 14-17, 1996, Seattle, Washington. Contact Sea Grant Prog., 3716 Brooklyn Ave. NE, Seattle WA 98105 (tel: 206 685 1108).

Event #d96cal82

31st COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July 14-21, 1996, Birmingham, U.K. Sponsored by the COSPAR Committee on Space Research. Space studies of the Earth's surface, meteorology and climate are among the topics to be addressed. Abstracts are due Jan. 15, 1996 to: COSPAR Secretariat, 51 bd de Montmorency, 75016 Paris, France (tel: 33 1 45 25 06 79; fax: 33 1 40 50 98 27; e-mail:

Event #d96cal83

1996 W.O. Roberts Public Lecture Series, July 17 and Aug. 6, 1996, Aspen., Colorado. Sponsored by the Aspen Global Change Institute. Topics are "Global Change and Natural Disaster" (July 17), and "Science and Media: Reporting Uncertain Findings" (Aug. 6). These lectures provide insight into how global scale issues relate to our everday lives. Contact Aspen Global Change Inst., 100 E. Francis St., Aspen CO 81611 (tel: 970 925 7376; fax: 970 925 7097; e-mail:

Event #d96cal84

Seventh International Conference on Statistical and Mathematical Models in Environmental Sciences, July 22-26, 1996, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Contact Ines Iwashita, Inst. de Estudos Avangados IEA, Univ. Sao Paulo USP, Av. Prof. L. Gualberto, trav. J, 374 Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Event #d96cal85

Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, July 23-27, 1996, Brisbane, Australia. Organized by the American Geophysical Union. Special sessions listed in the AGU weekly Eos (Feb. 6) include climate and global change; sources, sinks and trends of tropospheric trace gases; aerosols, radiation and climate; the biogeochemistry of the Western Pacific; and paleostudies. Abstract deadline Mar. 15. Contact AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202 462 6900; fax: 202 328 0566; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal86

Trabzon International Symposium on Energy and Environment 96, July 24-26, 1996, Trabzon, Turkey. Organized by Karadeniz Tech. Univ., and Clean Energy Res. Inst., Miami, Fla. Topics include hydrogen, solar, wind, mini-hydro and biomass energy; photovoltaic systems; heat recovery, waste recycling. Submit abstracts by December 1995 to: Energy & Environ. 96, Conference Chair, Dept. Mechanical Eng., Karadeniz Tech. Univ., Trabzon, 61080, Turkey.

Event #d96cal87

Food Production and Environmental Improvement Under Global Climate Change, July 30-Aug. 8, 1996, Yamaguchi, Japan. An international symposium organized by the Society of Agric. Meteor. of Japan. Topics include improving food production under global environmental change, climate change and field environmental modification, and unusual weather and natural disasters. Contact Seiji Hayakawa, Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi Univ., Yoshida 1677-1, Yamaguchi-shi 753, Japan (fax: 81 839 226607).


Event #d96cal88

Seminar on Forests, Fire, and Global Change, Aug. 4-10, 1996, Sushenskoye, Russia. Contact J.G. Goldammer, Fire Ecol. Res., c/o Freiburg Univ., Bertoldstr. 17, D-79085 Freiburg, Ger. (tel: 49 761 80 80 11; fax: 49 761 80 80 12; e-mail:

Event #d96cal89

Coastal Environment 96: Environmental Problems in Coastal Regions, Aug. 7-9, 1996, Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Sponsored by Federal Univ. of Brazil and Wessex Inst. Technol. Will focus on computer modeling of seas and coastal areas under normal and extreme conditions. Abstracts are due Jan. 5, 1996 to: Sue Owen, Wessex Inst. Technol., Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton SO4 2AA, UK (tel: 44 1703 293223; fax: 44 1703 292853; e-mail:

Event #d96cal90

International Symposium on Representation of the Cryosphere in Climate and Hydrological Models, Aug. 12-15, 1996, Victoria, British Columbia, Can. Sponsored by Atmos. Environ. Service et al. Will discuss how well the cryosphere and its interactions with the atmosphere, oceans and land are represented within global and regional climate and other models. Contact Secy. General, Intl. Glaciol. Soc., Lensfield Rd., Cambridge CB2 1ER, UK (tel: 44 1223 355974; fax: 44 1223 336543; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal91

International Conference on Integrated Management and Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones (CZC '96), Aug. 12-17, 1996, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada. Will review current theoretical and practical knowledge acquired since CZC '94; provide a forum so that diverse constituencies can learn each others' priorities and experience; make recommendations that will contribute to strategies for integrated management and environmentally sustainable development of coastal zones. Climate change, sea level rise and natural disaster impacts will be addressed. Contact Mohammed El-Sabh, CZC '96, Coastal Environ. Res. Group, Univ. Qu?bec, 310 All?e des Ursulines, Rimouski, Quebec G5L 3A1, Can. (tel: 418 724 1707; fax: 418 724 1842).

Event #d96cal92

Ecological Summit 96, Aug. 19-23, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark. Organized by the editors of four interdisciplinary ecological journals, and supported by the Intl. Soc. Ecol. Modeling et al. The subjects are intended to have broad appeal and will include valuation of nature's services, risk assessment, ecosystem creation and restoration, and application of models to ecosystem management. Among the major areas to be covered are ecological modeling, ecosystem health, and ecological economics. Abstracts should be submitted by Nov. 30 to: Ecol. Summit 96, Conference Secretariat, Elsevier Sci. Ltd., The Boulevard, Langford Ln., Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, UK (tel: 44 0 1865 843643; fax: 44 0 1865 843958; e-mail:

Event #d96cal93

IRS '96: Current Problems in Atmospheric Radiation, Aug. 19-24, 1996, Fairbanks, Alaska. Session topics include radiation in polar regions, radiative transfer in clouds, and UV radiation and modeling. Contact Sharon Kessey, Geophys. Inst., Univ. Alaska, POB 757320, Fairbanks AK 99775 (tel: 907 474 7360; fax: 907 474 7290; e-mail:

Event #d96cal94

Challenges of Sustainable Development, Aug. 22-25, 1996, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Will clarify the possibilities of, and the obstacles to, achieving sustainable development throughout the world. Contact Reiner Braun, POB 101707, 44017 Dortmund, Ger. (tel: 49 231 103825; fax: 49 231 103869; e-mail:; Internet:

Event #d96cal95

Resources, Environment, and Sustainable Development, Aug. 22-29, 1996, Shenyang, China. Contact Qingli Wang, RESD Symposium, Inst. Appl. Ecol., Chinese Acad. Sci., POB 417, Shenyang 110015, China (tel: 86 24 391 6286; fax: 86 24 384 3313).

Event #d96cal96

1996 ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry Symposium on CO2 Capture, Utilization and Disposal, Aug. 25-29, 1996, Orlando, Florida. Contact Robert Warzinski, US DOE, Energy Technol. Ctr., POB 10940, Pittsburgh PA 15236 (tel: 412 892 5863; fax: 412 892 4152; e-mail:

Event #d96cal97

Profiting from Energy Efficiency, Aug. 25-31, 1996, Pacific Grove, Calif. The ACEEE (Amer. Council for an Energy-Efficient Econ.) 1996 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Will include refereed oral and poster papers, as well as non-refereed display presentations on diverse topics including energy efficiency, human dimensions of energy consumption, and energy and environmental policy. Abstracts are due Oct. 16, 1995, to: Katherine Gallagher, ACEEE Summer Study Off., 2140 Shattuck Ave., S. 202, Berkeley CA 94704 (tel: 510 549 9914; fax: 510 549 9984; e-mail:

Event #d96cal98

Fourteenth International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, Aug. 26-30, 1996, Helsinki, Finland. Sponsored by the Intl. Assoc. of Meteor. & Atmos. Sci. et al. Sessions announced in the preliminary program include cloud droplet nucleation in the atmosphere, chemical and physical properties of atmospheric aerosols, and aerosol-climate interactions. Contact M. Kulmala, Dept. Phys., Univ. Helsinki, POB 9, FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland (tel: 358 0 191 8308; fax: 358 0 191 8680; e-mail:

Event #d96cal99

Air Pollution 96-Fourth International Conference, Aug. 28-30, 1996, Toulouse, France. Sponsored by the Wessex Inst. Technol. and Inst. Mechanique Fluides. Will emphasize developing experimental and computational techniques for solving practical air pollution problems. Case studies, as well as theoretical papers will be accepted. Topics include global studies and emission inventories. Abstracts are due Sep. 1, 1995, to: Liz Kerr, Air Pollut. 96, Wessex Inst. Technol., Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7AA, UK (tel: 44 0 1703 293223; fax: 44 0 1703 292853; intl. e-mail:


Event #d96cal100

14th International Congress of Biometeorology, Sep. 1-8, 1996, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Organized through the Intl. Soc. of Biometeorology. Will focus on the impact of weather and climate variability on the biosphere. Session topics include application and limitation of climate change scenarios, climate morbidity and mortality, and adaptation. Contact Andrej Hocevar, Univ. Ljubljana, Jamnikarjeva 101, Ljubljana, Slovenia (tel: 386 61 123 1161; fax: 386 61 123 1088; e-mail:

Event #d96cal101

ENVIROSOFT 96-Sixth International Conference, Sep. 4-6, 1996, Como, Italy. Organized by the Wessex Inst. Technol. Will present recent developments in, and implementation of, environmental applications, and provide a connection between originators of environmental software and possible users. Mathematical modeling, climatology, remote sensing, and oceanography are among the topics. Contact Sue Owen, Wessex Inst. Technol., Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton S040 7AA, UK (tel: 44 0 1703 293223; fax: 44 0 1703 292853; e-mail:; intl. e-mail

Event #d96cal102

The Emission Inventory: Key to Planning, Permits, Compliance and Reporting, Sep. 4-6, 1996, New Orleans, Louisiana. The sixth annual international conference, sponsored by the Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc. et al. Presented papers may also be submitted for peer-reviewed publication in the Association's journals. Among the numerous topics are emission projections and global climate emission issues. Abstracts are due Mar. 15, 1996, to: Atly Brasher, Louisiana Dept. Environ. Qual., POB 82135, Baton Rouge LA 70884 (tel: 504 765 0100). (See Environ. Mgr., p. 49, Jan. 1996.)

Event #d96cal103

Washington Summit on Protection of the World's Climate, Sep. 4-6, 1996, Washington, D.C. Convened by the Climate Institute, and co-sponsored by several major agencies and organizations, to bring together an international group of climate experts, policy makers, foundation and pension fund officials, and finance and procurement decision makers. The heart of the event will be a symposium (Sep. 5-6), Shaping Markets and Financing to Achieve a Green Energy Revolution, with a goal of stimulating the creation of a large risk pool of private venture capital of investments in renewable energy and end-use efficiency. Three workshops will also take place: a review of the Montreal Protocol's first nine years; an examination of the IPCC's experience and proposals for future changes; and an identification of practical strategies for speeding up the applications of electric, hydrogen and other low emission vehicles. Contact Michele Pena, The Climate Inst., 120 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington DC 20002 (tel: 202 547 0104; fax: 202 547 0111; Internet:

Event #d96cal104

Paleohydrology and Modeling of Environmental Change, Sep. 7-9, 1996, Toledo, Spain. The primary themes include: paleohydrological approaches for understanding global change; and response of extreme events to climate change. Contact G. Benito, GLOCOPH '96, CSIC-Centro de Ciencias Medioambientales, Serrano 115 dpdo, 28006 Madrid, Spain (fax: 34 1 564 08 00; e-mail:

Event #d96cal105

ICCDR-3: Third International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal, Sep. 9-11, 1996, Cambridge, Mass. Will address the latest advances in CO2 control technology, including capture, disposal and utilization. Will also promote collaborations in international research and development. Contact Anne Carbone, E-40-469 Energy Lab., Mass. Inst. Technol., 1 Amherst St., Cambridge MA 02139 (tel: 617 253 8296; fax: 617 253 8013; e-mail:

Event #d96cal106

Environment, Long-Term Governability, and Democracy: 21st Century Prospectives for the Environment, Sep. 9-11, 1996, Abbaye de Fontevraud, France. Will review prospective research, compare options and proposals for desirable futures in this field, and address long-term environmental management in accordance with democracy. Contact M.J. Theys, Ctr. Prospective et de Veille Scientifique, Tour Pascal B, DRAST, MATET, 92055 Paris La D?fense Cedex 04, France (tel: 33 1 40 81 63 21; fax: 33 1 40 81 63 96).

Event #d96cal107

Health Effects of Ozone Depletion, Sep. 9-11, 1996, Hobart, Australia. Contact The Mezies Foundation, 210 Clarendon St. E., Melbourne, VIC 3002, Australia (fax: 61 3 9417 7049).

Event #d96cal108

Soils and Global Change: Carbon Cycle, Trace Gas Exchange and Hydrology, Sep. 9-20, 1996, Toulouse, France. A NATO Advanced Res. Inst. Contact E.A. Holland, NCAR, POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307 (fax: 303 497 1477; e-mail:

Event #d96cal109

Climate Change Policy, Risk Prioritization and U.S. Economic Growth, Sep. 11, 1996, Washington, D.C. A proceedings will be published early in 1977. For details, contact the sponsor: American Council for Capital Formation, Ctr. for Policy Research, 1750 K St. NW, #400, Washington DC 20006 (tel: 202 293 5811; fax: 202 785 8265; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal110

International Energy and Environmental Congress-IEEC/MECCA, Sep. 11-12, 1996, Milwaukee, Wisc. Contact Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404 447 5083; fax: 404 446 3969).

Event #d96cal111

Subsurface Biogeochemistry: An International Workshop on Directions for Future Research, Sep. 11-13, 1996, Reading, England. Sponsored by U.S. Dept. Energy et al. Will review current understanding, identify outstanding scientific issues, define industrial and environmental problems to be addressed, and determine future research directions. Contact M. Coleman, Inst. Sedimentology, Univ. Reading, POB 227, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AB, UK (tel: 44 1734 316627; fax: 44 1734 310279; e-mail:

Event #d96cal112

XVIII Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 96, Sep. 12-21, 1996, Rome Italy. Sponsored by the Intl. Ozone Commission et al. Topics include recent developments in observational techniques, model calculations, ozone-climate interactions. To submit an abstract, contact R.D. Bojkov, World Meteor. Org., CP 2300, CH 1201, Geneva 2, Switz. (fax: 41 22 7400984).

Event #d96cal113

Bioenergy '96-The Seventh National Bioenergy Conference: Partnerships to Develop and Apply Biomass Technologies, Sep. 15-19, 1996, Nashville, Tenn. (Update from Global Climate Change Digest, Nov. 1995.) Sponsored by the Southeastern Regional Biomass Prog., and held jointly with the Amer. Soc. of Agriculture Engineers Third Liquid Fuel Conference. Will focus on success stories; papers dealing with industrial applications will be given priority over research papers. The proceedings will be available at registration. Abstracts are due Mar. 1, 1996. Contact Phillip Badger, Southeast. Reg. Biomass Prog., TVA, CEB 3A, POB 1010, Muscle Shoals AL 35662 (tel: 205 386 3086; fax: 205 386 2963). (See Environ. Manager, p. 18, Dec. 1995.)

Event #d96cal114

European Environment Conference, Sep. 16-17, 1996, Leeds, U.K. Will concentrate on improving environmental performance in the European context, including transport and energy issues. Contact ERP Environ., Conference Off., POB 75, Shipley, W. Yorkshire BD17 6EZ, UK (tel: 44 1274 530 408; fax: 44 1274 530 409).

Event #d96cal115

Gas Hydrates: Relevance to World Margins Stability and Climatic Change, Sep. 18-20, 1996, Gent, Belgium. The first workshop on MASTER (MArgin STability and Environmental Record). Will foster concerted research on marine slides and on the flux of greenhouse gases from the sea floor to the atmosphere in key areas of the world oceans, including active and passive margins and confined and semi-confined basins. Sep. 18 will be a tutorial day with overview presentations. The workshop, Sep. 19-20, will feature oral and poster presentations. One-page abstracts are due Aug. 1, 1996, to: CORSAIRES Office, RCMG, Marine Geol. Group, Univ. Gent, Krijgslaan 281 S8, B-9000 Gent, Belg. (tel: 32 9 2644594; fax: 32 9 2644967; e-mail:

Event #d96cal116

An Era of New National Priorities: Implications for Scientific and Technical Human Resources, Sep. 19-20, 1996, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by Amer. Geophys. Union, Assoc. of Amer. Medical Colleges et al. Session topics include global science and technology. Contact CPST, 1200 New York Ave. NW, #390, Washington DC 20005 (tel: 202 326 7080; fax: 202 842 1603).

Event #d96cal117

2000-Then What? The 13th International Clean Air and Environment Conference, Sep. 22-25, 1996, Adelaide, S. Australia. Sponsored by CASANZ (Clean Air Soc. of Aust. & N. Zealand). Departing from past programs, the 1996 conference has been expanded to include the issues and technical and non-technical solutions relating to the wider environment. These are some of the session topics: international cooperation, global warming, ozone destruction, environmental politics, and environmental regulation. For information about submitting oral or poster papers contact Hartly Mgmt. Group, POB 2167, Kent Town, S. Australia 5071, Australia (tel: 61 8 361 2220; fax: 61 8 364 0031; e-mail:

Event #d96cal118

1996 International Ecological Conference, Sep. 22-28, 1996, Voronezh, Russia. Will facilitate the main recommendations arising from the 1992 Earth Summit. Contact Bettie Marshall, Conferences Programs, Kansas State Univ., 254 College Ct., Manhattan KS 66506 (tel: 913 532 5575; fax: 913 532 5637; e-mail:

Event #d96cal119

Climate Change and Human Health in the Asia/Pacific, Sep. 23-24, 1996, Canberra, Australia. Contact Venue Marketing Service, POB 403, Caringbah, NSW 2229, Sydney, Australia (tel: 61 2 540 5534; fax: 61 2 540 4246).

Event #d96cal120

Second National Climate Change Conference, Sep. 26, 1996, Ottawa, Ont., Canada. Contact the sponsor: Alliance for Responsible Environmental Alternatives, attn. Tom Vant, 1840 Manulife Pl., 10180-101 St., Edmonton AB T5I 3S4, Can. (tel: 403 944 0695; fax: 403 441 9849).

Event #d96cal121

Sustainable Energy Development in India: Expanding Opportunities and Prospects for U.S. Industries, Sep. 30, 1996, Washington, D.C. Contact TERI (Tata Energy Res. Inst.), 1600 Wilson Blvd., #500, Arlington VA 22209 (tel: 703 841 1136; fax: 703 243 1865; e-mail:


Event #d96cal122

Town Hall Meetings on Climate Change, October 1996, San Francisco, Calif. and Seattle, Wash. Continues a series that brings experts together with the public and the press to discuss recent scientific and policy viewpoints, including those of local interest. Contact the Environ. Info. Ctr., 1400 16th St. NW, #330, Washington DC 20036 (tel: 202 797 6500).

Event #d96cal123

The Second Australian Conference on Agricultural Meteorology-The Impact of Weather and Climate on Agriculture, Oct. 1-4, 1996, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Topics include managing for climate variability, and adapting to climate change. Contact Gloria Bedson (tel: 61 3 9669 4401; e-mail:

Event #d96cal124

Second International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment for the 21st Century, Oct. 2-4, 1996, Barcelona, Spain. Contact Paula Doughty Young, Wessex Inst. Technol., Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7AA, UK (tel: 44 1 703 293223; fax: 44 1 703 292853).

Event #d96cal125

Third Kenya Meteorological Society Workshop on Meteorological Research Applications and Services, Oct. 7-11, 1996, Mombasa, Kenya. Organized by the Kenya Meteor. Soc. et al. One of the objectives is to encourage regional cooperation in meteorological and environmental issues. Topics include weather and climate prediction, climate change and modeling, meteorology and food security, climate and agriculture. Contact S.W. Mechemi, Kenya Meteor. Dept., POB 30259, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: 254 2 567880; fax: 254 2 567888; e-mail:

Event #d96cal126

Chesapeake Bay at the Crossroads, Oct. 18-19, 1996, Chestertown, Maryland. Climate Change poses a serious potential threat to this important ecosystem from sea level rise and changing water temperatures and salinity. This conference will bring together state and local legislators, citizens and researchers to discuss the potential impacts. Breakout sessions on the second day will address implications for agriculture, interactions with population growth and development, and the wetlands controversy, and include a workshop for educators. Contact Michele Pena, Climate Inst., 120 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington DC 20002 (tel: 202 547 0104; fax: 202 547 0111; Internet:

Event #d96cal127

International Conference on Ozone Protection Technologies: Stratospheric Ozone Protection for the 90s, Oct. 21-23, 1996, Washington, D.C. Previously called The International CFC and Halon Alternatives Conference. Contact Heather Tardel, Ozone Conference, POB 236, Frederick MD 21701 (tel: 301 695 3762; fax: 301 695 0175).

Event #d96cal128

Fifth Session of the Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate, Oct, 21-25, 1996, Geneva, Switz. Contact UNFCCC Interim Secretariat, Geneva Exec. Ctr., 11-13 Chemin des An?mones, 1219 Ch?telaine, Geneva, Switz. (tel: 41 22 979 9111; fax: 41 22 979 9034; e-mail:

Event #d96cal129

Implementing Renewable Energy Projects, Oct. 22-23, 1996, Washington, D.C. Contact Chris DeChaine, 1525 Wilson Blvd., #1200, Arlington VA 22209; tel: 703 243 4905, ext. 103).

Event #d96cal130

International Symposium-Prospects for Integrated Environmental Assessment: Lessons Learnt from the Case of Climate Change, Oct. 24-26, 1996, Toulouse, France. Sponsored by the European Commission et al. Contact MEDIAS-FRANCE, CNES, Bpi 2102, 18 ave. Edouard-Belin, 31055 Toulouse Cedex, France.

Event #d96cal131

Third International Conference on Boreal Forests: Depending on Trees-Sustainability in the Northern Forests, Oct. 24-29, 1996, Kuusamo, Finland. Contact Kaisa Raitio, Finnish Nature League, POB 226, 00151 Helsinki, Finland (tel: 358 0 630 300; fax: 358 0 630 414; e-mail:

Event #d96cal132

World Environmental Congress (World '96): Promoting the Science, Technology and Business of the Environment, Oct. 26-29, 1996, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sponsored by Air & Waste Management Assoc., UNEP et al. Designed for those involved in research, development, demonstration and commercialization of innovative environmental technologies. Will include invited and contributed lectures and oral and poster presentations from leading world experts and others. To submit an abstract, or for information contact Hussain Al-Ekabi, Sci. & Technology Integration Inc., UWO Res. Pk. (#110), 100 Collip Circ., London ON N6G 4X8, Can. (tel: 519 858 5055; fax: 519 858 5056; e-mail:

Event #d96cal133

Seventeenth Annual North American Conference of the United States Association for Energy Economics and the International Association of Energy Economics, Oct. 27-30, 1996, Boston, Mass. Contact Intl. Assoc. for Energy Econ., 28790 Chagrin Blvd., S. 210, Cleveland OH 44122 (fax: 216 464 2737).

Event #d96cal134

21st Annual Climate Diagnosis and Prediction Workshop, Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 1996, Huntsville, Alabama. Sponsored by NOAA et al. Will primarily address research in prediction and diagnostic studies of climate by focusing on such topics as interannual and interdecadal variability and the use of satellite data. Contact James Laver, Clim. Predict. Ctr., W/NP5 Washington DC 20233 (fax: 301 763 8395; e-mail: (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1912, Aug. 1996.)

Event #d96cal135

Water Resources and Environmental Research: Towards the 21st Century, Oct. 29-31, 1996, Kyoto, Japan. Will present tools to enable water resource planners to tackle future environmental problems. Contact S. Ikebuchi, Water Resour. Res. Ctr., Kyoto Univ., Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611, Japan (tel/fax: 81 774 32 3093; e-mail:

Event #d96cal136

International Symposium on Ocean Disposal of Carbon Dioxide, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 1996, Tokyo, Japan. Sponsored by the New Energy and Industrial Technology and Development Council and IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program. Contact Ichiro Hayashi, Global Environ. Technol. Dept., NEDO, Sunshine 60, 29F, 1-1,3-chomes, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170, Japan (tel: 81 3 3987 9368; fax: 81 3 5391 1744).


Event #d96cal137

Environmental Impact of Biomass for Energy, Nov. 4-5, 1996, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. Will focus on evaluating the environmental impacts of energy crop production, particularly in Europe. Contact Joke Okhuizen, CLM Ctr. for Agriculture & Environ., POB 10015, 3505 AA Utrecht, Neth. (tel: 31 30 2441301; fax: 31 30 2441318).

Event #d96cal138

ECO-INFORMA '96-Global Networks for Environmental Information: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Application, Nov. 4-7, 1996, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Sponsored by the Eco-Informa Foundation, Epcot Sci. & Technol. et al. A call for papers has been issued. Topics include global environmental data banks, environmental applications of global electronic communications, environmental applications of remote sensing, global environmental change, and adaptation/mitigation strategies and techniques. Contact Robert Rogers, ERIM, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113 (tel: 313 994 1200; fax: 313 994 5123; WWW: Also: Eco-Informa Foundation, Univ. Bayreuth, Germany, D-95440 (tel: 49 921 552 245).

Event #d96cal139

19th World Energy Engineering Congress, and Environmental Technology Conference and Expo, Nov. 6-8, 1996, Atlanta, Ga. The preliminary program includes sessions on climate-wise initiatives and on biomass energy systems. Pre-register by Oct. 18. Contact Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., #420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 770 447 5083; fax: 770 446 3969).

Event #d96cal140

Chinese BAHC [Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrologic Cycle] Workshop, Nov. 10-12, 1996, Beijing, China. The IGBP Core Project and the Chinese Working Group on BAHC are convening this workshop to synthesize scientific findings that emphasize China and to aid in planning a large scale experiment around the northeast China transect. Abstracts in English are due Sep. 1, 1996. Obtain information from Changming Liu, Dept. Hydrol., Inst. Geog., CAS, Bldg. 917, Datun Rd., Anwai, Beijing, 100101 China (tel: 86 10 6491 4289; fax: 86 10 6491 1844); or from Michael Fosberg, BAHC Core Project Off., Potsdam Inst. for Clim. Impact Res., POB 601203, 14412 Potsdam, Ger. (tel: 49 331 288 2543; fax: 49 331 288 2547; e-mail:

Event #d96cal141

Workshop on Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation Measures and Options, Nov. 12-15, 1996, Beijing, China. (This conference was originally scheduled for September 1996). Ron Benioff, U.S. Country Studies Prog., MS-PO-63, 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20585 (tel: 202 426 0011; fax: 202 426 1540; e-mail:

Event #d96cal142

World Food Summit, Nov. 13-17, 1996, Rome, Italy. Sponsored by the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization to seek commitment to a policy statement and a plan of action to eradicate hunger. Contact World Food Summit Secretariat, FAO Headquarters, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy (fax: 39 6 5225 5249; e-mail:; WWW:

Event #d96cal143

Workshop on Atmospheric Change and North American Transportation, Nov. 17-20, 1996, Irvine, Calif. Will examine the contribution of transport to atmospheric changes and discuss policies for curbing emissions from transport. Contact William Sprigg, Board on Atmos. Sci. & Clim. (HA466), Natl. Res. Council, 2101 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington DC 20418 (tel: 202 334 3515; fax: 202 334 3825; e-mail:

Event #d96cal144

The North Atlantic Ocean Currents, Climate, Weather and Environment Conference, Nov. 18-20, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact Erik Buch, Royal Danish Administration of Navigation, Overgaden o Vandet 62B, 1023 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Event #d96cal145

Eighth Conference of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, Nov. 18-29, 1996, San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact K.M. Sarma, Ozone Secretariat, UNEP, POB 30552, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: 254 2 623 885; fax: 254 2 521 930; e-mail:

Event #d96cal146

Clean Air '96: Building Business Opportunities with Emerging Clean Air Technologies, the Second North American Conference and Exhibition, Nov. 20-22, 1996, Orlando, Fla. Organized by the Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc. et al. Papers should focus on either business or technical themes in topics including climate change prevention and stratospheric ozone. Contact Andy Miller, AEERL, MD-65, US EPA, Res. Triangle Pk. NC 27711 (tel: 919 541 2920; fax: 919 541 0554; e-mail: (See Environ. Manager, p. 14, Dec. 1995.)

Event #d96cal147

Global Restructuring: A Place for Ecology?, Nov. 24-27, 1996, Heidelberg, Ger. The fifth international conference of the Greening of Industry Network; will include a workshop on joint implementation. Contact Greening of Industry Conference, G?nter Liesegang, IUWA, Tiergartenstr. 17, 69121 Heidelberg, Ger., (tel: 49 6221 487 660; fax: 49 6221 487 683; e-mail:

Event #d96cal148

Second International Conference of the African Meteorological Society on Meteorology and Sustainable Development in Africa, Nov. 25-28, 1996, Rabat, Morocco. Conducted in English and French. These are among the aims of the conference: diagnosis of recent weather and climate; reviews of recent development in weather and climate prediction; presentations of recent developments in applications of meteorology, especially regarding sustainable development. Contact Executive Secy., African Meteor. Soc., POB 30259, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: 254 2 567 880, ext. 2083; fax: 254 2 567 888). (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1912, Aug. 1996.)


Event #d96cal149

First SPARC General Assembly, Dec. 2-6, 1996, Melbourne, Australia. SPARC (Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate) is a project of the World Climate Research Program. Contact SPARC 96, CRC for SH Meteor., Bldg. 70, Monash Univ., Clayton, Vic. 3168, Australia. (e-mail: Or contact SPARC Off., CNRS, BP 3, 91371 Verri?res Le Buisson CEDEX, France (tel: 33 1 64 47 43 15; fax: 33 1 69 20 29 99; Internet:

Event #d96cal150

International Conference on Natural and Technical Coastal Hazards, Dec. 2-6, 1996, Tirupati, India. Sponsored by several organizations including the Intl. Soc. for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards, and the IAPSO Commission on Natural Marine Hazards. Abstracts are due May 30, 1996, to both contacts: C. Rajasekara Murthy, McMaster Univ., POB 5050, Burlington, ON L7R 4A6, Can. (fax: 905 336 4989); and K.L. Narasimha Rao, Dept. Geol., Sri Venkateswara Univ., Tirupati 517 502, AP, India (fax: 91 8574 24111). (See GeoJournal, p. 312, Nov. 1995.)

Event #d96cal151

Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in China, Dec. 3-4, 1996, Beijing, China. Organized by the Intl. Energy Agency, the Chinese State Planning Commission et al. An invitation-only event that will address coal, transportation and renewables. Contact Mehmet Ogutcu, IEA (tel: 33 1 452 41611).

Event #d96cal152

International Symposium on HCFC Alternative Refrigerants '96, Dec. 5-6, 1996, Kobe, Japan. Contact HCFC Conference, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Takakyu Bldg. 7F, 19 Matsunaga-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101, Japan (tel: 81 3 3253 6131; fax: 81 3 3255 7128).

Event #d96cal153

Controlling Carbon and Sulphur: International Investment and Trading Initiatives, Dec. 5-6, 1996, London, U.K. The eleventh in the series organized by the Royal Institute of International Affairs et al. Will explore the experience and continuing developments in policies for controlling sulfur emissions and present the latest developments in climate change negotiations and CO2 joint implementation initiatives. Will also debate the evolution and impacts of sulfur controls and the lessons these may hold for implementing CO2 controls. Some academic and reduced registration fees are available. Contact Julia Thomas, Conference Unit, Royal Inst. Intl. Affairs, 10 St. James's Sq., London SW1Y 4LE, UK (tel: 44 171 957 5700; fax: 44 171 321 2045; WWW:

Event #d96cal154

Global Climate Change: Meeting Post-2000 Emissions Targets and Timetables, Dec. 5-6, 1996, Arlington, Virginia. Organized by Global Climate Change Digest and the Center for Environmental Information, and sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Will consist of four sessions: (1) the U.S. commitment to legally binding objectives; (2) criteria that drive decisions on a climate change protocol (economics, non-market impacts, ecosystem adaptation, health impacts); (3) alternative structures for meeting targets (joint implementation, tradeable permits, challenges for developing countries); and (4) U.S. implementation of a greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Contact CEI, 50 West Main St., Rochester NY 14614 (tel: 716 262 2870; fax: 716 262 4156; e-mail:

Event #d96cal155

Fifth Session of the Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate, Dec. 9-18, 1996, Geneva, Switz. (For the Sixth Session, see entry for Feb. 24, 1997, below.) The Subsidiary Body on Scientific and Technical Advice and the Ad Hoc Group on Article 13 will meet. Contact UNFCCC Secretariat, POB 260124, D-53153 Bonn, Ger. (tel: 49 228 815 1000; fax: 49 228 815 1999; e-mail:

Event #d96cal156

First NARSTO-Northeast Data Analysis Symposium and Workshop, Dec. 10-12, 1996, Norfolk, Virginia. Will focus on data from the 1995 summer study of NARSTO (North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone). This study looked at the spatial and temporal extent of ozone and its precursors as a combined function of meteorological conditions and the location of industrial, urban and biogenic emissions. Contact Cristine Lillie, Conferences, Electric Power Res. Inst., POB 10412, Palo Alto CA 94303 (tel: 415 855 2010; fax: 415 855 2041; e-mail:

Event #d96cal157

SSN Energy Day 1996: Is There a Large-Scale Future for Biomass Energy in Industrialized Countries, Dec. 11, 1996, Stockholm, Swed. Contact Suzanne Rothschild-Lundin (tel: 46 8 453 99 77; fax: 46 8 24 22 44).

Event #d96cal158

American Geophysical Union 1996 Fall Meeting, Dec. 15-19, 1996, San Francisco, Calif. Special sessions announced so far will cover topics such as North Atlantic variability and global climate; nonlinearity and low frequency variation in the climate system; North American drought-long term variability and causes. Abstracts are due Sep. 11 to: Amer. Geophys. Union, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 800 966 2481, 202 462 6900; e-mail:; WWW: (See Eos, pp. 248-249, June 25, 1996.)

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